The benefits of writing for Football Nation

Writers can advance on the Football Nation Writer Platform by earning "Game Balls," which are based on the number of original views and/or comments per each article. For instance, an article that receives 100 reads and/or 3 comments earns the writer a "FIRST DOWN" Game Ball, which will be displayed on the user's profile. As writers accumulate Game Balls, they can increase their readership exposure by graduating to higher levels within the program. 

Game Balls will be awarded on the following scale:

FIRST DOWN = 100 reads, 3 comments

EXTRA POINT = 200 reads, 5 comments

SAFETY = 500 reads, 10 comments

FIELD GOAL = 1,000 reads, 20 comments

TOUCHDOWN = 2,500 reads, 30 comments

MVP = 5,000 reads, 40 comments 

The Football Nation Writer Platform consists of four levels, with each level providing greater opportunities for exposure and income. The five categories include, in ascending order: 




4. MVP 

All writers begin their Football Nation experience as a CONTRIBUTOR. As writers earn Game Balls, they can increase their status level, and earn greater exposure.  Writers earn their first "First Down" Game Ball simply by filling out their user profile, including a photo. 

Writers who achieve REPORTER status will be guaranteed exposure on the front pages of Cold Hard Football Facts, Fantasy Football Champs and College Football Geek.

Writers who achieve SENIOR WRITER status will be eligible to have their work presented to Football Nation's partner sites, including

Writers who achieve MVP status will have the opportunity to become a paid staff writer on Football Nation. 

Writers advance to higher platform levels based on the number of Game Balls received:

Writers who accumulate 100 First Downs or 75 Extra Points or 50 Safeties will achieve REPORTER status

Writers who accumulate 25 Field Goals or 10 Touchdowns will achieve SENIOR WRITER status

Writers who accumulate 5 MVPs will achieve MVP status. 

NOTE: The editing staff at Football Nation will display contributor submissions on the Football Nation homepage based on a combination of merit and relevance/breaking news. We encourage all our writers to submit timely, well-written articles, and will reward the cream of the crop with FN home page exposure, which will increase the opportunity to earn reads and comments, which translates into more Game Balls and the opportunity to advance quickly up the Game Ball scale. 


In order to be eligible to advance in the Game Ball program, writers must contribute a minimum of 10 articles per month.  

All comments and views are subject to review by our technical team. Users may be subject to suspension and expulsion, and Game Balls can be subject to disqualification, if Football Nation determines views and/or comments are fraudulently obtained.