Tom Brady Injures Knee At Patriots Practice

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Tom Brady left the Patriots practice on August 24th, 2013 after suffering an apparent knee injury.

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2 years ago
No problem, we still got. Tebow!
2 years ago
Seriously, I hope Tom isn't badly hurt. Was it Pollard who fell on him again? Just KIDDING! But it was
Pollard who hurt four if our guys in four different games even though he was playing on two
Different teams . Talk about tough luck.....for all concerned. Lets hope Brady will be back full strength soon.
I guess Mallett would be next in line.
2 years ago
I hope Brady is OK. Why? So Pat fans can't use this as a excuse
when they don't win the Super Bowl. I'm a Giant fan that's lived
in the Boston area for 30 years and recently the Pats have never really lost a game. Either someone was hurt or the REF. made a bad call. I've heard every excuse. It would be nice if Pat fan could lose gracefully.
2 years ago
He gets hurt on Aug, 24th...??
2 years ago
Its a shame he didn't get his spine snapped , that would be just what the pats deserve being they are known as the most cheatingest team of all time , Tom the FAG and all the team including that peace of shit you call a coach should be banned from football forever !!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
i hpoe he hurt he hurt u should have kept tim tebow