Tim Tebow Would Have Led Jets To Playoffs

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Tim Tebow's career Real QB Rating of 81.2 would have been 14th in the NFL this year, better even than four playoff teams. The nine NFL teams that fired head coaches and/or GMs on Black Monday all suffered with a Real QB Rating below 81.2, most notably the Jets. They posted a Real QB Rating of 57.5, 30th in the NFL.

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2 years ago
The guy the Total "Coming" of Tim Tebow would be from his LOINS only, he is worthless in all respects. He ruined the Jets because of his presence!!!!!!!
2 years ago

We'll see next year. Someone will spend time with him without wanting a sideshow.
2 years ago
Too bad you have eyes but do not see, and ears but do not hear, Ron. A REAL Quaterback rating of 81.2% Spout your spout, but James has the right of it, as does Cold Hard Facts.