Steelers Draft Jarvis Jones: Fan Reaction

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The Pittsburgh Steelers needed to replace James Harrison and the team and fans believe they did so by draft Georgia linebacker, Jarvis Jones.

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2 years ago
The Steelers had a great run for a long time. I do still believe Tomlinson is a good but not great coach. However this team's front office is not even avrge. It should be obvious ths team is Old and Injury prone, this includes Stars and the pitiful lack of depth in the trenches. The O line has Ben a joke for a number of years. And when they finally try to address it the First round RG gets hurt and the are back to musical chairs and wondering why Ben is taking a beating. Ame story this off season- No Help! Now Mike Wallace is gone and so will be th dp ball production.
The D is equally Old. The years of Pro Bowl play has taken its toll on Troy and he again won't let the year. The rest of the secondary is a sieve!
My prediction is they will be fortunate to be a 7-9 team and there will be plenty of finger pointing.
My (middle) finger is pointed at Dan Rooney who bought himself the Ambassador to Ireland job by donating money and support to Obama! He is an embarrassment to Art!
Time to blow it all up and start over.
We or at least I will always be a fan and support the Players, who are not given a chance to improve and succeed. Dan has ignored and runed this once storied franchise. He should stay in Ireland or Hell permanently.
I'm out.