Jets Fans React To Draft Picks

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New York Jets fans had mixed reactions to their Top Three Draft Picks: Dee Milliner (9th overall), Sheldon Richardson (13th overall), and Geno Smith (39th overall). Website: Twitter:

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2 years ago
Hey, man, like LAST season it was Mexician butt-fumble Mark "Sackchez" Sanchez vs. Tim "White Boy" Teblows. This year you got rid of the white roll-out quarterback and got a BLACK roll- out quarterback. WHUTs up w/ you foolz?? Owner Woody Johnson should have ditched Sanchez AND Rex RYAN and kept Tebow and gone with the spread offense, run and shoot, read/option, no huddle, chuck and duck what ever you want to call it. Saved yourself the millions on the new qb and oh, .....what's the use?
You guys are totally F----ed up. You need to get un-F----ed.
I ain't watching the JETS next year, THAT's for shore.