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2014 NFL Combine Winners
Which incoming NFL Rookies dominated in this year's NFL Combine? Bill Enright and the College Football Geek, Todd DeVries, talk about the impressive performances from Taylor Lewan, Brandin Cooks, Khalil Mack and other promising prospects.
2014 NFL Combine Most Impressive Performances
Jadeveon Clowney and Dri Archer's blazing fast 40 yard dash and Jerick McKinnon's bench press at the NFL Combine makes our Top 5 List for most impressive performances.
2014 NFL Combine Losers
Teddy Bridgewater, Michael Sam, and Adam Muema are just three of the incoming NFL rookies with a lot of hype. But their performances at the 2014 NFL Combine left us with a bitter taste in our mouths.
Crazy Seahawks Fan Says He Caused SB Safety
A Seattle Seahawks fan says his end zone screams of "Omaha" caused Denver's flubbed first snap and gave Seattle an early 2-0 lead.
New Yorkers Tell New Jersey To Stop Crying |
New Jersey residents are pissed off the NFL is focusing on New York City and isn't giving NJ enough credit for hosting the Super Bowl. So we talked to some local New Yorkers to tell Jersey residents to Shut Up. Twitter: @FballNation Twitter: @BillEnright
NFL Playoff Expansion Is Stupid
The NFL is tossing around the idea of expanding the playoffs but most fans aren't on board. Football Nation sat down with Mike Ditka, Tedy Bruschi, and Cris Carter for their opinion about the proposed Playoff Expansion.
SB 48 Media Day: How You Doin
Super Bowl 48 Media Day: We asked the Broncos and Seahawks players like Champ Bailey, Mike Adams, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Coach John Fox and others, to give us their best "How You Doin" impression. Hilarity ensues. Shout out to Regis Philbin for playing along. Twitter: @FballNation Twitter: @BillEnright
Can The Seahawks Defense Stop Their Own QB
It's Media Day at Super Bowl 48 and we asked the Seattle Seahawks Defenders if their Defense would be able to shut down Russell Wilson if he played for another team.
Can The Broncos Defense Stop Their Own QB?
It's Media Day at Super Bowl 48 and we asked the Denver Broncos Defenders and Coach John Fox if their Defense would be able to shut down Peyton Manning if he played for another team.
"MORE NFL" Bad Lip Reading
Another Super Bowl, another Bad Lip Reading. No more kung fu!
Richard Sherman Going Off w/ Erin Andrews!
Richard Sherman going off after the 2013 NFC championship and you gotta love Erin Andrews response to him too.
NFL Wildcard Weekend: No One Likes A Loser
We all love WINNERS but losers, well, not so much. Winning Picks for the NFL Playoffs at Become a winner today:
NFL Wildcard Weekend: Everyone Loves A Winner
Winning bets for the NFL Playoffs brought to you by
Bama Mom goes crazy on OU student
A mature looking female Alabama gets into a fight with a young Oklahoma srudent.
Eagles Rush Past Lions In Snow
LeSean McCoy rushed for an Eagles-record 217 yards, and the Eagles took advantage of three Lions turnovers to win 34-20 in the snow.
Angry Browns Fan Christmas
Just in time for the holidays, the Angry Browns Fan takes Christmas classics and gives them a Cleveland Browns twist. Follow the Angry Browns Fan on Facebook and Twitter #AngryBrownsFan
Auburn vs. Alabama - Fan Reactions
A Collection of fan reactions to the amazing finish of the 2013 Iron Bowl. Forth ranked Auburn shocks top ranked Alabama on a 100 yard FG return with zero seconds on clock. 2013 Auburn vs Alabama Game Original Videos: Music Tempting
Fox Sports Interview With Richie Incognito
Jay Glazer sits down for an exclusive interview with Richie Incognito on FOX NFL Sunday to get his side of the Jonathan Martin bullying story.
Shannon Sharpe Rants on Richie Incognito
Shannon Sharpe on Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin
Larry Johnson: Strip Club DJ
Former running back Larry Johnson is working as a strip club DJ in Miami; probably not a wise idea when you have a rap sheet for beating women.
Nate Burleson Breaks Arm in Car Crash
The F'N Football Show has obtained video of the Nate Burleson's car accident involving a pizza. And a moment of silence for Manti Te'O's girlfriend. Follow Pat Imig on Twitter: @patrickimig Subscribe to Cold Hard Football Facts Insider at
FN Football Show: Richardson Traded To Colts
Pat Imig delivers the action-packed F.N. Football Show fresh to your video doorstep. Highlights: what does the Trent Richardson trade mean for the Browns, the NFL is suing rapper M.I.A. and Bears tight end Martellus Bennett compares his head coach to Willy Wonka.
Bengals, Chiefs, Dolphins Over Hyped?
NFL Network's, Mike Mayock, weighs in on the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Bengals outlook for the 2013 NFL Season
Lamar Miller Over-Hyped or Hype Is Real?
Miami Dolphins running back, Lamar Miller, is getting a lot of hype this off-season, but is it warranted? We asked Hall of Fame running back, Marshall Faulk, and NFL Network's Michael Fabiano.
Giovani Bernard Over Hyped or Hype is Real?
Marshall Faulk and Michael Fabiano from the NFL Network talk about Cincinnati Bengals rookie running back, Giovani Bernard.

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