Another MVP Year For Peyton Manning?

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Peyton Manning is on fire, the highest-rated passer in the NFL and on pace for a personal record in passing yards, and near bests in everything from accuracy to TD passes to passer rating. Will he be handed his fifth MVP trophy at the end of the year?

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2 years ago
These guys are absolute idiots. They're the biggest Peyton nuthuggers out there. They'd love to have given him 12 MVPs already. Any honest person knows Peyton is one of the best ever, but he didn't deserve at least one of those MVPs!!! (Brees should have had one instead one year- for CERTAIN. And I won't get into a quibble about the other one gifted him.) Brady has been MUCH more the WINNER than Manning. Why do you two morons hate that so much?? He has been to SB FIVE times out of the TEN (that he's played)!! And he was WINNING the two they lost!! He and the team kept it a secret that his foot was BROKEN in the first loss!! Assante Samuel dropped the ball that would have sealed that win, and FIVE different passes were dropped by Pats receivers- any of which would have sealed the win in that second loss!! Imagine that!! The least little change and Brady would have FIVE titles in TEN years (playing; can't count the ACL/MCL injured season, being out). You guys just said you can't argue with the facts?? But you did NOT represent ALL the facts!! You leave certain facts out!! You guys do it all the time!! I used to be a big fan of your site- until I caught you guys manipulating your "facts" (representations). And your constant/ incessant gloating/ bragging about yourselves- when you conveniently don't talk about when you're wrong!! Anyway; the "not being able to argue with the facts" thingy you mentioned was WRONG because it was only your OPINION!! You don't include some other facts!! Peyton's best year was when he got 49 TDs. Brady got 50. Brady has only had one elite deep threat WR in his career. And he (Moss) turned (back) into a nut-job (and went away after a couple years). Manning has had FOUR. Pats only had a great RB for a few years (early w/ Curtis Martin- who went away) and a couple years w/ Dillon. Pats haven't had a decent D for years now- but still went to TWO MORE SBs. Brady has done MUCH more with MUCH less. And don't get me wrong; I think Peyton is a god and he scares the crap out of me!! But Brady is EQUAL- with more success. You said Manning is on pace to get- what was it; 4800/ or so yards? Brady just got over 5000 with NO deep threat!! Just think if Moss had stayed 'normal'- and had been with Brady uninterrupted for years- like say Marvin Harrison and then Reggie Wayne, (with Pierre Garcon to boot)!! Brady would have surpassed what Montana and Rice (together for a good stretch) did. And John Taylor was pretty damned good; an unsung star (kinda forgotten how good he was- when Rice came along). Dwight Clark too. And let's not forget to mention that one of the most important things to take into account is that injuries can completely derail a teams' success. In '09/'10 Brady had a broken right ring finger and three broken ribs and Moss had a separated shoulder??? Yet they still set a ton of records- then too??? No wonder they got slammed in the playoffs- by the mighty Ravens- and without Welker!!! Then Brady led the league in '10 with 36 TDs/ 4 INTs, a 111.0 QBR and a 14-2 record- with a broken foot the whole year!! And then there's miracles. David Tyree. Period. .. You guys have created some great stats charts!! You put a lot of work into that, and it's great. But you have left out lots of inconvenient truths as well. I could go on for a week- and make my own arguments (opinions- just like yours)- position for position.. why you have missed (dissed?) the Pats/ Brady's being more deserving of your nuthugging. And you have done a great job of going from obscurity to prominence- by bragging on yourselves. But you are also quite selective often- in what you discuss. BTW, I think what the Colts did to Peyton was despicable, and am rooting for him like a nut-job fan-boy this year- except when he plays the Pats. Why am I going off on you guys??? Because for about three years now you've been gloating, saying; WE TOLD YOU SO, and here's our most brilliant charts in the history of the fricken planet that back us up!!! But you never talk about the many times you've been wrong. Kinda sweep that trash under the rug, huh?