Crazy Seahawks Fan Says He Caused SB Safety

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A Seattle Seahawks fan says his end zone screams of "Omaha" caused Denver's flubbed first snap and gave Seattle an early 2-0 lead.

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19 months ago
I'm a HAWKS fan, but come on. Nice thought, but they can barely here Manning from a couple of yards away. How in the world are they going to hear you from 25 yards away?
19 months ago
wow, that guy's really got the power...just ask him, and he told us. good thing this guy didn't get up and leave his seat at the wrong time, or the seahawks surely would have lost the game. imo, this guy was so instrumental in their victory, the seahawks should be obligated to give him a share of their SB checks! they better hope this guy never moves away from seattle, or winning will be over for them. wow, how do people think sometimes?
18 months ago
cmon give him a break true 12!!