2015 NFL Draft: Top 10 Defensive Line Prospects
by David Levin on February 10, 2015
Football Nation's David Levin gives us his take on the top defensive line prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft.
Giving Each NFL Team a Percentage Chance of Winning Super Bowl 50
by Chris Alderson on February 9, 2015
Super Bowl 49 is just a week removed and it is already time to start looking forward to Super Bowl 50. We give the percent each team has to win SB50.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Biggest Draft Day Regret In Franchise History
by David Levin on February 8, 2015
The Jaguars have not had the best of luck with draft picks in the past, but there is one who stands out above the rest.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Everything Starts With Blake Bortles
by David Levin on February 6, 2015
Changes to the team's coaching staff and offense were done so with the idea of making Blake Bortles a better quarterback in 2015.
2015 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Post Super Bowl)
by Dean Julia on February 4, 2015
2015 NFL Mock Draft 1.0. This mock draft will only project first round picks. Find out who your favorite team may be selecting on draft day.
Jacksonville Jaguars 2015: Putting the Plan Into Action
by David Levin on February 4, 2015
Can Jacksonville, a 3-13 team, find the missing pieces in free agency to make an improvement on the offensive side of the ball?
Dan Quinn Becomes Atlanta Falcons 16th Head Coach
by David Levin on February 4, 2015
Former Seattle defensive coordinator looks to add fire to a defense that finished among the worst in the NFL last season.
Justin Blackmon A Wanted Man By The Jaguars
by David Levin on February 1, 2015
Now that it appears the troubled wide receiver is turning his life around, can he still help the Jaguars move forward on offense?
Atlanta Falcons Set To Announce Dan Quinn as Head Coach
by David Levin on February 1, 2015
Team has scheduled an announcement on Tuesday to bring Seattle defensive coordinator in as new head coach.
Jacksonville Jaguars: 2015 Mock Draft 1.0
by David Levin on January 30, 2015
The season is about to end, but the draft talk for the Jaguars has already started. Here is a look at my first complete draft for Jacksonville.
Ranking the NFL's New Coaching Hires from 1-6
by Cody Parker on January 29, 2015
So far there has been 6 coaching changes. Here is the rankings of which coach has the best to succeed with his new team.
Three Years Later: Grading The 2012 Arizona Cardinals Draft
by Marcus Burnan on January 26, 2015
The 2012 draft was three years ago. Here we look at how the draft panned out for the Arizona Cardinals.
10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Watching The NFL Pro Bowl
by Marcus Burnan on January 22, 2015
Most people seem to hate the Pro Bowl, with good reason. Here are 10 things we'd rather do than watch the game.
Jaguars Tab Greg Olson to Become Offensive Coordinator
by David Levin on January 21, 2015
Former Raiders OC has a history with Jacksonville, coached with Gus Bradley in Tampa Bay. Olson will be tasked with helping Blake Bortles get better.
Jaguars Sign Doug Marrone As Offensive Line Coach
by David Levin on January 21, 2015
The former Buffalo Bills head coach will also become assistant head coach for team. Jaguars have still not hired an offensive coordinator.
Top 20 Rookie Undrafted Free Agents in 2014
by Gary Najman on January 20, 2015
A look at the top 20 rookie undrafted free agents who made contributions for their teams in the 2014 season.
Jaguars Look to Hire Gase, Marrone and Olson
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
Team wants Gase to run offense, Olson to become quarterbacks coach and Marrone to shore up offensive line.
Jaguars Set To Interview Adam Gase for Offensive Coordinator Spot
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
Team will interview the current Broncos OC on Sunday morning, sources close to the story have said. Gase is also a candidate in Atlanta for the same job.
Hackett to Interview for Vacant Jaguars OC Job
by David Levin on January 16, 2015
Former Bills offensive coordinator may have been coached up by Doug Marrone when he met with Gus Bradley earlier this week.
Austin Emerges As Top Atlanta Falcons Candidate
by David Levin on January 16, 2015
Detroit Lions defensive coordinator wants to bring Adam Gase in to run Falcons offense. Team has not made an offer yet.
The Chicago Bears: 2014 Final Report Card
by Wanda Wiedman on January 15, 2015
The stage was set during the 2014 off-season for the Chicago Bears. But then something happened. Somehow the link in the chain broke beyond repair.
Jacksonville Jaguars: 2014 Final Report Card
by David Levin on January 12, 2015
The up and down season for the Jacksonville Jaguars finally ended in December. With only three wins and a lot of questions here is an over view o the team.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Three New Year's Resolutions For 2015
by David Levin on January 8, 2015
Now that New Year's is in the rear window and the Jaguars have begun their offseason planning, here are the resolutions they must keep to win in 2015.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason
by David Levin on January 7, 2015
The Jaguars must make this off-season's free agency period a priority for the offense. Can GM Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley find the right combination to take the next step?
Refs Cheat Detroit in Dallas: Five Things Learned
by Natalie Faulk on January 5, 2015
With perhaps the most questionable non-call of the season, Dallas ekes out a 24-20 win versus Detroit and advance to the divisional playoffs.

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