Jaguars Training Camp Notes: Bortles to Play With First Team
by David Levin on August 17, 2014
The rookie is playing well enough to earn reps with the first team offense against Detroit this coming week.
8 Draft Bargains That Could Lead You to Fantasy Success in 2014
by Nick B on August 16, 2014
Going bargain shopping in fantasy drafts is sometimes the best way to create a team that dominates your league. Here are 8 bargain picks for 2014.
NFL Rookies Stuck In Bad Situations
by Eric Wagner on August 16, 2014
Players are often picked to fill holes, but players are oftentimes thrown into an unfavorable circumstance. Which rookies are in a bad situation?
Oakland Raiders: Player Most Likely To Break Out In 2014
by David Levin on August 16, 2014
Which player on the roster has the best chance to step up and become a star this fall? Why shouldn't it be Darren McFadden?
2014 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Strength of Schedule
by Anthony Grace on August 15, 2014
Let’s take a look at wide receivers who have the most favorable match ups all the way down to the toughest coming up in 2014.
2014 NFL Standings and Playoff Projections Part 8 of 11: AFC South
by Kris Corbin on August 15, 2014
It was a rough year for the AFC South in 2013. Who will emerge victorious in this unstacked division?
Jaguars vs. Bears: What To Look For In Tonight's Game
by David Levin on August 14, 2014
Tonight's game is more important than you might think. Here are a few things to look for against the Chicago Bears.
2011 NFL Draft: Third-Year Review Of The First Round
by Eric Wagner on August 14, 2014
The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was filled with plenty of talent. Three years later, where do all of the draftees stand?
Jaguars Training Camp: Toby Gerhart Returns to Practice
by David Levin on August 13, 2014
After dealing with a hip flexor injury, the starter is set to make his debut against Chicago on Thursday night.
NFL 2014: Things We Learned From Preseason Week 1
by Wanda Wiedman on August 13, 2014
The long anticipated NFL season began with the kick-off of the preseason games. All eyes were on teams projected to have a break-outseason.
2014 Fantasy Football Quarterback Strength of Schedule Analysis
by Anthony Grace on August 12, 2014
Which NFL QBs have easy schedules and should dominate this Fantasy Football? Find out with the Strength of Schedule.
2014 Fantasy Football Running Back Strength of Schedule
by Anthony Grace on August 12, 2014
Using the FFChamps strength of schedule, or S.O.S., will be your best friend when deciding between two running backs during your draft.
Texans Passed On Quarterback In Draft: Was It a Huge Mistake?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on August 12, 2014
The Texans are pinning their playoff hopes on a 31 year old free agent that is an obvious downgrade from QB Matt Schaub. Why?
Jaguars Beat Bucaneers: Five Things We Learned
by David Levin on August 9, 2014
Blake Bortles is certainly one of the quarterbacks of the future in the NFL. Here are five things we learned form Jacksonville's 16-10 win.
12 Team PPR FFChamps/FN writers mock draft results and analysis
by Anthony Grace on August 7, 2014
The 1st FFChamps Expert Mock Draft of 2014: 12 team PPR-pick-by-pick analysis and review.
Jaguars Training Camp Notes: Marqise Lee Looking Better
by David Levin on August 7, 2014
The rookie wide receiver is picking up the offense, picking up playing time in the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive system.
The Bottom Five Offensive Lines In The National Football League
by Eric Wagner on August 7, 2014
While the offensive line does not get much recognition, they are very important. Check out which teams' offensive lines do not stack up well.
32 NFL Teams, 32 Things You May or May Not Know
by David Levin on August 5, 2014
Here is something for all you trivia buffs out there: a little known fact for each of the 32 NFL teams.
The Bottom Five Secondaries In The National Football League
by Eric Wagner on August 5, 2014
In a passing league, a good secondary is almost required to stand a chance. Check out which teams' secondaries find themselves below that mark.
Philadelphia Eagles Preview: How High Will The Birds Fly?
by Michael Hyatt on August 5, 2014
After a 10-6 season, the Philadelphia Eagles look to become contenders in the NFC under Chip Kelly's second season as head coach.
Jacksonville Jaguars: The 5 Greatest Players of All Time
by David Levin on August 4, 2014
In their 19 years of existence, the Jaguars have been to two AFC Championship games and churned out some nice players.
Jacksonville Jaguars Make Training Camp Moves
by David Levin on August 3, 2014
Team adds Kenny Shaw, two defenders to roster to help with productions and to provide competition at receiver slot.
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Notes
by David Levin on August 1, 2014
Team looks to former Seahawks Chris Clemons, Red Bryant to help lead way toward a local playoff run.
2014 NFL: Which Rookie Quarterback Will Have the Greatest Career?
by Nikhil Ramgiri on July 31, 2014
This year's crop of rookies is considered to be one of the deepest in years. Which rookie quarterback will emerge as the cream of the crop?
2014 NFL Week 13 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on July 29, 2014
On Thursday, November 27th, there are set to be three high-quality divisional games. Check out how each team fares on the week of Thanksgiving!

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