2014 NFL Week 6 Predictions: Can Seattle Stop DeMarco Murray?
by Eric Wagner on October 9, 2014
There are plenty of great games in Week 6, including a match-up between the Seahawks and the leading rusher, DeMarco Murray.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Getting Ready for the Titans
by David Levin on October 8, 2014
The Jaguars have moved on to their road test against their bitter rival, the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.
2014 NFL Power Rankings Entering Week 6
by Chris Alderson on October 8, 2014
Week six of the NFL season is right around the corner and it's time to reveal our weekly power rankings. Find out who the new number one is this week.
The NFL's Biggest Surprises Of Week 5: Orton Upset
by Eric Wagner on October 7, 2014
The season shockers continue! Season opener backups Kyle Orton and Austin Davis both stepped in up in Week 5, combining for 673 yards and four scores.
Early Game Lines For Week 6's $1M Tournament
by Chris Feery on October 7, 2014
The Millionaire Maker was such a rousing success, it's back for Week 6. Get a jump start on your research by looking at the early lines from Vegas.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Where Does This Team Go From Here?
by David Levin on October 7, 2014
After a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, the team, although better, is still dealing with an eighth straight loss dating back to last season.
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville: Three Things We Learned
by Michael Richter on October 5, 2014
Here are three things we learned from the Pittsburgh Steelers' 17-9 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.
NFL Power Rankings Through The First Four Weeks Of The Season
by Chris Alderson on October 5, 2014
As we enter week five of the 2014 NFL season it's time to start looking at contenders and pretenders. We rank all 32 teams in our power rankings.
Ranking All 32 NFL Starting Quarterbacks Entering Week Five
by Chris Alderson on October 5, 2014
We have completed four weeks of the 2014 NFL season so we have decided to rank all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks to this point of the season. Who is 1?
Jacksonville Jaguars Prepare For Pittsburgh Steelers Defense
by David Levin on October 5, 2014
The defense may not be the kind that wins Super Bowls, but it still is something to be aware of. The Jaguars will try to subdue the pass rush on Sunday.
Week 5 Injury Update That Could Cost You A Million Dollars
by Cody Parker on October 4, 2014
There are some key injuries in w\Week 5 that could cost you a chance at taking home a one million dollars.
5 Minimum Priced WRs To Consider For One Million Dollars
by Chris Feery on October 4, 2014
For Sunday's Millionaire Maker tournament, we have uncovered 5 potential WR targets at minimum salary who may be worth a look.
The Final Spot: FLEX Edition-Who To Fill Your Last Spot
by Matthew Coates on October 4, 2014
You've filled all of your other roster spots and now you've got to fill the FLEX. Even with the minimum amount you can find a good option.
One For the Money: Players To Love/Hate At Every Position
by Robert Volio on October 4, 2014
With $1,000,000 on the line this week, let's figure out who's going to help or hurt your chances of becoming a future millionaire.
Pittsburgh At Jacksonville: 5 Things To Know
by Michael Richter on October 3, 2014
This Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers go against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Here are the things you need to know.
Are You Crazy Enough To Take Any Jags For A Shot At One Million?
by Chris Feery on October 3, 2014
The Jacksonville Jaguars welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers to town for a 1pm kickoff this Sunday. The Jags sit at 0-4 on the year.
The Dinner Menu Week 5: Redemption Week For Many
by Michael Hyatt on October 3, 2014
I provide my picks for Week 5 in the National Football League. Many blowouts as well as several upsets.
Steelers Visit Jaguars: 5 Things To Know
by David Levin on October 2, 2014
Can Blake Bortles prove home cooking is just what the doctor ordered at EverBank Field? Can Jacksonville secure its first win of the season?
Trade Deadline Options: How Green Bay Can Bolster Super Bowl Hopes
by Tony Kastner on October 2, 2014
Here are some potential moves the Green Bay Packers can make before the trade deadline to bolster their Super Bowl hopes.
2014 Fantasy Football: Start 'Em/Sit 'Em WEEK 5
by Anthony Grace on October 2, 2014
A helpful look into who should be in your line up (Start 'Em) or riding your bench (Sit 'Em) this week.
Confessions Of A Fantasy Football Addict
by Anthony Grace on October 2, 2014
We all have secrets. We all have something we need to confess and get off our chests. We all have an addiction. Here is mine:
Justin Blackmon Seeks Help at Treatment Facility
by David Levin on October 2, 2014
The third-year receiver enters a 90-day program voluntarily, looking to get his life back on track. Blackmon has not been reinstated yet to play in the NFL.
2014 NFL Prediction After Taking In Weeks 1-4
by Tony Kastner on October 2, 2014
NFL predictions are never easy, even four weeks into the season. Nevertheless, here are my final predictions for the 2014 NFL season.
2014 NFL Week 5 Predictions: Alex Smith Back In San Francisco
by Eric Wagner on October 2, 2014
There are plenty of good games, including one between Alex Smith and his Chiefs against his former team. Who matches up favorably in Week 5?
5 Under-Priced Players That Will Make You A Millionaire This Week
by Chris Feery on October 2, 2014
Each week, there are several players that are under-priced in the world of DFS. Here are 5 you can use this week.

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