Intelligence Index: Physically Gifted Denver Broncos a Dumb Team

The Denver Broncos remain one of the best teams in football: No. 1 still in our Quality Stats Power Rankings. But they have a critical weakness, and it's all in their heads: the physically gifted Broncos are not a very smart team.

In a key divisional matchup which could've ended with a three-way tie atop the AFC West, the Chiefs proved no match for the Broncos. What'd we learn?
Cold Hard Football Facts -- The Denver Broncos recovered from a tough November stretch with a 29-16 win over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. Denver now boasts a league-high seven Quality Wins and is the most battle-tested team in football.
Denver hoped to rebound from a difficult road trip to host Miami, and a furious late rally gave them the win. Here's 3 things we learned in watching.