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FN's Monday Morning Huddle: Diluted Talent and Poor Officiating
by David Holcomb on November 25, 2013
Host Dave Holcomb discusses the Patriots' comeback, the status of 5-6 record teams and rants on the lower quality of football in 2013.
New York Jets: Impotent Offense Puts A Hit On Their Playoff Hopes
by Gladys Louise Tyler on November 25, 2013
The New York Jets lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 19-3. Can this offense take them to the playoffs? Is there a cure for the offensive impotence?
Chicago Bears: Five Things We Learned in Loss to St. Louis Rams
by James Tillman III on November 25, 2013
Here are five observations from the Week 12 matchup between the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams.
Five Things We Learned From Brady's Comeback Win Over the Broncos
by Bobby Ronaghy on November 25, 2013
Rallying from a 24-0 halftime deficit, the New England Patriots turned the tables in the second half and found a way to pull out a win at home in OT.
Colts Get Blown Out by Cardinals; Where Did They Go Wrong?
by Andrew Aziz on November 25, 2013
The Colts have been inconsistent as of late and have been getting away with some sneaky wins. On Sunday, the Cardinals didn't let them do anything.
NFL #MusicMonday: The Epic Rock Ballad Collection
by Matthew Pagel on November 25, 2013
Memorable lyrics, heavy guitars and fumbles galore. Contributing writer Matt Pagel recaps the weekend action with some classic rock ballads.
Cowboys Pull The Plug On The Giants' Season: 5 Things We Learned
by Brandon Thorn on November 25, 2013
New York's bark was more powerful than their bite, as their season is all but over after losing 24-21 to division-rival Dallas at home.
Indianapolis Colts: Life Without Reggie Wayne Hurts a Ton
by Andrew Aziz on November 23, 2013
Ever since Reggie Wayne went down with a torn ACL late in the Broncos game, the Colts have been very inconsistent on offense and have been suffering.
Mick’s Picks: Three Upsets To Watch For in Week 12
by Michael Pennywark on November 23, 2013
Week 11 was rough for the underdogs and even rougher for my picks. So what does Week 12 have in store? Read on and find out.
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs: Matchup Preview
by Tavis Gill on November 23, 2013
The Kansas City Chiefs face the San Diego Chargers in a game in which the Chargers BADLY need a win, what will the outcome be?
Top 5 NFL Coaches Who Are On the Hot Seat
by LaMont Jones on November 23, 2013
Five NFL coaches who are squarely on the hot seat and who could be fired at season's end. Can their team turn it around and save their jobs?
The Top 10 Turkeys of the 2013 Season So Far
by Rob Goldworm on November 23, 2013
Huge paydays, massive expectations, coaching changes, can't miss predictions...Sooner or later, you got to back it up. Or end up on this list.
Possible Candidates to Replace Maurice Jones-Drew
by David Levin on November 23, 2013
The Jaguars won't admit they were shopping him earlier this season. He is in the final year of his contract and probably will be elsewhere in 2014.
10 Most Overblown Stories of the 2013 NFL Season
by Doug Tozier on November 23, 2013
Every year we hear story after story that is blown out of proportion. Yet the story takes on a life of its own, and the facts get lost in the shuffle.
Cowboys and Giants Meet in NFC East Battle of Mediocrity
by Thomas Danyluk on November 22, 2013
Once upon a time the Cowboys and Giants fought their battles upon the bluffs of Mt. Olympus - the old NFC East. The division of today is different.
First and 10: Week 12 Preview, Predictions and Analysis
by David Holcomb and Cooper Allen on November 22, 2013
FN reporters Cooper Allen and Dave Holcomb pick the game of the week, a survivor team and much more for Week 12.
The Four Best Must-See NFL Matchups in Week 12
by Josh Blunt on November 22, 2013
This weekly article will highlight, preview, and predict, four key player matchups and must-see NFL games.
Head Coaches Who Could Replace Joe Philbin in Miami
by David Levin on November 22, 2013
If the Dolphins do not make the playoffs, is there enough progress with all the drama in Miami to keep the head coach around?
Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders: Three Bold Predictions
by Tony Cutillo on November 22, 2013
The Titans and the Raiders are both dealing with injuries to their starters, leaving them to rely on the backups to give them a boost.
Ravens Host Jets in Week 12 Battle For Wild Card
by Timothy Cyphers on November 21, 2013
Former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and the Jets travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens, with both teams fighting for their playoff lives.
Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams: Three Bold Predictions
by James Tillman III on November 21, 2013
This article takes a look what will happen in the Week 12 matchup between the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams.
San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins: 3 Bold Predictions
by Ben Luker on November 21, 2013
Two of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league face off as Colin Kaepernick will be looking for a victory over RGIII's struggling Redskins.
FN Radio Week 12: Broncos and Patriots Better Live Up To Hype
by Bill Enright and Todd DeVries on November 21, 2013
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will battle for the 14th time in their career this weekend on Sunday Night Football. With all the hype leading up to the game, it better live up to the hype.
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs: Three Bold Predictions
by Matt Vincent on November 21, 2013
Here are my 3 bold predictions for the game as the Chiefs try to bounce back from their first loss on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.
NFL Bistro: Essential Drink Pairings for AFC North Fans
by David Guidera on November 21, 2013
As the NFL season powers on, don't overlook the perfect beverage pairing for your favorite team when you host your next football party.

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