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San Diego at Arizona: 5 Things We Learned
by Natalie Faulk on September 10, 2014
After the opening Monday Night Football game in the Valley of the Sun, er Rain, what did we learn, if anything, about the Cardinals and the Chargers?
A Unique View and Philosophy on the World of Fantasy Football
by Chris Alderson on September 5, 2014
As the football season starts, so does the fantasy football world for millions. Join me as I tell my unique philosophy on all things fantasy football.
2014 Fantasy Football: Same Faces, New Places Quarterbacks
by David Guidera on July 11, 2014
Find out what the future holds for Josh McCown, Michael Vick, Matt Schaub and others as training camps churn into full swing
2014 Fantasy Football Preview: NFC West
by Harut Hovhannesian on July 7, 2014
Finally, we get to arguably the best division in the NFL. The NFC West features great defense as well as power-run offense.
2014 Fantasy Football: Biggest Bounce Back Candidates
by David Guidera on July 7, 2014
Find out what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski and others this fantasy season.
2014 NFL Week 6 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on July 3, 2014
How does each team match up against their opponent in Week Six? Find out in the sixth installment of Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions!
The 30 Best Players in the NFL 30 Years And Over
by Andrew Goldberg on June 25, 2014
They say that sports is a young man's game. These players would beg to differ. Here are the 30 best football players 30 years old and over.
Arizona Cardinals 2014: 5 Most Pressing Questions Heading Into Training Camp
by Matthew Milakovich on June 25, 2014
The Cardinals finished on the brink of playoff contention in 2013. Here's a look at what needs to happen in order to reverse their fortune in 2014.
Tennessee Titans: 3 Reasons Jake Locker Will Have A Breakout Year
by Roger Emeka on May 19, 2014
There is growing momentum amongst Titans fans that Jake Locker has run out of chances in Tennessee. To that I say, you have to be kidding me.
March Madness: The Ultimate Super Bowl Bracket Challenge
by Zachary Krueger on April 5, 2014
FN's Zach Krueger combines history with present day to bring you the Ultimate Super Bowl Bracket Challenge. Check it out here, or play along yourself!
The Best NFL Free Agent Signings of All Time
by Matthew Nutter on March 16, 2014
From Peyton Manning all the way abck to Johnny Unitas these players are some of the best free agency steals in NFL history
The 10 Greatest Plays In Super Bowl History
by Chris Peterson on January 30, 2014
With the 48th edition of the Super Bowl just days away, we through it'd be great time to look back on the greatest plays in the game's history.
20 Super Bowl Trivia Questions Sure to Impress Your Friends
by Bobby Ronaghy on January 23, 2014
All topics and eras are covered in this fun little exercise that will measure your level of NFL fanaticism.
Conference Championship Game Picks: Race to New York Edition
by John Garces on January 16, 2014
Previewing and picking the conference title game winners as this FN writer unveil his picks for the Super Bowl XLVIII match-up!
Washington Redskins: Five Big Names To Replace Mike Shanahan
by Kristopher Daly on January 6, 2014
With the 2013 Playoffs in full swing, the Redskins are searching for a new head coach to replace Mike Shanahan. Here's five names to consider.
Ohio State Buckeyes: An Extremely Early Look at 2014
by Steve Seepersaud on January 6, 2014
2013 was reasonably successful for Ohio State while giving a view of glaring weaknesses that must be addressed for the team to win a national title.
San Francisco Set to Wreck Through Wisconsin
by C.A. Harrington Jr. on January 5, 2014
Three Bold Predictions: The San Francisco 49ers exploit key match ups, beat nature and the Green Bay Packers.
College Football: Top 10 Rose Bowl Games Of All Time
by Austin Perry on December 31, 2013
The Rose Bowl is the oldest of the four major collegiate football bowl games dating back to 1902, and is known as “The Granddaddy of Them All.”
College Football: Top 10 Sugar Bowl Games Of All Time
by David Levin on December 27, 2013
Here are 10 games that have stood out as some of the best and some of the biggest upsets in Sugar Bowl history.

by David Levin on December 27, 2013
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals: Three Bold Predictions
by David Levin on December 27, 2013
Both teams are looking at the playoffs. San Francisco is already in and Arizona is hoping for a miracle. There is some hope in the Cardinals charge.
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Week Fifteen
by Matthew Pagel on December 12, 2013
WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD EAT MY COOKIES? Contributing writer Matt Pagel turns to the best of Arnold Schwarzenegger to pick this week's games.
The Holiday Wish List For All 32 NFL Teams
by Michael Grabowski on December 12, 2013
The Holiday season is here, and every team is looking forward to the postseason (or the offseason). Let's talk about what each team wants for X-mas!
The Top 10 Receiving Duos in NFL History
by Bobby Ronaghy on December 11, 2013
As Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall continue to pile up yards for Chicago irrespective of their QB, we look back at best WR duos over the years.
St Louis Rams: Austin & Stacy Can Drive Improvement
by Gareth Brown on November 18, 2013
Sam Bradford's injury has given others in St Louis the chance to prove their worth to the team. Step forward Tavon Austin and Zac Stacy.

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