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Andrew Luck -- Most Valuable Player in the NFL?
by Andrew Aziz on April 22, 2014
At only 24 years old, Andrew Luck has cemented himself as one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Is he the most valuable player in the league?
A.J. McCarron: The Steal of the 2014 NFL Draft
by Michael Funk on April 18, 2014
FN's Michael Funk gets ready for next month's NFL draft predicting Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will be successful at the next level.
Broncos vs. Patriots: A Closer Look at the ‘Arms Race’
by James Park on April 18, 2014
The Broncos are primed to clash with the Patriots next January. Has Belichick and Co. done enough to topple Peyton Manning?
5 Most Underrated Prospects In The 2014 Draft
by David Levin on April 16, 2014
There are players who don't do well in practice or in individual workouts, but they will fly under the radar and become one hell of an NFL star.
2014 NFL Draft A Scout's Eye View: Tom Savage QB Pittsburgh
by Tony Kastner on April 15, 2014
An in depth look at a potential late round sleeper at the quarterback position, the strong armed signal caller from Pittsburgh Tom Savage
Fantasy Football 2014: Top 5 Quarterbacks for 2014
by Joseph Slisz on April 12, 2014
Joseph Slisz provides his early top 5 quarterbacks for fantasy football this summer with some analysis.
Why Do You Love the NFL Tournament? Second Round, Region 1 and 2
by David Holcomb on April 1, 2014
In honor of March Madness, vote for the things and reasons why you love the NFL as the tournament moves into the second round.
NFL Playoff Predictions: Expected and Unexpected
by James Park on April 1, 2014
Many changes have occurred in the offseason. Were these changes for the better or worse? Will your team make the playoffs? Find out here!'s 'Greatest QB Of All Time' Bracket Couldn't Be More Wrong!
by Salvatore Gentile on March 28, 2014 is currently asking fans to pick their bracket of the greatest quarterbacks of all time... and the fan vote couldn't be more wrong!
Unnecessary Rule Changes: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
by Salvatore Gentile on March 27, 2014
Why does the NFL feel like they need to make rule changes to a product that grows in popularity EVERY YEAR?
Why Do You Love the NFL Tournament? Round One, Second Region
by David Holcomb on March 26, 2014
In honor of March Madness, vote for the things and reasons why you love the NFL in this round of 64.
Breaking Down the New England Patriots Offseason
by Joseph Slisz on March 25, 2014
Joseph Slisz breaks down the New England Patriots offseason thus far, breaking down each free agent signing.
Buffalo Bills: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by James Critch on March 25, 2014
Draft picks are a guessing game for all teams. For some reason, the Buffalo Bills have been unable to find the winning answers for more than a decade.
NFL News: DeSean Jackson On His Way Out Of Philadelphia
by Joseph Slisz on March 24, 2014
The DeSean Jackson saga continues and this article provides why and who are the most likely landing spots for Jackson.
New York Jets Sign Michael Vick to a One Year Deal
by Chris Alderson on March 23, 2014
The New York Jets signed former Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick to a one year deal worth five million dollars. What does this mean for the Jets?
San Francisco 49ers: 5 Biggest Draft Day Regrets
by Michael Ward on March 23, 2014
Everyone loves a draft flop. Here is a list of the 5 worst draft picks ever made by the San Francisco 49ers.
Denver Broncos Sign Aqib Talib to Six Year Deal Worth 57 Million
by Chris Alderson on March 12, 2014
Late Tuesday night, it was announced that the Denver Broncos had signed Aqib Talib to a six year 57 million dollar deal. How will this help Denver?
Potential Texans-Patriots Trade: 33rd Overall Pick Is Key
by Matthew Nutter on March 11, 2014
The biggest prize in a potential trade between New England and Houston is not Ryan Mallett, but the player who could be taken with the 33rd pick in the draft
Georgia Football: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014
by David Levin on March 10, 2014
A new season, a new quarterbacks and a new defensive coordinator. The Bulldogs are looking for redemption in 2014.
New England Patriots: Biggest Roster Priorities for 2014
by Doug Tozier on March 10, 2014
Opinions abound as to who should be the biggest priorities for the Patriots. Here are some thoughts that may be a little out of the mainstream.
NFL Draft: Who Are The 10 Best Drafting Teams In The NFL?
by David Levin on March 9, 2014
As a true lover of the NFL Draft, David M. Levin examines which teams are better at picking the right players at the right time year after year.
Top Ten Ugliest NFL Uniforms of All Time
by David Guidera on March 9, 2014
A comprehensive look at the worst looks in NFL history, inspired by the new look revealed for the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Pre-Free Agency: Top Ten Super Bowl Favorites
by Matthew Hovekamp on March 7, 2014
This list will take a look at the teams that have the best team for a Super Bowl run, before free agency and the draft take place.
New England Patriots: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014
by Doug Tozier on March 6, 2014
The offseason is rife with question marks for every team. The draft is right around the corner, and free agency looms. What will the Patriots do?
Indianapolis Colts: Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014 Offseason
by Gareth Brown on March 6, 2014
With Andrew Luck at the helm, the Colts are a franchise that has the most important player in place. But what else should they be worried about?

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