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Kraft Speaks: Patriots Won't Appeal Deflategate Penalties
by Football Nation on May 19, 2015
Robert Kraft said the Patriots will "accept reluctantly" their punishment handed down by the NFL and Roger Goodell following the Deflategate investigation.
Fantasy Football: Top 30 Quarterbacks for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 18, 2015
Aaron Rodgers leads the way while Andrew Luck continues his ascent in this early ranking of 2015's top fantasy signal callers
FN 'MMH': NFL Nails Patriots With Deflategate Punishment
by Dave Holcomb and Doug Tozier on May 18, 2015
On this episode of "Monday Morning Huddle", host Dave Holcomb invites guest FN Senior Writer Doug Tozier to discuss the deflate gate controversy.
Deflategate Fallout: A Balanced View From A Fan
by Doug Tozier on May 14, 2015
Yes, I am a card-carrying Patriots fan and have been for many years. But I am not a sell-out in this situation.
Predicting The AFC South - Who Comes Out On Top?
by Adam Grice on May 13, 2015
In this article, you are going to see a slimline prediction on which team will win tye AFC Soutg and which teams are in position to surprise.
The NFL Still Has A Football Problem On Its Hands
by David Levin on May 13, 2015
After addressing the media and the world prior to the Super Bowl Roger Goodell's league is in no better situation than it was two three months ago.
Fantasy Football: Top 20 Tight Ends for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 13, 2015
Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham lead the way in this early ranking of the tight end position for the 2015 season.
2015 Fantasy Football: Who is the Top Dog?
by Anthony Grace on May 12, 2015
Some people love the first pick in their fantasy football draft; other despise it. No matter where you fall if you get pick #1, who do you take?
Deflate Gate: How the NFL Will Benefit from Controversy
by Dave Holcomb on May 12, 2015
FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb argues how the NFL could actually benefit from catching its 2015 Super Bowl winner cheating.
Patriots Even More Likely To Win Super Bowl Now
by Scott O'Neil on May 12, 2015
Brady's suspension might help Goodell for now, but it also makes it more likely that those Goodell punished will join him on-stage at Super Bowl 50.
Fantasy Football: Top 30 Wide Receivers for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 10, 2015
It's never too early to start thinking about your draft. Here's an early ranking of wide receivers for the upcoming season.
NFL Finds Patriots Employees Probably Deflated Balls
by Football Nation on May 7, 2015
Attorney Ted Wells finally released his "Deflategate" report. He called some of Tom Brady's claims "implausible" and left little doubt that he had a role in having footballs deflated.
2015 NFL Draft: 10 Most Shocking Bad Picks
by Joshua Lea on May 7, 2015
What teams dropped the ball in this years draft? What teams jumped-the-gun in the years draft? Joshua Lea breaks it down Lewis Black style.
Miami Dolphins 2015 Schedule: Game-by-Game Predictions
by Austan Kas on May 6, 2015
After an offseason of splashy moves, the Dolphins are in win-now mode and aiming for their first winning record since 2008.
2015 NFL Draft: 5 Best Picks of the 6th Round
by Brandt Frye on May 4, 2015
Which players were steals late in the 2015 NFL Draft? Did any Super Bowl contenders find gems in the 6th round?
2015 NFL Draft: 5 Awesome Finds in the 7th Round
by Doug Tozier on May 4, 2015
Don't tune out on the players selected in the 7th round; the next Tom Brady might be waiting in those wings.
2015 New England Patriots Schedule Preview and Analysis
by Chris Alderson on April 28, 2015
The New England Patriots, winners of Super Bowl 49, will look to repeat as Super Bowl 50 Champions. Find out their entire 2015 schedule.
Top 25 NFL Teams Not to Win Super Bowl: No. 5-1
by Dave Holcomb on April 26, 2015
FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb concludes his three-part series of the top 25 non-Super Bowl winning teams in NFL history.
Patriots 2015 Game by Game Predications: What to expect?
by Andrew Ludwig on April 25, 2015
Game by game run through of the Patriots 2015 schedule looking briefly at the matchup with score predictions.
Top 25 NFL Teams Not to Win Super Bowl: No. 25-16
by Dave Holcomb on April 24, 2015
FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb launches his three-part series of the top 25 non-Super Bowl winning teams in NFL history.
Appointment TV: The 10 Most Anticipated NFL Games Of 2015
by Joshua Lea on April 22, 2015
The NFL schedule has been released and it's time to circle the games to watch for the 2015 season. Here are 10 games to watch this season.
Top 10 Most Intriguing Matchups of the 2015 NFL Season
by Dave Holcomb on April 22, 2015
The NFL released its 2015 NFL schedule on Tuesday night. FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb lists the 10 most intriguing matchups heading into the regular season.
Tim Tebow To Eagles Is Genius: Great Man, Great Football Player
by Christian Cook on April 21, 2015
FN contributor Christian Cook responds to the notion that Tim Tebow does not deserve to be in the NFL.
Fantasy Values of Players With New Teams
by Shane Coughlin on April 20, 2015
One of the craziest offseasons in recent history gave stars new homes and has fans and fantasy owners questioning the value of these players
Analyzing the Patriots' First Round Pick
by Shane Coughlin on April 17, 2015
A quick look at five different options head coach Bill Belichick might take to replicate last season's success

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