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Football Nation's "Monday Morning Huddle": Super Controversy
by Dave Holcomb on January 26, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb welcomes back FN Senior Writer Cooper Allen to preview Super Bowl XLIX and discuss the deflation of the Patriots footballs.
Super Bowl 2015: Five Reasons To Root For The Patriots
by Doug Tozier on January 26, 2015
We are another week away from the big game, but amidst controversy and accusations, the show is set to go on between two great teams.
Super Bowl 2015: 5 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Prevail
by Nica Jensen on January 25, 2015
Why The New England Patriots Have All the Right Tools To Defeat The Seattle Seahawks in the 2015 Super Bowl
Super Bowl 2015: 10 Super Bold Predictions
by Doug Tozier on January 25, 2015
Unless anyone forgot, there's a really big game coming up between the two best teams in football! There are some huge match-ups to watch.
The 10 Greatest Plays In Super Bowl History
by Bobby Ronaghy on January 24, 2015
The greatest plays in Super Bowl history are not always made by the best players, often it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
Super Bowl 2015: Five Reasons To Root For The Seahawks
by David Levin on January 22, 2015
Seattle is quickly becoming the darling of the NFL and its fans. Here are five reasons to root for the Seahawks to win next Sunday.
Micro Manager Belichick Denies Football De-flation
by Ralph Corse on January 22, 2015
Belichick says "He knows nothing about deflated footballs" and points the finger at Tom Brady. Who is going to take the fall for the Patriots?
Houston Texans: Top 3 Free Agent Positions To Target in 2015
by Ollie Mayr on January 22, 2015
The Houston Texans are a team on the rise posting a 9-7 record in 2014. With a few key positions addressed they should be a contender in 2015.
Indianapolis Colts: 3 New Year's Resolutions for 2015
by Gladys Louise Tyler on January 21, 2015
The Indianapolis Colts had a good year. They were prevented from having a great year because of the size of the New England Patriots' balls?
New England Owns Indianapolis: 5 Things We Learned
by Doug Tozier on January 19, 2015
After all the hype, all the talk about the younger generation of QBs taking over from the oldies, the over-the-hill vet takes the day.
FN "Monday Morning Huddle": Top Seeds Advance on Championship Sunday
by Dave Holcomb on January 19, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb welcomes guest stars Dave Guidera and Tom Pollin to help break down Championship Sunday and predict the winner of Super Bowl XLIX.
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Championship Sunday
by Matthew Pagel on January 19, 2015
2015 Championship Sunday in the NFL represents the unofficial changing of the guard and contributing writer Matt Pagel is excited to see the future.
Ranking the Best Possible QB Matchups in Super Bowl 49
by Chris Alderson on January 18, 2015
Join me as I rank the best possible quarterback battles we could see in Super Bowl 49. From 4 to 1, we rank the QB pairings we could see. Which is #1?
AFC Championship Game Preview: Colts @ Patriots, Luck vs. Brady
by Chris Alderson on January 18, 2015
Sunday we find out who the participants will be competing for Super Bowl 49 Lombardi's Trophy. Who comes out on top in the battle of Luck vs. Brady?
Mick's Picks: Conference Championship Weekend
by Michael Pennywark on January 18, 2015
Not sure who to root for this weekend? Here are my picks for the Conference Championship games on Sunday.
New England Patriots: Path To The Top: 2014 Final Report Card
by Doug Tozier on January 17, 2015
The Patriots got off to an auspicious start, but flipped the switch to finish strong on their path to another Super Bowl.
What If Tom Brady Won Those Two Super Bowls Against The Giants?
by Cody Parker on January 17, 2015
Tom Brady came up short against the Giants in two Super Bowls, but if he would have won them would he be the greatest quarterback of all time?
Conference Championship Game Picks (Desert Dreams Edition)
by John Garces on January 16, 2015
It's championship week, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to make some picks that are far from championship-level.
Why Andrew Luck is the New King in Indianapolis
by Ben Luker on January 16, 2015
After toppling his predecessor in the playoffs, has Andrew Luck already proved himself to be better for the Colts than Peyton Manning?
The Must See Matchups In The AFC-NFC Championship Games
by Josh Blunt on January 16, 2015
This weekly article will highlight, preview, and predict, key player matchups and must see NFL games.
2014 Conference Championship Predictions: Green Bay Rebound
by Eric Wagner on January 16, 2015
It is now down to four teams, four that played extremely high-quality football last week. With the Super Bowl on the line, who will move up?
Indianapolis at New England: 5 Things To Know
by Scott O'Neil on January 15, 2015
Colts/Patriots, AFC Championship Game, playing for the Super Bowl... you shouldn't need anything more to get you amped up, but I'll do my best anyway.
Baltimore Ravens: Complete 2014 Final Report Card
by Harry Pritchard on January 14, 2015
Covering each Ravens position group and giving them a grade with extensive analysis including stats, rankings and improvements.
The 10 Best Games of the 2014 NFL Regular Season
by Paul Smyth on January 14, 2015
The 2014 NFL regular season provided us with great games each week that kept us on the edge of our seats. These 10 were the best of the best.
The Play That REALLY Changed The Cowboys/Packers Game
by Christopher Georgeff on January 13, 2015
The Dez Bryant Play is getting all the attention, but the right hand of Julius Peppers was actually the momentum changer.

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