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Florida Gators: Contenders or Pretenders?
by David Levin on September 15, 2014
Two wins and over 1,200 yards in total offense. Have the Florida Gators returned to the glory days of football or are they still pretenders?
Can Jacoby Brissett Become the Next Great ACC Quarterback?
by David Levin on September 6, 2014
The former Florida Gator quarterback tries to prove he can be one of the best quarterbacks in a quarterback-starved ACC.
NFL Redzone: 5 Ideas To Improve An Already Stellar Channel
by Timothy Graham on September 5, 2014
The NFL RedZone Channel is fantastic as is, but that didn't stop us from highlighting 5 different ways that could potentially improve a great channel.
Will Johnny Manziel Be The Next Tim Tebow?
by Paul Howard on August 29, 2014
Expectations for Tebow soared coming out of college - now look at his career. Will Johnny Football share the same fate?
Analyzing the Top 5 Heisman Candidates in the Power 5 Conferences
by Chris Alderson on August 19, 2014
With the 2014 college football season right around the corner it is time to start pointing out some Heisman favorites throughout the country.
College Football 2014: Who is Second to the SEC?
by David Levin on August 15, 2014
If the SEC rules college football, who is the definitive second choice? Here is a case for four conferences in college football.
Why The Pac-12 Is The Nation's Best Conference
by David Levin on August 13, 2014
There are other conferences in college football that can stand next to the SEC and give the super power a shove. The Pac 12 leads the list.
Browns Can't Afford To Waste Johnny Manziel's Only Good Season!
by Joel Tradian on August 12, 2014
The front office and coaching staff may feel like hesitating with Johnny Manziel and starting him later in the season. Big mistake.
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Notes
by David Levin on August 6, 2014
Team loves the play of Tyson Alualu. Team also shows some concern about Toby Gerhart and his hip flexor injury.
Christmas in July: 12 days of Fantasy Football - Day 6
by Anthony Grace on July 31, 2014
A "12 days of Christmas" style look at the up coming 2014 Fantasy Football season! From Kickers to the 2014 fantasy MVP, it's all right here! *Day 6*
Why So Serious?! The Crucifixion of Tony Dungy
by Damien Lacayo on July 27, 2014
An article about the comments Tony Dungy made about not wanting Michael Sam on his team due to the distractions, and the backlash that followed.
The Florida Gators Could Be the Sleeper of the SEC
by David Levin on July 24, 2014
With a new offensive game plan and the return of Jeff Driskel, why can't the Florida Gators be the SEC's version of Duke from 2013?
The Most Dominant College Football Programs Since 1990
by Sweetheart&Stuart Mason on July 15, 2014
The nation has witnessed almost two and half decades of great college football, and I want to rank the best five teams since 1990.
New York Jets: Three Bold Predictions For Training Camp
by David Levin on July 14, 2014
With a new contract in hand, what can Rex Ryan do to improve this franchise for the 2014 season in the Big Apple.
Alabama Football 2014: 10 Things You Need To Know
by David Levin on July 4, 2014
What are the 10 most interesting things about this team as we head into the fall? This is Alabama football, need we say more?
AFC North 2014 Schedule Prediction: Baltimore Ravens
by Zachery Cook on June 27, 2014
My prediction of the Ravens 2014 NFL Schedule and how well they'll fair against their opponents this season.
Top 10 Heisman Flops In The NFL Since 1980
by Rob Goldworm on June 18, 2014
There are tons of disappointing players in the NFL, but none raise our ire like a Heisman bust. But who are the worst of the modern era?
Florida Gators: Examining the Wide Receiver Talent
by David Levin on June 16, 2014
Now that changes have been made within the coaching staff, how will it affect the Gators receiving unit?
Florida Football 2014: 10 Things You Need To Know
by David Levin on June 14, 2014
Are these the Gators who finished 4-8 last season, or are they the Gators who could challenge for an SEC Title this year?
Jaguars News and Notes: 5 Veterans Who Could Be On The Bubble
by David Levin on June 10, 2014
There are many changes to the Jaguars since last season. These five guys may have to sweat it out to make the 53-man roster.
Baltimore Ravens: Is Flacco On The Hot Seat?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on May 27, 2014
The Ravens missed the playoffs in 2013. Many reasons have been given for their decline but is Joe Flacco being overlooked as a cause?
Florida Football: Will The Gators Find A Passing Game In 2014?
by David Levin on May 22, 2014
A 4-8 record and a new playbook to work with - these Florida Gators hope to find a new offense that makes everyone happy in Gainesville.
Justin Gilbert: The Forgotten Draft Pick in the NFL
by David Levin on May 20, 2014
He was picked first in Cleveland, but you would not know it by the media circus that has been created by the selection of Johnny Manziel.
On Their Terms and With No Apologies, the Jaguars Draft Their Own Way
by James Critch on May 12, 2014
The 2014 NFL Draft weekend has come to an end. Many teams will prosper from their most recent selections and some will continue down the road of mediocrity.
Come Hell or High Bridgewater, the Jaguars Need to Draft a Quarterback
by James Critch on May 3, 2014
The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team with many positions to improve during this years draft, but quarterback should be their main focus.

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