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Falcons Top Mariota's Titans: First Impressions
by Eric Wagner on August 15, 2015
The Falcons won 31-24, but it is not the score that matters in preseason games, it is the individual performances. Who shined, who didn't?
Second Team Offense Leads Falcons Over Jaguars
by David Levin on August 29, 2014
Strong running game, plus a stellar performance from T.J. Yates leads Atlanta to win on the road in Jacksonville.
Friday The 13th: Top 10 Players Wearing The Number 13
by Alex Whiteman on June 14, 2014
In honor of the dreaded holiday Friday the 13th, Football Nation counts down the top ten players donning the superstitious number.
2014 NFL Draft: Texans Show Signs Of Drafting A QB With First Pick
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on March 28, 2014
No one knows what Houston will do with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft but the Texans' body language sure hints at a QB receiving their "love".
2014 NFL Draft: Why The Texans Will Select Teddy Bridgewater
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on March 16, 2014
Although the Houston Texans have several critical needs (DE among them), they will not pass on Teddy Bridgewater. Here, we explain why.
Week 7 NFL Predictions and Analysis For All 14 Games
by Chris Alderson on October 18, 2013
Week 7 of the NFL season is upon us and several big-time games are on tap. The big return to Indy for Peyton Manning headlines Week 7 action.
Giants and Buccaneers Nab First Win of 2013 Season, Not Jaguars
by Eli Park on October 17, 2013
The Buccaneers and the Giants are like houses with no Vietnamese people inside. #NguyenLess - but it all changes this weekend, Donovan writes.
Beat the Spread: A Week 5 NFL Preview You Can Take to the Bank
by Tony Kastner on October 5, 2013
As one NFL week appears less predictable then the last, everyone needs a helping hand in that office pool or that trip to Vegas, so read on my friends
The Houston Texans: 10 Lessons Learned From OTAs And Mini-camp
by Ricardo J. (Rude Dog Rick) Hall on July 6, 2013
The Houston Texans are a Super Bowl contender. The team's 2013 draft grade was a 'B+'... What lessons were learned going into training camp?
Collin Klein: From Undrafted Free Agent To Houston Texans Backup?
by Adam Grice on May 13, 2013
Head coach Gary Kubiak had nothing but glowing reviews of Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein. Can he make the roster?
Lynch, Seahawks surge past Redskins in NFC Wild Card
by Football Nation on January 7, 2013
Marshawn Lynch rushed for 132 yards as the Seattle Seahawks overcame a fast start by the Washington Redskins with a 24-14 victory in Sunday's NFC Wild Card playoff.
Houston Texans: Four Reasons They Can Not Contend In The AFC
by Dakota Crawford on November 26, 2012
The Texans have been less-than dominant in the last two weeks. What is wrong in Houston? Four answers to the question everybody is asking.
Houston Texans: Biggest Home Game of the Year
by Casey Brannigan on August 25, 2012
Out of all the Texans' home games this year, there is one game that could determine their season and playoff hopes.
Bump and Run Coverage: Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans
by Shawn Maher and Dave Holcomb on July 25, 2012
In this week's column, FN Contributors Dave Holcomb and Shawn Maher discuss how the Texans will address their future will Matt Schaub
Bold Predictions: Washington Redskins
by Shawn Kopf on February 21, 2012
And thus ends another disappointing season in D.C. How will the 2012 Washington Redskins fare? Football Nation writer, Shawn Kopf, gives us his bold predictions.
Texans @ Ravens: Observations & Musings
by Spenser Harrison on January 22, 2012
Postgame Analysis of the Texans vs. Ravens Divisional match-up
Baltimore vs. Houston: Five Players to Watch
by Leo Baratta Jr. on January 12, 2012
The Ravens and Texans face off in round two of the NFL playoffs. Here is a look at a few players who need to step up in this game.
Houston vs. Baltimore: Three Keys To A Ravens Win
by Nick Hoffman on January 10, 2012
Three simple keys to a Ravens victory
Wild Card Recap: Five Most Memorable Plays
by Michael Cellars on January 10, 2012
The 2011 NFL Playoffs kicked off with a crazy Wild Card Weekend. And aside from the amazing game-winning overtime pass by Tim Tebow, there were plenty of incredible plays from this past weekend. Here we count down the top five most memorable plays, with in-depth analysis, of what is sure to be a Wild Card Round talked about for years to come.
Road Map To Super Bowl XLVI: Baltimore Ravens
by Shawn Kopf on January 10, 2012
The Ravens have a potentially tough road to the Super Bowl through a defensive minded AFC. FN Contributor Shawn Kopf takes an in-depth look at all the match ups the Ravens could possibly face.
NFL Picks: Wild Card Weekend
by Michael Cellars on January 7, 2012
There are plenty of great games and intriguing match-ups as the 2011 NFL Playoffs kickoff this weekend. In this edition of NFL Picks, we look at an in-depth breakdown of each game and pick the winners (and losers) of each contest.
NFL Playoff Predictions
by Dave Holcomb on January 6, 2012
Will the Saints be marching again?
NFL Wild Card Preview: Bengals - Texans Part 2
by Spenser Harrison on January 6, 2012
Spenser's Harrison's second installment of his three part NFL WildCard analysis of the Bengals - Texans matchup.
NFL Playoffs: Who's Most Likely A One-and-Done?
by Tom Pollin on January 5, 2012
There's going to be a lot of competitive football played this weekend, there's one team that I can't find a scenario where they can advance to the Divisional Round.
3 Burning Questions-Playoff Edition: Balitmore Ravens
by Shawn Kopf on January 4, 2012
The No. 2 seeded Ravens get a week to sit back and relax and wait for their opponent. What are the three things Baltimore fans should worry about? Contributor Shawn Kopf takes a look.

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