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Phillip Rivers' Career Legacy with San Diego
by Frank Sumrall on August 18, 2015
Short after receiving a hefty contract extension, this is a look back on his accomplishments in championship starved San Diego
The Steve Young/Russell Wilson Comparison
by Derrick Branch on July 14, 2015
Could Russell Wilson go above and beyond in regards to topping what Steve Young did in his career. Russell Wilson and Steve Young fell into some pretty unique situations.
Carolina Panthers 2015: 5 Most Pressing Questions Heading Into Training Camp
by Austin Brock on July 6, 2015
Can the Panthers compete in 2015? This article looks at the 5 most pressing questions for the Carolina Panthers heading into training camp.
2015 NFL Draft: 5 Awesome Finds in the 7th Round
by Doug Tozier on May 4, 2015
Don't tune out on the players selected in the 7th round; the next Tom Brady might be waiting in those wings.
Indianapolis Colts: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason
by David Levin on January 28, 2015
With the possibility of Reggie Wayne having played his last season in a Colts uniform, will Indianapolis find free agents to help rebuild from the team's glory years?
DraftKings Week 12 Strategy: Expert Lineup Analysis
by Nicholas Morgan and Dan Perry on November 21, 2014
Week 12 Draft Kings X’s & O’s: A strategy discussion of who to put in your lineup and take down some cash.
NCAA Football: Who is this Shane Carden Kid?
by Mal McCauley on October 26, 2014
East Carolina has a diamond in the rough starting at QB, a kid that is being mentioned as a Heisman Finalist; but have you ever heard of him?
Are the San Francisco 49ers the New Buffalo Bills?
by Tyson Peterson on September 21, 2014
The Buffalo Bills and 49ers have a lot in common. Both were really great in the 90s and both had 4 conference championships without superbowl wins.
San Francisco at Dallas: 5 Things to Know
by David Levin on September 6, 2014
These two teams dominated the 1980s. Dallas dominated the 1990s. The 49ers are moving back toward the apex of the NFL. Dallas is trying to get there. Here is what you should know.
Johnny Cleveland: Browns' Rookie The Next Steve Young?
by Jarrod Argobright on August 9, 2014
Perhaps the riskiest selection of the 2014 draft, there's no denying Johnny Manziel possesses traits similar to a certain Hall of Fame QB.
2014 NFL: Top 10 Back Up Quarterbacks in the League
by David Levin on May 26, 2014
These guys are ready to come into any situation at a moment's notice. They could also start on other teams given the right situation.
The 5 Worst Draft Day Trades In NFL History
by David Levin on May 8, 2014
These deals may have made one team look like a genius (Dallas) and the other look like a fool. Here are some of the worst trades in NFL Draft history.
2014 Draft: Is Manziel Really Tim Tebow 2.0?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on April 29, 2014
Johnny Manziel is the hottest QB prospect since Andrew Luck and RGIII but is he more like Tim Tebow than either of these first Round picks?
Ranking The 2014 Sunday Night Football Matchups
by Anthony Grace on April 28, 2014
Ranking every Sunday Night Football game for the upcoming 2014 season, plus two bonus Thursday night match ups.
San Francisco 49ers: 5 Biggest Draft Day Regrets
by Michael Ward on March 23, 2014
Everyone loves a draft flop. Here is a list of the 5 worst draft picks ever made by the San Francisco 49ers.
Ranking The Super Bowl Champions: No. 26-48
by Caymen Bishop on January 31, 2014
Join in on part one of three in ranking every single Super Bowl Champion.
The 10 Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time
by David Levin on January 28, 2014
These 10 quarterbacks have set the standards by which all current quarterbacks will try to strive. Here is why they will stand the test of time.
Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: Who is the Better Quarterback?
by Charlie Dion on January 19, 2014
With another epic battle between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning coming up, it got me thinking: who is the better quarterback?
Top 10 NFL Wildcard Playoff Games Of All-Time
by Andrew Aziz on December 30, 2013
The Wildcard playoff round has showcased some of the best matches in NFL history. Here are the 10 best Wildcard playoff games.
Washington Redskins: Mike Shanahan & RG3 Deserve More Time To Win
by John H. on December 5, 2013
Should the Redskins fire the entire coaching staff? Should they cut certain players? Or should they stay the course?
Chicago Bears Week 1 Preview: Cincinnati Bengals
by Travis David on September 8, 2013
FN contributor Travis David takes a look at keys to the game in the Chicago Bears season-opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.
San Francisco 49ers: 6 Bold Predictions For 2013
by Tyson Peterson on July 21, 2013
The 49ers were a play away from winning the Super Bowl last fall. What can we expect from the NFC champs in 2013?
Green Bay Packers 2013: 5 Biggest Questions of Training Camp
by Mick Warshaw on June 25, 2013
Three years removed from a Super Bowl run, the Packers look to continue their streak of division titles. What will it take for another Lombardi?
Top 100 Quarterbacks Since The Merger: 10-1
by Justin Henry on May 17, 2013
Here they are: the absolute best of the best. FN's Justin Henry looks at the ten best players to throw the ball from 1970 onward.
Top 100 Quarterbacks Since the Merger: 20-11
by Justin Henry on May 16, 2013
Three current quarterbacks are ranked among Hall of Famers and iconic All-Pros. FN's Justin Henry looks at the some of the all-time greats.

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