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What Off-Season Coaching Hire was the Worst?
by David Levin on January 30, 2015
I thought about the hiring of former Oakland Raiders coaches. But honestly, this one has me puzzled a bit.
The Top 10 Boneheaded Moments Of The 2014 NFL Season
by Tom Pollin on January 30, 2015
Physical and mental mistakes will always be a part of the NFL but it's the brain cramp moments that leave fans scratching their heads.
Ranking the NFL's New Coaching Hires from 1-6
by Cody Parker on January 29, 2015
So far there has been 6 coaching changes. Here is the rankings of which coach has the best to succeed with his new team.
Top 10 Players To Never Win A Super Bowl
by Michael Ward on January 26, 2015
With the NFL closing in on Super Bowl 49, Football Nation's Michael Ward takes a look at the top 10 players never to win the Super Bowl.
Lane Kiffin to Return as Alabama's Offensive Coordinator in 2015
by Chris Alderson on January 25, 2015
The announcement has been made official, Kiffin and Alabama will once again be together in 2015. Kiffin said no to the NFL and stays with the Tide.
Washington Redskins: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason
by Matty Whitfield on January 25, 2015
The Redskins ended the 2014 with another dreadful 4-12 record. Here are three free agents that could help in a big way in 2015.
The 10 Greatest Plays In Super Bowl History
by Bobby Ronaghy on January 24, 2015
The greatest plays in Super Bowl history are not always made by the best players, often it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
NFL Free Agency 2015: Top 5 Landing Sports for Dez Bryant
by Gladys Louise Tyler on January 23, 2015
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't think it will be reasonable to keep both Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray. Bring on the suitors!
San Francisco 49ers: Three New Year's Resolutions For 2015
by Eric Wagner on January 20, 2015
The 49ers were riddled with injuries in 2014, but their problems lie beyond that. What are the 49ers' three resolutions for the upcoming season?
2015 NFL Free Agency: Top 5 Landing Spots For Jason Pierre-Paul
by Nikhil Ramgiri on January 19, 2015
New York Giants' defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is one of the top defensive players in the market. Which teams could be potential fits?
Jaguars Set To Interview Adam Gase for Offensive Coordinator Spot
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
Team will interview the current Broncos OC on Sunday morning, sources close to the story have said. Gase is also a candidate in Atlanta for the same job.
FN "Monday Morning Huddle": Top Seeds Advance on Championship Sunday
by Dave Holcomb on January 19, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb welcomes guest stars Dave Guidera and Tom Pollin to help break down Championship Sunday and predict the winner of Super Bowl XLIX.
Austin Emerges As Top Atlanta Falcons Candidate
by David Levin on January 16, 2015
Detroit Lions defensive coordinator wants to bring Adam Gase in to run Falcons offense. Team has not made an offer yet.
Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games
by Tom Pollin on January 15, 2015
With Conference Championship Sunday rapidly approaching here are 10 of the most memorable AFC Championship games ever played.
The 10 Best Games of the 2014 NFL Regular Season
by Paul Smyth on January 14, 2015
The 2014 NFL regular season provided us with great games each week that kept us on the edge of our seats. These 10 were the best of the best.
Search Continues for Jaguars Offensive Coordinator
by David Levin on January 12, 2015
Roman follows Rex Ryan to Buffalo. Team interviews candidate without making a job offer. Team will seek other options.
Todd Bowles High on Falcons' Coaching Radar
by David Levin on January 12, 2015
The Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator was interviewed over the weekend. Team has other candidates on their short list.
5 Non-Quarterbacks Who Deserve the 2015 NFL MVP Award
by Cody Parker on January 10, 2015
The MVP Award is usually handed down to the quarterback position but these 5 non-quarterbacks deserve looks as MVP.
San Francisco 49ers: Full 7-Round Mock Draft
by Alex Whiteman on January 10, 2015
After the departure of now Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco has many questions to answer, and many holes to fill.
2015 NFL Free Agency: Top 5 Landing Spots For Demarco Murray
by Alan K. Fox on January 9, 2015
Football Nation's Alan K. Fox breaks down the top five destinations for the leading rusher from the NFL, DeMarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys.
Tennessee Titans: 5 Top Off-season Needs
by Adam Grice on January 8, 2015
This will list areas of which the Tennessee Titans need improvement and what targets they should aim for in free agency and the draft.
2014 All Pro Team and Regular Season Honors
by Tony Kastner on January 3, 2015
As the calendar turns to 2015 and the playoffs get set to begin this weekend, here's a look at the top performers in the 2014 regular season.
San Francisco 49ers: Five Big Names To Replace Jim Harbaugh
by Nikhil Ramgiri on January 3, 2015
The Jim Harbaugh era in San Francisco has come to an end. Which big names appear to be fits to replace him as head coach?
The Five Most Disappointing Teams Of The 2014 Season
by Cody Parker on January 1, 2015
The 2013 season was a better year for these five NFL teams, because the 2014 season was a rough season for these guys.
The Five Most Improved Teams Of The 2014 Season
by Cody Parker on January 1, 2015
2013 could have been a rough year for these five teams, but 2014 was not. These five teams improved this year.

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