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5 Biggest Choke Artists In The NFL Today
by Joe Messineo on October 2, 2015
In the National Football League, it’s all about getting it done in big moments, but not everyone can deliver when the time comes.
Sorting Through The Robert Griffin III Saga
by Tim Miller on September 29, 2015
RG3 has had a scary preseason. Kirk Cousins looms in his rear-view, and Griffin's stock is dropping fast.
The 5 Biggest Choke Artists in the NFL Today
by Bobby Ronaghy on September 27, 2015
Some NFL players thrive under pressure while others wilt, but the special designation of choke artist is best represented by quarterbacks and coaches.
The NFC East: What Will the Outcome be for this Crazy Division
by Frank Sumrall on September 24, 2015
With the injured Cowboys, an improved defense-first Washington, a wild yet unsuccessful Philly, and the high flying Giants; who will win the division?
The 10 Most Disappointing Players Through NFL Week 2
by Natalie Faulk on September 24, 2015
Yes, it's only week 2 but there are a number of players who were slated for greatness; however, prediction failed to reach fruition.
The League is Changing With These 6 Wins from Struggling Teams
by Frank Sumrall on September 23, 2015
Cleveland, Washington, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Oakland, and NY Jets all won last week, possibly showing future power changes in this league.
St. Louis Rams Get Filibustered in Washington: 3 Things We Learned
by Gladys Louise Tyler on September 21, 2015
The St. Louis Rams traveled to Washington on a one game win high. They left Washington not knowing what happened. Join the crowd.
Winners and Losers of Week 1: A Slow Start to the Season
by Frank Sumrall on September 15, 2015
Being used to a pass happy league full of superhuman players breaking records left and right, it was quite different to see a defensive first week
New York Giants: 2015 Game-by-Game Predictions
by Dave Holcomb on September 12, 2015
FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb takes a look through the New York Giants 2015 schedule and makes game-by-game predictions.
Week 1 DraftKings Strategy: Best Buy and Over Priced Players
by Bill Enright on September 11, 2015
Whether you're entering the Week 1 Millionaire Maker, a 50/50, or Head to Head, we highlight some of the best and worst players for your Week 1 DraftKings roster.
Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 of the NFL Season
by Tom Pollin on September 11, 2015
Week 1 of the NFL season kicks off with 16 games and Nostrathomas predicts them all, straight up and against the spread.
AFC East: Week 1 Predictions And Players To Watch
by Nick Berghane on September 10, 2015
The AFC East is looking less top-heavy than usual in 2015, but which team is going to take down the Patriots this season? It all starts in week 1.
Washington Redskins Preseason Wrap: The Good, Bad & Ugly
by Gladys Louise Tyler on September 3, 2015
Some may call this low hanging fruit? Nom Nom nom...Washington is a mess. The real challenge will be finding something good.
Football Nation's "Monday Morning Huddle": 2015 AFC Preview
by Dave Holcomb and Cooper Allen on August 31, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb invites FN Senior Writer Cooper Allen to help breakdown and make predictions in the AFC for the 2015 season.
NFL Preseason: Week 2 Offensive Injury Recap
by Shane Coughlin on August 27, 2015
The list of ACL tear victims is growing as is the number of impact players being sidelined for the remainder of the preseason
2015 Fantasy Football Quarterback BUSTS
by Bill Enright on August 26, 2015
For the second season in a row, QB Cam Newton, headlines our Fantasy Football BUST list, as does Bears QB Jay Cutler.
The DMV's Unfortunate Destiny in the 2015 NFL Season
by Stephen Ur on August 24, 2015
The Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins seem to be destined to finish last in their divisions, even at the bottom of the NFL.
Scout's Eye 2015 PPR Fantasy Football Preview: The Quarterbacks
by Tony Kastner on August 18, 2015
2015 Fantasy Football Preview and tiered rankings for the quarterback position including projected 2015 statistics.
Fantasy Football Impact: DeSean Jackson Injury
by Bill Enright on August 6, 2015
Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will miss the next several week with a separated shoulder.
Big 12 Football: 2015 Preseason Power Rankings
by Austin Perry on August 4, 2015
The Big 12 Conference should once again having a handful of teams fighting it out for a conference championship.
Top Five NFL Rookies That Are In Bad Situations
by Eric Wagner on July 23, 2015
Players are drafted by teams that believe they fit what they want, but sometimes the scenario is not ideal. Which rookies are in the worst situations?
Looking Forward: 2015 NFL Season Preview - NFC East
by Matty Whitfield on July 15, 2015
An in depth look at the four teams that reside in the NFC East and predictions and analysis for the upcoming 2015 season.
The Top Three Players On Each NFC Team: Who Made The Cut?
by Eric Wagner and Brian McCauley on July 14, 2015
Players are always being ranked against one another, often times at their position or the NFL as a whole. Who ranks among the best on their own team?
NFL 2015: NFC East Top 10 Training Camp Battles to Watch
by Gladys Louise Tyler on July 14, 2015
There is plenty of intrigue in the NFC East. And some of it actually involves playing football. Crazy right?
Big 12 Football 2015: Power Ranking The Quarterbacks
by Austin Perry on July 9, 2015
The Big 12 Conference has an interesting group of quarterbacks that will be lining up under center to lead their offenses.

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