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2014 NFL Standings and Playoff Projections Part 1 of 11: NFC East
by Kris Corbin on July 25, 2014
Projecting how each NFC East team will stack up against each other and who will ultimately prevail with a playoff birth.
Four Quarterbacks Who Will Struggle in 2014
by Zachary Raczka on July 25, 2014
Every NFL fan has high hopes for his team before the season begins. These four quarterbacks will let their fans down.
Top Ten Preseason Games To Watch In 2014
by Chad Phillips on July 24, 2014
The Preseason is almost upon us. Here we take a look at the top ten preseason games that are guaranteed to entertain you this preseason.
Philadelphia Eagles: Three Bold Predictions For Training Camp
by David Levin on July 21, 2014
Was Chip Kelly's offense a fluke? Will other teams figure out the Eagles this season? Will the addition of Darren Sproles make them a title contender?
NFL 2014: 10 Biggest Injury Concerns Entering Camp
by David Levin on July 21, 2014
These athletes will be the focus of the media and fans alike as the NFL approaches. Can they overcome their injuries and make an impact in 2014?
NFL Quarterbacks: Ranking Them From 1 To 16
by Nikhil Ramgiri on July 21, 2014
The NFL has become a quarterback-dominant league within the last decade. Where does your favorite quarterback land among the top sixteen?
Washington Redskins: Three Bold Predictions For Training Camp
by David Levin on July 20, 2014
With everything that happened with this team last season, anything that shows improvement will be welcomed by the Redskin Nation.
Top 20 Quarterbacks For The 2014 NFL Season
by Austin Perry on July 15, 2014
With teams set to start training camp within the next couple of weeks for the 2014 NFL season, here is a look at the top 20 quarterbacks.
2014 Fantasy Football: NFL's Next Great Offenses
by David Levin on July 14, 2014
Which teams are ready to rebound from a subpar 2014? Which teams are ready to take that next step? Here is a look at eight offenses to look at.
2014 Fantasy Football: Biggest Bounce Back Candidates
by David Guidera on July 7, 2014
Find out what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski and others this fantasy season.
2014 Fantasy Football: QB Bye Week Navigation
by Anthony Grace on July 4, 2014
A helpful guide for finding a quarterback on your waiver wire to replace your starter during his bye week.
2014 Fantasy Football ADP: Over and Under Valued Wide Receivers
by Anthony Grace on July 3, 2014
A look at some over drafted and under drafted wide receivers for your 2014 fantasy squad based on their ADP.
2014 NFL Week 1 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on June 24, 2014
It is always helpful to start the year off with a win. See who has the upper hand in the season opener!
Redskins: As Innocent As A Cowboys and Indians Game?
by Sweetheart&Stuart Mason on June 23, 2014
While the U.S. Patent Office cancels the Redskins' trademark, NFL teams could lose money and other team names could be an issue.
The NFC East's 10 Most Indispensable Players
by Anthony Grace on June 23, 2014
The NFC east is full of talent all over the field. So who are the 10 most indispensable players for the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, and Redskins?
Twenty-Five Best NFL Players 25 Years And Under
by Patrick Barber on June 17, 2014
NFL players usually achieve their greatest success during their early to mid-twenties. These 25 players did just that and more.
2014 NFL Season Preview: Washington Redskins
by Ian O'Brien on June 15, 2014
This is a season preview of the Washington Redskins. Coverage of the entire team and their projected record are included.
Are There Any Truly Elite Quarterbacks In The NFL Today?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on June 12, 2014
The burning questions among those who analyze the NFL during recent years has been "who is an 'Elite' quarterback? Now the question has been answered!
Four 2014 NFL Teams Heading In The Right Direction: UP!
by Anthony Grace on June 12, 2014
Here are four NFL teams that are building and working towards becoming the next big thing in the league, the best.
2014 NFL Season Preview: Philadelphia Eagles
by Ian O'Brien on June 10, 2014
This is the first edition of my NFL season previews, which will cover each team with projected records included.
NFL Playoff Picture: NFC Predictions For 2014 Season
by Patrick Barber on June 4, 2014
The NFL season approaches and it is never too early to think ahead into the postseason. Will your team be playing on into January?
2014 NFL: 5 Quarterbacks with Something to Prove This Season
by Bobby Ronaghy on June 2, 2014
After a 2013 season that saw several quarterbacks finish in disappointment for a variety of reasons, five come into 2014 with the most to prove.
The Five Quarterbacks Most Likely to Get Traded in 2014
by David Guidera on May 29, 2014
These five quarterbacks might be wearing different colored jerseys by the time the 2014 season gets underway.
How To Place Your 2014 Bets: NFC East Edition
by Eli Park on May 27, 2014
Here is a list of bets you should make-and-take against your friends who root for teams in the NFC East.
2014 Fantasy Football Preview: NFC East
by Harut Hovhannesian on May 27, 2014
We now take a closer look at all the teams in the NFC East division and their impact in fantasy football.

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