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St. Louis Rams: Path to the NFL Draft 2014
by David Guidera on April 23, 2014
A summary of the offseason transactions leading up to expert analysis of who the Rams should take with the Nos. 2 & 13 picks in the 2014 NFL Draft
2014 Draft: Will Manziel Find A Home In Option Resistant AFC?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on April 10, 2014
Currently, there are 6 "running"/"read option" type starting quarterbacks in the NFL and 5 of the 6 are in the NFC. Can Manziel break the AFC ice?
St. Louis Rams: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by Gareth Brown on April 1, 2014
The Rams have stocked up multiple first round picks this year and last, but how well do they use their first pick historically?
The Five Best NFL Rivalries Over The Next Five Years
by Ryan Knee on March 29, 2014
The NFL is all about the rivalries. Over the next five years there will be some new blood in the discussion for best rivalry in the league.
St. Louis Rams Hold All The Aces On Draft Day
by Gareth Brown on March 9, 2014
Draft day will be around before we know it. What the Rams decide to do with the second pick will shape the rest of the class of 2014.
2014 NFL Power Rankings: Pre-Free Agency Edition
by Cooper Allen on March 6, 2014
Football Nation reporter Cooper Allen ranks every NFL team from 32-1 prior to the free agency period.
Can The Redskins End Their Offensive Woes Through Free Agency?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on March 1, 2014
The Washington Redskins have two excellent quarterbacks and not much else on offense. Can they improve through free agency?
Washington Redskins: Players They Can't Afford To Lose In Free Agency
by David Levin on February 27, 2014
New coach, new outlook and a new culture. The Redskins need to turn it all around. Can they and keep all these free agents?
Houston Texans: The Player That Will Change The Entire 2014 Draft
by Michael Borth on February 25, 2014
With the 1st overall pick in the 2014 Draft, there is one player the Texans could select that would alter the entire first day for all teams.
2014 Cleveland Browns: The Annual Hunt For a QB Has Begun
by Matthew Nutter on February 24, 2014
A look at the players in contention to become the 21st starting quarterback for Cleveland since 1999.
Andrew Luck Still Top Pick in 2012 NFL Draft Re-Mock
by Damien Walec on February 24, 2014
A re-draft of the 2012 NFL draft, one of the strongest drafts in recent history, to see where the picks would stand today.
Top 10 NFL Players That Desperately Need A Reality Show
by Tom Pollin on February 19, 2014
Now that football season is over it's time to spice up the programming on the NFL Network. Time for them to catch the latest television trend.
A Look at Each Team's Top Unrestricted Free Agent
by Ryan Knee on February 17, 2014
Each team has tough personnel decisions to make every off-season. Here is a look at each team's top unrestricted free agent going into free agency.
Grading The NFL's 7 New Head Coaching Hires
by Matthew Hovekamp on February 17, 2014
There are always a multitude of coaching changes each year. Let's take a look at which teams made the right choice and which teams made a mistake.
Johnny Manziel Controls The Fate of Running Quarterbacks
by Matthew Orso on February 13, 2014
Football Nation contributor Matthew Orso looks into why the success or failure of Johnny Manziel will determine the future of running quarterbacks.
Time to Give Pete Carroll the Respect He Deserves
by Bobby Ronaghy on February 11, 2014
After becoming the 3rd coach to win a national title in college and a Super Bowl in NFL, it is time for the football world to give Carroll his due.
NFL Free Agency 2014: Top 5 Landing Spots for Eric Decker
by David Guidera on February 10, 2014
Decker is the top free agent wide receiver on the market, a WR2 that will get paid WR1 money in a talent-starved year at the position.
The NFL's 15 Most Influential People Today
by David Levin on February 10, 2014
These players, coaches and even personalities are the ones we follow everyday. Their words determine how the game we love is played and changed.
NFL Predictions: 5 Under-The-Radar Teams Poised For A Great 2014
by Doug Tozier on February 10, 2014
Every year in the NFL there are dark horse teams that take the league by surprise and out-perform their expectations. These are the 2014 candidates.
Shad Khan: 'We Will Draft A Quarterback, Or Two'
by David Levin on February 1, 2014
The Jaguars owner stated his team will fill its biggest need through the upcoming NFL Draft with a passer or two.
2013 NFL Awards: Most Valuable Player For Every Team
by Cooper Allen on January 31, 2014
FN reporter Cooper Allen looks at all 32 NFL teams, highlighting an MVP for each club. Read on to find out who your team's best player was in 2013.
New York Jets: Grading Their 2013 Draft Class After Year One
by Gladys Louise Tyler on January 21, 2014
So newly contracted head coach Rex Ryan believes that this draft class is rated A. Do you believe him?
Five Most Disappointing Teams This Season
by Austin Perry on January 16, 2014
Every year when the NFL season ends there are teams that surprise their fans, and there are teams that let their fans down.
5 Reasons Jay Gruden Will Fail With The Washington Redskins
by Kristopher Daly on January 10, 2014
With the recent hire of Jay Gruden, the Washington Redskins took a chance on an unknown HC. The former Bengals' OC will have his work cut out for him.
BREAKING NEWS: Washington Redskins Hire Jay Gruden As Head Coach
by David Levin on January 9, 2014
Daniel Snyder hopefully finds his man to lead the Redskins and mend fences with Robert Griffin III. Can the Redskins get back to the playoffs under Gruden's watch?

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