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NFL: All Signs Point to Rams Moving to LA
by Dave Holcomb on July 1, 2015
FN Senior Writer Dave Holcomb argues why the Rams are the obvious choice to be Los Angeles' NFL team.
The AFC West's 10 Most Indispensable Players
by Kenny McDonald on July 1, 2015
As kickoff gets closer, teams prepare to battle it out for their place on the mantle, here are my top 10 players that can make it happen for your team
The Seattle Seahawks Will Come Crashing Down To Earth Very Soon
by Derrick Branch on July 1, 2015
It will be interesting to see how Russell Wilson shall pan after those pieces on defense and that stellar running game starts to wear down.
Fantasy Football Forecast 2015: Rob Gronkowski
by Mark-Colton Viehmann on June 30, 2015
Rob Gronkowski is currently the most dominant and reliable tight end in the world of fantasy football, but when should you draft him?
NFL's Greatest Franchises in Super Bowl Era, 2015 Edition
by Ryan Knee on June 30, 2015
Analyzing who the most successful franchises are in the Super Bowl Era, using a formula that factors in each teams level of success over time.
Fantasy Football Forecast 2015: Le'Veon Bell
by Mark-Colton Viehmann on June 30, 2015
After sifting through all the issues that Le'Veon Bell has had throughout the off-season, where should he land in your 2015 fantasy football draft?
Top 10 Active NFL Players Born Outside of the United States
by Gary Najman on June 30, 2015
A look at the top 10 active National Football League players who were born outside the United States.
Fantasy Football Forecast 2015: DeMarco Murray
by Mark-Colton Viehmann on June 30, 2015
In 2014, DeMarco Murray had a dominant rushing attack which greatly rewarded his fantasy owners. Is he due for a repeat year of excellence in 2015?
After Gronk Who Is The Number 2 Tight End In Fantasy Football?
by Bill Enright on June 30, 2015
It's pretty much a given that Rob Gronkowski is the Number 1 Tight End in Fantasy Football, but who takes the Number 2 spot? Jimmy Graham? Greg Olsen?
Fantasy Football: Getting Kinky With Handcuffs
by Jeremy Barbati on June 30, 2015
There are few losses in fantasy football as devastating as losing your top running back. These are the top insurance policies for your star back.
Predicting Wins and Losses for the 2015 New York Giants
by Chris Alderson on June 30, 2015
The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past decade. However, 2014 was a huge disappointment and leads the 2015 Giants into a big season.
New York Giants: Can Rashad Jennings Carry The Load
by Michael Stewart on June 30, 2015
With the addition of Shane Vereen and the emergent of Andre Williams, should the Giants expect Jennings to carry the load? Not likely!
Fantasy Football Video Breakdown: Handcuff Runningbacks
by Shane Coughlin on June 30, 2015
A brief analysis of some low-risk runners who could put up big time numbers in the absence of an injured star.
Football Nation's "MMH": Peyton Manning & Bold Predictions
by Dave Holcomb and Anthony Grace on June 30, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb invites three guest stars to help discuss the Peyton Manning trade talks, the Raiders offseason and fantasy football wide receivers.
David Caldwell: Jaguars General Manager's Plan For Success Will Be Tested This Season
by David Levin on June 29, 2015
The Jacksonville Jaguars have a 7-25 record the past two seasons and nine wins in the last three years. Can this be season Caldwell turns everything around in Jacksonville?
Fantasy Football Video Breakdown: Backup Quarterbacks
by Shane Coughlin on June 29, 2015
Episode 4 discussing insurance passers in your fantasy league including Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill, and Nick Foles
What the Pundits Are Getting Wrong About The 2015 Patriots
by Doug Tozier on June 29, 2015
The New England Patriots have had a troubled offseason and still don't know Tom Brady's status. But the team is better off than most think.
Fantasy Football Video Breakdown: Indianapolis Colts
by Shane Coughlin on June 29, 2015
Episode 3 of my Video Breakdown Series and another Team Spotlight on Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts
5 Most Pressing Questions Heading Into Seahawks Training Camp
by Shane Coughlin on June 29, 2015
How can the defending NFC champion Seahawks rebound from missing consecutive super bowl titles by one play?
National Football League Referees: 2015 Season Preview
by Gary Najman on June 28, 2015
A preview of the 2015 referees, with a list of the crew chiefs and the new officials, in addition to background on some current officials.
9 Jacksonville Jaguars Players Who Could Make The Pro Bowl
by David Levin on June 28, 2015
Winning does a lot to change how the media and the players in the NFL look at their colleagues. These players could receive Pro Bowl consideration.
NFL Moving Forward with Los Angeles Relocation Plan
by Dave Holcomb on June 28, 2015
The NFL is in the process of secure temporary LA stadiums for the 2016 season, which all but confirms a team will be moving their next season.
Fantasy Football Video Breakdown: Cleveland Browns
by Shane Coughlin on June 27, 2015
After analyzing the 5 most pressing questions heading into Browns camp, here is a fantasy impact preview from Cleveland
5 Most Pressing Questions Heading Into Jets Training Camp
by Shane Coughlin on June 27, 2015
Now boasting one of the best defenses in the NFL, can the Jets muster enough to offense to overtake the AFC East?
Are the Jacksonville Jaguars Interested in Josh Cribbs' Services?
by David Levin on June 27, 2015
A report on Friday claims the Jaguars are one of a few teams who are interested in obtaining the free agent return specialist.

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