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2015 Fantasy Football: The Fantasy Money Shot
by Anthony Grace on June 23, 2015
Touchdowns are the money shot of the fantasy football world. Yes I said it. Odd analogy? Perhaps … but bear with me through the article and ...
Tony Romo: The NFL's Best Quarterback Nobody Likes
by Michael Borth on October 29, 2013
Tony Romo is perhaps one of the most maligned players in the NFL. Five reasons suggest he is worthy of a Super Bowl and more.
Tony Romo's Top 5 Least Clutch Performances
by Eli Park on October 8, 2013
Shotgun formation= Romo's Kryptonite? After further investigation, Donovan Park determines that it's not the QB1's fault for Dallas' woes.
Fantasy Football: Why Joseph Randle Is Better Pick Than Murray
by Bryan Oldham on July 10, 2013
Looking at the Dallas Cowboys' backfield, this article will examine why Joseph Randle stands to have a better season than DeMarco Murray.
NFL Hot Seat: 10 Players In Need Of A Big Season
by Adam Grice on May 29, 2013
In this article you will see 10 players who are in need of a big season or they could find themselves searching for a new team in 2014.
San Diego Chargers Sign Former Denver Bronco Chris Gronkowski
by Justin Godsey on April 24, 2013
The San Diego Chargers sign former Cleveland Browns Fullback Chris Gronkowski. Gronkowski last played for the Denver Broncos.
Dallas Cowboys: Biggest Draft Day Regret In Franchise History
by Patrick Conn on March 9, 2013
Here we take a look at the biggest draft day regrets for America's Team. Find out with four players made the cut.
Jay Cutler and Tony Romo: New Year, New Excuses?
by Sweetheart&Stuart Mason on January 1, 2013
The Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys are the most dilusional organizations in the NFL where their quarterbacks are concerned.
New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys: Three Bold Predictions
by Brandon Houser on December 22, 2012
This game could be a shootout. With the Cowboys playing for their playoff lives see how I think they will win this game.
Bears' Matt Forte Still Not Happy: Now It's The Play-Calling
by Travis David on September 12, 2012
Bears offense is flying high after opening win over Indianapolis Colts, but start running back is not happy, again.
Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts: Five Things We Learned
by Travis David on September 10, 2012
Jay Cutler and Co. spoil the pro debut of the top pick in the Draft, as the Chicago Bears roll to a 41-21 win over the Indianapolis Colts.
Dallas Cowboys: Felix Jones Guaranteed a Roster Spot Big Mistake
by Steve Shackelford on August 22, 2012
Jerry Jones scoffed at the notion of cutting Felix Jones yesterday. If Jerry is telling the truth, he is making a costly error.
2012 Chicago Bears: With Forte, Legit Super Bowl Contenders
by Matt Kosek on July 27, 2012
The Chicago Bears have made headlines with their offseason acquisitions. Now, after inking Matt Forte to a long-term deal, they're ready to make a Super Bowl run.
One Fan's Take On Matt Forte's Contract Situation
by Matt Kosek on April 2, 2012
The Bears have made major strides this past offseason, but these moves have largely been overshadowed by the team's ongoing struggle to come to terms with their starting running back. According to the Bears, a long-term deal is on the table, but could a potential holdout be inevitable at this point? FN contributing writer, Matt Kosek, brings you his thoughts.
NFL Week 14 Observations: Here Come The Chargers
by Thomas Fuller on December 15, 2011
San Diego is finally the juggernaut they've been supposed to be all season, plus 28 other observations from Week 14, and the weekly power rankings
The NFL's Week 14 Made History
by Cooper Allen on December 14, 2011
Tebow time, the Packers remaining undefeated, and Dan Bailey being "iced" again, were all things that took away from history this past Sunday. Lets take a look at what we may have missed.
Why The Marion Barber Hate Has To Stop
by Dave Gilbert on December 14, 2011
FN contributor Dave Gilbert explains why Bears' running back, Marion Barber, is not to blame for Chicago's nosedive.
Confounding Denver Broncos Continue Winning Ways
by Dan Karpiel on December 13, 2011
Denver topped Chicago 13-10 in overtime after a late-game touchdown, a pair of 50+ yard field goals, and two huge errors from Bears running back Marion Barber.
KFSees Week 14: Don't Bet Against Broncos
by Kyle Flippin on December 13, 2011
With wild finishes again in Dallas and Denver, there’s plenty to break down from around the NFL as we get to the final three weeks of the regular season.
Tebow, Broncos Pull Out Another Last Minute Win
by Brian Moore on December 12, 2011
The Broncos pull off yet another miraclulous, last-minute win in Week 14 against the battered Bears.
Are The Bears Finished Without Matt Forte?
by Dave Gilbert on December 7, 2011
FN contributor Dave Gilbert looks at what the injury to Matt Forte means for the Chicago Bears, and discusses their options at running back.
Week 14 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups
by Jared Dang on December 6, 2011
The fantasy football playoffs are upon us and now is the time to see which free-agents have exploitable match-ups.
Rivers Comes Up Small Again; Bears Top Chargers
by Brian Moore on November 21, 2011
The Bears win and the Chargers lose, with both streaks reaching five in a row.
Target Analysis: Week 8
by Jared Dang on October 28, 2011
Brandon Lloyd and DeMarco Murray, DeMaryius Thomas and others all are players on the verge of monster breakouts.
Is Matt Forte The Best Player In The NFL?
by Courtney Drobick on October 26, 2011
Chicago's Matt Forte keeps getting better each week, most recently leading his team to a win over Tampa. Did the Bears make a mistake in not signing him before the year began?

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