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2014 NFL Week 5 Predictions: Alex Smith Back In San Francisco
by Eric Wagner on October 2, 2014
There are plenty of good games, including one between Alex Smith and his Chiefs against his former team. Who matches up favorably in Week 5?
KC Chiefs 'State of the Union' After Week 4
by Matthew McGoldrick on October 1, 2014
Check out the custom infographic after 4 weeks to see where they are & where they are heading in an easy to understand summary and pictorial.
Spend $4,700 On This RB, Win One Million
by Chris Feery on October 1, 2014
Tennessee Titans RB Bishop Sankey is expected to receive a bigger workload as they welcome the Cleveland Browns to town.
Getting Your Team To The Next Level In The Millionaire Maker
by Matthew Coates on October 1, 2014
Get a step up on the competition even before the "Millionaire Maker" contest starts by doing these four things.
Can You Beat My Girlfriend's Millionaire Maker Team?
by Matthew Coates on October 1, 2014
So you think you have the million dollar team? Are you sure? My girlfriend thinks her team is better than yours.
Four Players Under $4,000 Who Can Win You A Million
by Chris Feery on October 1, 2014
Do you play Fantasy Football? If the answer is yes, this week is the most exciting opportunity in the history of the game.
The NFL's Biggest Surprises Of Week 4: NFC South Falling Fast!
by Eric Wagner on October 1, 2014
2014 started off with plenty of surprises, and they are still coming! What were the most shocking occurrences in Week 4?
The Final Spot: Running Back Edition - Who To Fill Your Last Spot
by Matthew Coates on October 1, 2014
You filled all of your other roster spots and now you've got to find a running back. Even with less than $7,000 there are some attractive match ups.
How Deion Sanders Can Help You Win A Million
by Chris Feery on September 30, 2014
Former SF 49ers player and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders created some controversy by quoting unnamed sources.
5 Cheap Fantasy Football Fliers That Will Make You A Millionaire This Week
by Cooper Allen on September 30, 2014
FN Reporter Cooper Allen takes a look at five of the best value players in the Millionaire Maker challenge.
Bill Belichick Does Not Care If You Win One Million
by Chris Feery on September 30, 2014
New England searches for answers following last night's 41-14 pasting at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead.
Jim Harbaugh Out In San Francisco Amid Locker Room Mutiny...
by Matthew Coates on September 30, 2014
...and other controversial and game changing headlines that we may see before the end of the 2014 NFL Season.
NFL Recognizes Mistake After Monday Night Football
by Matt Reed on September 30, 2014
The NFL admitted Tuesday that safety Husain Abdullah should not have been penalized after his interception return in the fourth quarter of MNF.
5 Killer Fantasy Football Value Players That Will Win A Million
by Matthew Coates on September 30, 2014
Any successful lineup has it's share of value guys and this week is no different. Here are five players that will save you money and come up big.
5 Reasons Julius Thomas Will Make You A Millionaire!
by Anthony Grace on September 30, 2014
You can choose from a slew of players for your $1 Million fantasy line up this week, so why use Julius Thomas? Here's why!
Five Contrarian Lineup Decisions That Will Make You A Millionaire
by Matthew Coates on September 30, 2014
Picking a winning weekly fantasy lineup has a lot to do with not only picking the best players, but also picking players that others won't pick.
Shady's Odds Of Helping You Win $1 MILLION Just Went Way Up!
by Anthony Grace on September 30, 2014
A quick hit on why LeSean McCoy is now more in line to help you win the $1 MILLION grand prize this weekend.
NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Win A Million Playing Fantasy Football
by David Holcomb on September 30, 2014
FN Reporter Dave Holcomb gives readers the dos and don'ts to winning one million dollars in fantasy football in Week 5 while ranking the 32 NFL teams.
New England Comatose In Kansas City: 3 Things We Learned
by Doug Tozier on September 30, 2014
It was a beautiful night in Kansas City, until the game started; it just was a one sided affair that the Patriots did not come prepared to play.
Jamaal Charles Is Back And He's Ready To Make You A Million
by Chris Feery on September 30, 2014
KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles appears to be fully recovered from his ankle issues. Charles will be vital as the Chiefs travel to SF to take on the 49ers.
Spend $3,000 On Travis Kelce, Win One Millon Dollars
by Chris Feery on September 30, 2014
Travis Kelce, KC Chiefs Tight End, is being introduced to much of the nation on MNF this week. Kelce has become a favored target of QB Alex Smith.
Million Dollar Fantasy Football Contest Presented By
by Anthony Grace on September 29, 2014
You love fantasy football. You love winning money. You love having bragging rights. This week all 3 come together and YOU could be 7 figures richer!
Charlie Weis Fired As Kansas Head Coach
by David Levin on September 28, 2014
After a 23-0 loss against Texas on Saturday, the athletic department swiftly moved to make changes to its football program.
NFL Week Four Predictions: Winners, Losers and Scores for Week 4
by Chris Alderson on September 28, 2014
Week four of the NFL season is upon us. Find out who we have winning each game this weekend, as well as what the final score to each game will be.
Dinner Menu Week 4: Salads from Florida & Meaty Midwest Entrees
by Michael Hyatt on September 27, 2014
Week 4's tasty picks. Also a commentary on who has been the "Derek Jeter" of the National Football League.

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