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The AFC South's 10 Most Indispensable Players
by David Levin on June 25, 2015
Even with the mediocrity in the division, there are still some players teams would love to get their hands on. These players are crucial to the success of their respective teams.
Houston Texans: Grading Each Pick Of The 2015 NFL Draft
by Eric Wagner on May 7, 2015
The Texans got quality starters early and got plenty of depth picks in late. How did each pick of their draft haul grade out?
Houston Texans: 2014 Final Report Card And 2015 Outlook
by Michael Borth on May 5, 2015
Most NFL teams start their season with aspirations of the Super Bowl and do so with a legit shot at coming close. The Texans again fell short in 2014 but 2015 looks brighter- maybe.
2015 Free Agency: Are The Texans in Denial about Quarterback?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on March 10, 2015
"Franchise" Quarterback has been a need for the Texans for two years, yet they continue to use "stop gap" QBs. Are they in denial about a QB?
Houston Texans: 2014 Official Team Overview and Prediction
by Seth Carson on September 16, 2014
Official 2014 Houston Texans roster moves, draft picks, returning stat leaders, schedule, predictions and more!
Shutdown Cornerbacks and Defenses for Fantasy Football
by Jared Dang on September 2, 2014
Wonder how much fewer fantasy points/receptions/yards/targets/TDs wide receivers got against top cornerbacks and defenses? A look at the 2013 data.
2011 Second-Round Picks On Contract Years: Defense
by Eric Wagner on August 18, 2014
Not everyone from the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft received a contract extension. Which fourth-year players may become a free agent in 2015?
2011 NFL Draft: Third-Year Review Of The First Round
by Eric Wagner on August 14, 2014
The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was filled with plenty of talent. Three years later, where do all of the draftees stand?
Top 10 NFL Players Flying Under The Radar In 2014
by Eric Wagner on August 11, 2014
Every year, there are a number of players that are under the radar, play above expectations. Which under-the-radar players will breakout in 2014?
2014 NFL Week 13 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on July 29, 2014
On Thursday, November 27th, there are set to be three high-quality divisional games. Check out how each team fares on the week of Thanksgiving!
2014 NFL Week 12 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on July 24, 2014
With eleven weeks downs, there are only six more to go. Check out how each team fares in their Week Twelve match-up!
2014 NFL Week 9 Game-By-Game Analysis and Predictions
by Eric Wagner on July 15, 2014
Most teams will or already have reached the halfway point, and games will begin to become more and more important as the season progresses.
Cincinnati Bengals: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by David Levin on March 18, 2014
Who panned out? Who failed? Who surprised and who made us run and hide. Here are the Cincinnati Bengals' top picks from 2000 to 2013.
NFL Cornerback Rankings For The 2013 Season
by Thom Cunningham on September 17, 2013
These are the NFL cornerback rankings entering the '13 season. These rankings will change based on performances at the end of the year.
2013 NFL Season: 8 Teams Most Likely To Land In The Super Bowl
by Tavis Gill on August 20, 2013
Based on the performance in the 2012 season, and the current rosters; these are the eight teams that are most likely to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII.
Oakland Raiders: 2013 Game-by-Game Predictions
by Tavis Gill on August 18, 2013
Tavis Gill predicts the Oakland Raiders' success against opponents in their upcoming season schedule.
All 32 NFL Defenses Ranked: Who Has The Most Ferocious D?
by Justin Henry on June 19, 2013
FN's Justin Henry looks at each NFL defense, considers both their 2012 performance and their 2013 offseason, and gives his current rankings.
The Worst Draft Picks In Tennessee Titan History
by Evan Winter on March 7, 2013
Who ranks as the worst draft pick of all-time for the Titans? Many factors go into making this decision, but one answer is pretty obvious.
Mick’s Picks: Two Divisional Round Upsets
by Michael Pennywark on January 11, 2013
With everything on the line this weekend, all four home teams are favored to win. Two road 'dogs, however, might just have what it takes to move on.
Houston Cools Off Cincinnati: Heroes & Zeroes Of The Game
by Natalie Faulk on January 6, 2013
Game one of Wild Card Weekend is in the books but who helped the Texans the most in securing their win and which Bengals were off the mark?
Texans Down Bengals, 19-13: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
by Brandt Frye on January 6, 2013
The Bengals fell short again Saturday, losing 19-13 to Houston in a 2011 Wildcard rematch. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly for this game.
Rookie QBs Shine, Houston Bombs And WTFs From NFL Week 14
by Dan Karpiel on December 11, 2012
Luck, Wilson and RG3 do it again, Houston gets routed again, head coaches are important and an end to kickoffs? That and more in WTFs from Week 14.
Texans at Patriots: Monday Night Football
by Dakota Crawford on December 6, 2012
Houston travels to New England in hopes of moving one week closer to a first-round bye. More than just playoff implications ride on this one though.
Fantasy Football Week 13 Preview: Texans at Titans
by Michael Pennywark on November 29, 2012
Nasty division rivalry? Check. Healthy fantasy superstars? Check. Texans at Titans will provide plenty of action for some fantasy studs this weekend.
Houston Texans: Four Reasons They Can Not Contend In The AFC
by Dakota Crawford on November 26, 2012
The Texans have been less-than dominant in the last two weeks. What is wrong in Houston? Four answers to the question everybody is asking.

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