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Michigan Football: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014
by Jay Flannelly on April 13, 2014
Post spring practice, here's an assessment of the 2014 Michigan Wolverines Football team. The Wolverines look to rebound after a tough 2013 and hope to contend for the Big 10 title.
With The 11th Pick In The NFL Draft, The Tennessee Titans Select...
by Joseph Slisz on April 11, 2014
We continue our series, breaking down all 32 first round picks providing each teams needs and potential targets with their selection.
2014 Draft: Will Manziel Find A Home In Option Resistant AFC?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on April 10, 2014
Currently, there are 6 "running"/"read option" type starting quarterbacks in the NFL and 5 of the 6 are in the NFC. Can Manziel break the AFC ice?
Tennessee Titans: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by Joseph Slisz on March 19, 2014
The Tennessee Titans' No. 1 picks drafted are ranked since the year 2000 based on talent, production, and stats.
2014 NFL Draft: Best Landing Spots For Brandin Cooks
by David Levin on March 9, 2014
Cooks used the Combine to further improve his draft stock. Now the receiver will hopefully secure his place in the first round of the Draft.
2014 NFL Power Rankings: Pre-Free Agency Edition
by Cooper Allen on March 6, 2014
Football Nation reporter Cooper Allen ranks every NFL team from 32-1 prior to the free agency period.
Five Free Agents The Titans Should Consider Signing
by Evan Winter on February 17, 2014
This is a very important offseason for new head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Here are five players that could help tremendously in 2014.
Grading The NFL's 7 New Head Coaching Hires
by Matthew Hovekamp on February 17, 2014
There are always a multitude of coaching changes each year. Let's take a look at which teams made the right choice and which teams made a mistake.
2013 NFL Awards: Most Valuable Player For Every Team
by Cooper Allen on January 31, 2014
FN reporter Cooper Allen looks at all 32 NFL teams, highlighting an MVP for each club. Read on to find out who your team's best player was in 2013.
Odds and Ends of the Conference Playoffs
by Bill Bethard on January 18, 2014
The one playoff preview where you won't be bored to death by Manning vs. Brady HOT SPORTS TAKES. Okay, maybe just a little.
2014 NFL Mock Draft: Version 1.0
by Seth Carson on January 8, 2014
The best in depth NFL mock draft on the internet via! Top 32 picks in the 2014 draft.
BREAKING NEWS: Mike Munchak is Fired By Tennessee Titans
by David Levin on January 4, 2014
After three seasons as head coach and 30 years in the organization, the Tennessee Titans let Mike Munchak go from the team.
The No. 1 Pick: Who Would Trade For Houston's Top Spot?
by Michael Quinn on January 4, 2014
According to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, the Texans are willing to trade the No.1 overall pick. Who would make an offer for the top spot?
2014 NFL Draft: Updated Draft Order and Picks
by David Levin on December 25, 2013
Here are the top 10 draft choices for the 2014 Draft if it were held tomorrow in New York. There are a few surprises.
Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: Three Bold Predictions
by David Levin on December 18, 2013
This is actually a game with important ramifications to it. Can Jacksonville sweep its second straight AFC South foe?
Five Landing Sports for Kirk Cousins in 2014
by David Levin on December 15, 2013
Here is a short list of teams who might be able to use the Washington Redskins backup quarterback's services.
The Holiday Wish List For All 32 NFL Teams
by Michael Grabowski on December 12, 2013
The Holiday season is here, and every team is looking forward to the postseason (or the offseason). Let's talk about what each team wants for X-mas!
A Dozen Destinations Chris Johnson Could Land in 2014
by Tony Kastner on December 10, 2013
It's rumored that the Titans may decide to release running back Chris Johnson. Here are 12 teams that could be interested in the speedster's services.
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts: Three Bold Predictions
by Andrew Aziz on November 29, 2013
The Colts have been regressing recently, and the Titans are trying to make a charge. This should be a fun divisional matchup to watch.
Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders: Three Bold Predictions
by Tony Cutillo on November 22, 2013
The Titans and the Raiders are both dealing with injuries to their starters, leaving them to rely on the backups to give them a boost.
The 10 NFL Teams Most in the Market for a New Quarterback in 2014
by Bobby Ronaghy on November 18, 2013
The window of time for a young QB to develop in today's NFL is shrinking each year. Many teams face a decision to stay the course or cut their losses.
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: Five Things We Learned
by LaMont Jones on November 16, 2013
What we learned from this week 11 matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football.
Odds and Ends Week 11: NFC East > AFC South
by Bill Bethard on November 14, 2013
When your division rivals are all under .500, it's easy to make the playoffs and have the media rave about you.
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans: Five Things We Learned
by David Levin on November 11, 2013
The Jaguars finally got their first win of the season by beating Tennessee on the road, 29-27. It also was the first win for coach Gus Bradley.
Jacksonville Jaguars News and Notes: Game Day Against the Titans
by David Levin on November 10, 2013
The Jaguars have Blaine Gabbert. The Titans have Jake Locker. Each have given their franchises mixed results.

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