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Predicting the Chargers Wins and Losses: Game by Game
by Natalie Faulk on April 28, 2014
After a surprising playoff appearance last season and following the recent release of the 2014 schedule, let the predictions ensue.
Top 5 Candidates For 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
by Tony Kastner on December 19, 2013
As the 2013 regular season begins to wind down, here's a look at the top candidates for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.
Chargers Dominate Giants: Five Things We Learned
by Natalie Faulk on December 9, 2013
The Chargers finally dominated an entire game, thus effectively eliminating the Giants from any playoff scenario. But what did we learn, if anything?
Top Five Surprises Of The 2013 NFL Season: Week 2 Edition
by Ryan Derenbecker on September 16, 2013
Each year brings a variety of shocking changes in the NFL landscape. These five in particular have been the big stunners... so far.
San Diego Chargers Preseason Recap: 5 Biggest Disappointments
by Thomas Conroy on September 6, 2013
Preseason disappointments are frustrating to NFL teams, as they must publicly admit that they have made a mistake on evaluating a player's talent.
Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 Game-by-Game Predictions
by Michael Grabowski on August 19, 2013
FN's Mike Grabowski tells how and why the Kansas City Chiefs' games will end in a W or L for the newly-led team.
Fantasy Football 2013 Late-Round Gems: RB Danny Woodhead
by Natalie Faulk on August 19, 2013
With Ryan Mathews' propensity for injury, how valuable will newly-acquired, former-Patriot Danny Woodhead fare in fantasy leagues?
San Diego Chargers 2013: Game by Game Predictions
by Natalie Faulk on August 18, 2013
Coming off of two mediocre back-to-back seasons, how will the regime change in San Diego improve the Chargers for the 2013 season? Or will it?
Chargers-Bears Preseason Game: 5 Things To Watch For
by Tom Pollin on August 15, 2013
On Thursday night the Chargers travel to Soldier Field in Chicago to face the Bears in Week 2 of the preseason.
The San Diego Chargers Training Camp Report
by Thomas Conroy on August 11, 2013
It's the second week of training camp and the first preseason game is out of the way, but there are still plenty of questions for the Chargers.
Fantasy Football 2013: Ranking The Top 210 Prospects
by Troy Phillips on August 4, 2013
The NFL preseason is right around the corner. For fantasy football players like FN's Troy Phillips, that means it's time to start compiling rankings.
What To Make Of Chargers' Offense Pt 4: Wideouts and Tight Ends
by Troy Phillips on July 26, 2013
In his fourth and final segment of the series, FN's Troy Phillips takes aim at the receiving end of the Chargers' hectic offense.
2013 Fantasy Football Preview: San Diego Chargers
by Thomas Conroy on July 26, 2013
The San Diego Chargers have struggled offensively for the last several seasons, but help may be on the way in new head coach Mike McCoy.
Fantasy Football 2013: 5 Reasons Philip Rivers Will Bounce Back
by Gladys Louise Tyler on July 20, 2013
Philip Rivers had an abysmal year last year. His fantasy stock is down. Our hopes are up. Here are five reasons we have hope.
Fantasy Football Rookie Report: Chargers WR Keenan Allen
by Thomas Conroy on July 18, 2013
The San Diego Chargers have big expectations for WR Keenan Allen, who will sneak into the starting lineup before regular season opener.
What To Make Of The Chargers' Offense, Pt. 2: Bridging Philip Rivers
by Troy Phillips on July 4, 2013
Troy Phillips examines the state of quarterbacking for the Chargers in the second installment of his four part look at the offense.
College Fantasy Football 2013: Sleeper 3-Pack
by Michael Calabrese on June 27, 2013
Here are three college fantasy prospects who could outperform their preseason ranking, one at each key position.
Football Nation Preview: The 2013 San Diego Chargers
by Justin Henry on June 17, 2013
Can new coach Mike McCoy use his offensive smarts to jump start the buffering Bolts? FN's Justin Henry takes a look at San Diego.
Tavon Austin Is A Lock For Rookie Of The Year
by Troy Phillips on June 1, 2013
Even months away from training camp, Tavon Austin appears to be an established front-runner among offensive rookies.
NFL Hot Seat: 10 Players In Need Of A Big Season
by Adam Grice on May 29, 2013
In this article you will see 10 players who are in need of a big season or they could find themselves searching for a new team in 2014.
Top 5 AFC Teams Who Can Win From Their Aerial Attack in 2013
by Jameel Shareef on May 29, 2013
Here I break down the best AFC teams that have the potential to light it up on the field for this upcoming season.
2013 NFL Draft: 5 Best Picks of the 3rd Round
by Jason Stolberg on April 29, 2013
Was there a Russell Wilson, Jamaal Charles, Navarro Bowman, or Jimmy Graham in the 2013 third round draft class? Only time will tell!
San Diego Chargers: 5 Biggest Questions of 2013 Offseason
by Natalie Faulk on March 6, 2013
After a forgettable year, the Chargers finally replaced A.J. Smith and Norv Turner (which many believed to be long overdue) but many questions remain.
San Diego Chargers: Three New Year's Resolutions for 2013
by Natalie Faulk on January 13, 2013
San Diego finished the Norv Turner era a dismal 7-9. With Turner and A.J. Smith's firings, attention is focused upon what the Chargers need to do.
AFC West Beat: Denver Gets a Gift from Indianapolis
by Daniel Hutchinson on December 31, 2012
In this article Daniel Hutchinson recaps week 17 in the AFC West, which inculded Denver v. Kansas City and San Diego v. Oakland.

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