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2014 Draft: Will Manziel Find A Home In Option Resistant AFC?
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on April 10, 2014
Currently, there are 6 "running"/"read option" type starting quarterbacks in the NFL and 5 of the 6 are in the NFC. Can Manziel break the AFC ice?
Top 5 NFL Head-Coach and General Manager Tandems
by James Park on April 7, 2014
Successful teams usually have a very capable head coach with an accompanying front office. Find out the top Head Coach/General Manager tandems in the NFL here!
Cleveland Browns: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014 Offseason
by Boris McLaughlin on April 3, 2014
The Cleveland Browns ownership hit the reset button again on the football operations side of his organization. Did they get it right this time?
The Five Best NFL Rivalries Over The Next Five Years
by Ryan Knee on March 29, 2014
The NFL is all about the rivalries. Over the next five years there will be some new blood in the discussion for best rivalry in the league.
Jaguars News and Notes: Notes from NFL Owner's Meeting
by David Levin on March 26, 2014
Now that Maurice Jones-Drew appears to a hot commodity, the Jaguars will see if he signs with another franchise. Team also wants to gain more draft picks.
NFL Free Agency: Next Batch of Wide Receivers to Sign
by Eli Park on March 14, 2014
Who is next in line to sign the dotted line? The Hunger Games: Free Agency Edition continues. Sign you soon!
2014 NFL Draft: Best Landing Spots For Johnny Manziel
by Ryan Knee on March 8, 2014
Johnny Manziel will be one of the first quarterbacks taken in the 2014 NFL. What are the five best fits for him around the league?
2014 NFL Draft: Kelvin Benjamin To San Francisco
by Alex Whiteman on March 3, 2014
It is no secret that the San Francisco 49ers need help at wide receiver, and Florida State's Kelvin Benjamin may be just the man they're looking for.
NFL Free Agency 2014: 10 Players Most Likely To Be Overpaid
by Ryan Knee on February 28, 2014
Looking at the free agents who potentially will be overpaid this offseason, and predictions on where they will land in 2014.
San Francisco 49ers: 5 Free Agents They Should Target
by Ryan Knee on February 14, 2014
The San Francisco 49ers are loaded and have relatively few needs. Which pending free agents do they need to sign to get them back to the Super Bowl?
San Francisco 49ers: 5 Biggest Questions For The 2014 Offseason
by Tyson Peterson on February 13, 2014
Among the many questions fans want answered, here are my top five. Coach Harbaugh? Colin Kaepernick? Michael Crabtree? Draft picks? Phil Dawson?
Five NFL Quarterbacks With Something to Prove in 2014
by Tyson Peterson on February 10, 2014
One lesson from 2013: It doesn't matter if you're a veteran quarterback or not. Every quarterback has to fight to win. Just ask Peyton Manning.
Super Bowl 48: Just Like Old Times... Unfortunately
by Thomas Danyluk on January 30, 2014
FN's Tom Danyluk says the upcoming Denver-Seattle matchup reminds him of the Super Bowl carnage we used to see in the 1980s and '90s.
Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Seahawks or Broncos?
by John Garces on January 29, 2014
It's time for Super Bowl XLVIII, and to answer the eternal question: Will it be the Seahawks or Broncos taking a victory lap with the Lombardi trophy?
What's All The Hubbub About Sherman's Rant?
by Omari Stridiron on January 23, 2014
He made the Super Bowl clinching play, but Richard Sherman got more attention for his rant at Michael Crabtree. But why?
History Lesson: Ranking the Top 5 Conference Title Games
by Thomas Danyluk on January 22, 2014
FN's Tom Danyluk sifts back through the years to give us his Top Five AFC and NFC Championship games.
2014 NFL Draft: Say it With Me Folks... Jimmy GAR-OP-POLO
by Tony Kastner on January 21, 2014
You know who "Johnny Football" is, but here's why EIU's "Jimmy Football" Jimmy Garoppolo is a name you should start getting to know REAL well
Losing a Conference Title Game Is a Bitter Pill To Swallow
by John Wozniak on January 20, 2014
In two highly anticipated championship games, there could only ever be two winners. New England and San Francisco have a bitter pill to swallow.
10 Things We Learned From Championship Sunday
by Michael Quinn on January 20, 2014
We saw surprising turnovers, a lot of huge plays, and more than enough trash talk. But what will we take away most from the 2014 Championship round?
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks: Five Things We Learned
by Kristopher Daly on January 20, 2014
The Seahawks held off a late drive to win the game from the 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl, 23-17 in the NFC Championship at Century Link Field.
B-O-O-M! Seattle Is Super Bowl Bound
by Football Nation on January 20, 2014
The Seattle Seahawks scored 13 unanswered points Sunday to beat the San Francisco 49ers 23-17 in the NFC Championship Game.
AFC, NFC Championship Games: No Comparisons, Just Great Football
by David Levin on January 19, 2014
The questions have been asked. Which game will be better? What if there is no comparisons because each game will be different?
Mick’s Quick Picks: Conference Championships
by Michael Pennywark on January 19, 2014
This week sees the four best teams in the NFL matching up in two epic games. Who are my best picks for this week? Read on to find out!
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Championship Sunday
by Matthew Pagel on January 18, 2014
Matt Pagel uses a pair of dogs and traverses the off-the-field comedy endeavors by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to pick Sunday's winners.
Three Bold Predictions For The AFC And NFC Championship Games
by Josh Blunt on January 18, 2014
For the AFC and NFC Championship games, I pick three seemingly unlikely events that will occur on Sunday's championship games.

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