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Are the Raiders Real Buyers for Johnny Manziel?
by David Levin on April 17, 2014
If the Raiders are in the market for another passer after trading for Matt Schaub, is Manziel tops on the team's radar?
Cincinnati Bengals: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by David Levin on March 18, 2014
Who panned out? Who failed? Who surprised and who made us run and hide. Here are the Cincinnati Bengals' top picks from 2000 to 2013.
Pre-Free Agency: Top Ten Super Bowl Favorites
by Matthew Hovekamp on March 7, 2014
This list will take a look at the teams that have the best team for a Super Bowl run, before free agency and the draft take place.
Arizona Cardinals: 6 Free Agents They Should Target
by Austin Perry on February 25, 2014
After finishing the 2013 season with a 10-6 record, all the Arizona Cardinals can do is keep getting better.
NFL Predictions: 5 Under-The-Radar Teams Poised For A Great 2014
by Doug Tozier on February 10, 2014
Every year in the NFL there are dark horse teams that take the league by surprise and out-perform their expectations. These are the 2014 candidates.
Mick's NFL Picks: Picking Super Bowl XLVIII
by Michael Pennywark on February 1, 2014
Will Peyton cap his year or will Sherman back up the smack? Here is how Sunday's game will play out in what should be a Super Bowl to remember.
Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle QB Russell Wilson > Game Manager
by David Holcomb on February 1, 2014
FN Reporter Dave Holcomb explains why what Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is doing in just his second year is so impressive.
The NFL and Super Bowl Are Stupid
by Bill Bethard on January 28, 2014
During the week off, I feel it's time to tell you why the NFL is stupid. Also, the Browns are looking very stupid.
The Top 10 Boneheaded Moments Of The 2013 NFL Season
by Tom Pollin on January 16, 2014
Some things happen to teams, both on and off the field, that come out of nowhere and leave fans wondering what he heck just happened and why.
The Cincinnati Bengals and Wild Card Hurdle
by Aaron Cutter on January 15, 2014
Cincinnati can not advance past the Wild Card round of the playoffs. A thorough look at what plagues the team and why they always fall short.
Three Reasons The Cardinals Will Make The Playoffs Next Season
by David Levin on January 12, 2014
The Cardinals finished 10-6 but missed the playoffs. Here's why they'll qualify for the tournament next year.
NFL Mock Draft 1.0: End of 2014 Regular Season Mock
by Ryan Hutson on January 5, 2014
Stay tuned for updated mocks after Senior Bowl, Super Bowl, Combine, Pro Days and anything else that may change my perspective.
Ranking All 15 Heisman Winners Of The BCS Era
by Caymen Bishop on January 5, 2014
The BCS Era has gone through some amazing players in its time. Here is a ranking of all 15 Heisman winners that have come and gone in the BCS era.
Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler Agrees To Seven-Year Deal Through 2020
by Austin Perry on January 4, 2014
The Chicago Bears have put an end to the talks of who will be their quarterback next season by signing Jay Cutler through 2020 for over $100 million.
NFL Postseason Picks: Wildcard Weekend Edition
by John Garces on January 1, 2014
After the conclusion of yet another regular season (where does the time go?), the playoffs begin with wildcard weekend.
5 Reasons The Seattle Seahawks Will Choke In Playoffs
by Eli Park on December 27, 2013
Knowledge of how to perform a successful Heimlich Remover won't help the Seahawks from choking in the 2013-14 postseason, says FN's Eli Park.

by David Levin on December 27, 2013
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals: Three Bold Predictions
by David Levin on December 27, 2013
Both teams are looking at the playoffs. San Francisco is already in and Arizona is hoping for a miracle. There is some hope in the Cardinals charge.
NFL #MusicMonday: The NFC Playoff Picture
by Matthew Pagel on December 23, 2013
This week's #MusicMonday focuses on the NFC playoff picture and pays tribute to two NFL institutions being showcased nationally for the last time.
First and 10: Week 16 Preview, Predictions and Analysis
by David Holcomb and Cooper Allen on December 20, 2013
FN reporters Cooper Allen and Dave Holcomb preview the best four contests of Week 16 and predict a winner.
10 NFL Christmas Miracles That Could Happen This Week
by Michael Quinn on December 19, 2013
Ho Ho Holy crap -- It's already Week 16 of the 2013 season, so in honor of the holiday season, let's look at 10 miracles that could happen on Sunday.
NFL White Elephant: The Top 10 Gag Gifts Of 2013
by David Guidera on December 18, 2013
Who or what tricked us into thinking they were one thing that turned out to be another this NFL season?
Beat the Spread: Your Week 15 NFL Preview You Can Take To The Bank
by Tony Kastner on December 15, 2013
After a 12-2 mark a week ago, Tony Kastner gives his take on week 15 in the NFL in this edition of Beat the Spread.
2013 NFL Season: Top 5 Hit Or Miss Quarterbacks
by Tavis Gill on December 12, 2013
These five quarterbacks have been unpredictable all season, and should change something in their game.
The Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks Who Lack Grit
by Evan Wechman on December 12, 2013
An NFL quarterback must not only have talent, but be tough too. The following quarterbacks all have great skills, but lack toughness in crunch time.

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