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NFL 2014: Five Teams That Could Use A Mulligan
by Doug Tozier on September 14, 2014
Week one had it's ups and downs, but these five teams played like they thought it was still preseason.
NFL Week Two Predictions: Winners, Losers and Scores to Each Game
by Chris Alderson on September 14, 2014
Week two of the NFL season is here and for some teams it is a very important week to avoid an 0-2 start. Find out who wins this weekend.
Mick’s Picks: Three Upsets To Watch For in Week 2
by Michael Pennywark on September 14, 2014
Underdogs went 11-5 against the spread in week 1. Find out which three underdogs you should back this week in the NFL.
Miami Dolphins: Getting Ready for the Buffalo Bills
by David Levin on September 13, 2014
It used to be an easy win for these Dolphins.Now, the Buffalo is a team on the rise and one that cannot be taken for granted in the AFC East.
Coaches To Blame In Chicago Bears Loss to Buffalo Bills
by Travis David on September 11, 2014
Chicago Bears content contributor Travis David gives his take on the Chicago Bears loss to the Buffalo Bills in week 1.
2014 NFL Week 2 Predictions: Will Houston Start 2-0?
by Eric Wagner on September 11, 2014
With the first week in the books, let's look at the second. Check out how each team fares in their match-up!
5 Reasons Why Winning One Game Does Matters
by Wanda Wiedman on September 11, 2014
The first slew of Sunday football games arrived, but turned ugly for some fast. Teams that were sure fire wins fell victim to unexpected results.
Fantasy Football: Start 'Em/Sit 'Em Week 2
by Harut Hovhannesian on September 10, 2014
Here goes my second edition of my Fantasy Football Start 'Em/Sit' Em. The key to your fantasy championship lies here.
Miami Dolphins: Still Celebrating A Win of the Pats
by David Levin on September 10, 2014
Team overcame the first half to run past the New England Patriots, 33-20, in the first game of the season.
Five Teams That Were Disappointing In Week 1
by Cody Parker on September 10, 2014
Football is back. Some teams did not live up to all the hype as teams we expected to win were actually a disappointment.
NFL 2014 Week 1: Five Teams that Impressed Us on Sunday
by Gladys Louise Tyler on September 10, 2014
It was a great opening week for the NFL. Lots of surprises both good and bad. Here are five teams that were most impressive.
2014 Fantasy Football Week 2 Waiver Wire Targets
by Joel Sciabarrasi on September 9, 2014
Finally the NFL kicked off and the first week is in the books. Who should you be targeting on the waiver wire? Check in here to find emerging stars.
NFL Power Rankings Week 1: New Season, Same Narrative
by David Holcomb on September 9, 2014
FN Reporter Dave Holcomb releases his weekly power rankings after Week 1. The top two teams certainly look familiar.
AFC Rankings After Week 1 of the Regular Season
by Vince Payne on September 9, 2014
There were many teams that looked like they were supposed to, but many fell flat. Who get's the nod as the best team in the AFC? Take a look.
Who Should You Buy Low and Sell High After Week 1?
by Matthew Coates on September 8, 2014
It's never too early to look to improve your lineup. Week 1 offered a few players who can do just that along with some that you may need to let go.
Buffalo 23, Chicago 20: Five Things We (Sort Of) Learned
by Mark Stewart on September 8, 2014
The Bills have never won at Soldier Field, and the Bears aren't big fans of losing to AFC teams at home. So.... what happened?
FN's 'Monday Morning Huddle': Early Dominance & Near Comebacks
by David Holcomb on September 8, 2014
Host Dave Holcomb breaks down Week 1, which was filled with dominated first halves and near incredible comebacks.
Beat the Spread NFL Opening Weekend 2014
by Tony Kastner on September 7, 2014
Looking for an edge as you make your first picks of 2014? Want to start the 2014 season ahead? Take a peek at "Beat the Spread" for NFL Week 1 2014
Week One NFL Sunday Predictions: Rapid Fire Edition
by Chris Alderson on September 7, 2014
The first Sunday of the 2014 NFL season is here. Find out who the winners will be to start the 2014 season. Will your team win their season opener?
Could This Be Peyton Manning's Last Chance At A Super Bowl?
by Cody Parker on September 7, 2014
The Denver Broncos look poised to get back to the Super Bowl this year. But will this be Peyton Manning's last shot at a second Super Bowl victory?
Seth Carson's Week One NFL Game Predictions
by Seth Carson on September 5, 2014
Ready for some football? Football Nation's Senior Writer Seth Carson picks the winners and losers for week one in the NFL.
Blake Vincent’s Definitive 2014 Quarterback Rankings
by Blake Kolumber on September 5, 2014
Heading into every NFL season, player rankings rule every football oriented website and this year is no different.
Cleveland Browns: 2014 Official Team Overview and Predictions
by Seth Carson on September 5, 2014
Official 2014 Cleveland Browns roster moves, draft picks, returning stat leaders, schedule, predictions and more!
Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears: 5 Things to Know
by Matthew Coates on September 4, 2014
The Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills kick off the season in what could be a shootout. Here's what to watch for in this match up in Week 1.
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Opening Week
by Matthew Pagel on September 4, 2014
Seven months without meaningful NFL football has contributing writer Matt Pagel itching to put his predictive powers to the test.

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