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New York Giants: Who Replaces Antrel Rolle if not re-signed
by Michael Stewart on January 29, 2015
New York Giants might be forced to let Rolle walk if the price tag is too high. If so, who should they consider as a replacement.
Who Will Be Cleveland’s Quarterback in 2015?
by David Levin on January 28, 2015
The Johnny Football Era in Cleveland may be done before it started. Brian Hoyer may or may not be re-signed. Who plays quarterback in Cleveland?
Justin Blackmon: Could He Return to Jaguars in 2015?
by David Levin on January 27, 2015
There is speculation that the troubled wide receiver could be on the field for the Jaguars at some point next season.
The Buffalo Bills: 2014 Final Report Card
by Eric Wagner on January 26, 2015
The Bills finished for second place in the AFC West at 9-7. How did the defensive-minded Bills finish in terms of grades?
Three Years Later: Grading The 2012 Arizona Cardinals Draft
by Marcus Burnan on January 26, 2015
The 2012 draft was three years ago. Here we look at how the draft panned out for the Arizona Cardinals.
New York Giants: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason
by Brandon Lundie on January 25, 2015
The New York Giants need to solidify their defense and offensive line this offseason. Here are 3 potential free agents that they could target in 2015.
Super Bowl 2015: 5 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Prevail
by Nica Jensen on January 25, 2015
Why The New England Patriots Have All the Right Tools To Defeat The Seattle Seahawks in the 2015 Super Bowl
Hey Packers’ Fans…You Want to Trade Places With Other Fans?
by Tom Ayer on January 25, 2015
Green Bay Packers' fans are still really angry over last Sunday's collapse, but maybe they should take a step back and consider how lucky they are.
Pittsburgh Steelers: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason
by David Levin on January 22, 2015
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost in the first round of the playoffs. Here are three targets in free agency to help the team get back to the post season.
Houston Texans: Top 3 Free Agent Positions To Target in 2015
by Ollie Mayr on January 22, 2015
The Houston Texans are a team on the rise posting a 9-7 record in 2014. With a few key positions addressed they should be a contender in 2015.
Falcons Hire Kyle Shanahan to Run Offense
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
Team makes move to bring in Shanahan with the idea that Dan Quinn of Seattle will be team's new head coach.
San Diego Chargers: Three New Year's Resolutions for 2015
by Natalie Faulk on January 19, 2015
After a difficult year fraught with injuries,what should the Chargers strive to accomplish to (hopefully) ensure a better 2015 season.
Jaguars Set To Interview Adam Gase for Offensive Coordinator Spot
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
Team will interview the current Broncos OC on Sunday morning, sources close to the story have said. Gase is also a candidate in Atlanta for the same job.
New England Patriots: Path To The Top: 2014 Final Report Card
by Doug Tozier on January 17, 2015
The Patriots got off to an auspicious start, but flipped the switch to finish strong on their path to another Super Bowl.
NFL Playoff Expansion: Analyzing The Pros and Cons
by Timothy Graham on January 17, 2015
The NFL is considering expanding the current play-off format to include more teams, but is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Is Jerry Hughes Worth What He Wants From The Buffalo Bills?
by Christopher Georgeff on January 16, 2015
As the 2014 NFL season comes to its thrilling conclusion, the Buffalo Bills have a big decision to make with one of its standouts.
Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games
by Tom Pollin on January 15, 2015
With Conference Championship Sunday rapidly approaching here are 10 of the most memorable AFC Championship games ever played.
Why Rex is Wrong for Buffalo and Buffalo is Wrong for Rex Ryan
by Tony Kastner on January 14, 2015
Rex Ryan is a great football coach who could succeed in a number of places in the NFL, but here's why he was the wrong choice for the Buffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens: Complete 2014 Final Report Card
by Harry Pritchard on January 14, 2015
Covering each Ravens position group and giving them a grade with extensive analysis including stats, rankings and improvements.
The 10 Best Games of the 2014 NFL Regular Season
by Paul Smyth on January 14, 2015
The 2014 NFL regular season provided us with great games each week that kept us on the edge of our seats. These 10 were the best of the best.
Arizona Cardinals: What Went Wrong, 2014 Final Report Card
by Doug Tozier on January 13, 2015
The 2014 Cardinals took up where the 2013 squad left off, but with a trip to the post season. What went wrong at the end?
Pittsburgh Steelers: 2014 Final Report Card
by Ben Luker on January 12, 2015
The Steelers returned to playoff football this year, so on a whole how was Pittsburgh's season? And what were the highlights of the squad?
Seattle Tops Carolina: Five Things We Learned
by Eric Wagner on January 12, 2015
The Panthers kept the game close in the first three quarters, but then the Seahawks broke loose in the fourth.
Warner, Shields, Others Make HOF Final 15
by David Levin on January 10, 2015
Former Rams, Cardinals great makes final ballot on first year of eligibility. Jimmy Johnson, Tony Dungy on list as well.
DraftKings Divisional Playoffs Strategy: Expert Lineup Analysis
by Nicholas Morgan and Dan Perry on January 8, 2015
Divisional Playoffs Weekend Draft Kings X’s & O’s: A strategy discussion of who to put in your lineup and take down some cash.

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