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Notre Dame Football: Week 4 Preview- Syracuse
by Michael Borth on September 21, 2014
The off week has ended and Notre Dame returns with a nice matchup versus Syracuse. Suspensions are still in play, but most important of all is the off week allowed for some healing of injured players.
Notre Dame Football: Bye Week 3 Game Review
by Michael Borth on September 21, 2014
After starting the season 3-0, the Fighting Irish get a much needed rest.
Notre Dame Football: Week 3 'Shamrock Series' - Purdue Preview
by Michael Borth on September 9, 2014
After the resounding thud of the Wolverine beat down, the Irish head into their annual showcase game that includes tweeked uniforms, an off-sight major venue and a team they should beat- this year being Purdue.
Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0: Five Things We Know
by Michael Borth on September 7, 2014
The supposed final game between these 2 powerhouses was not much of a contest. The pundits revealed themselves as not knowing much about the Irish this year or just have tunnel vision.
Notre Dame Destroys Hapless Michigan: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
by David Levin on September 7, 2014
The lasting impression on a rivalry like this and Notre Dame puts up 31 points in a shutout. College football is losing another great game.
The Game of Week: Notre Dame-Michigan, Week 2 Preview
by Michael Borth on September 5, 2014
Throw out the records. Throw out the Heismans. Forget what Desmond Howard says or Dr. Lou. Nothing is ever set in stone when the 2 most storied programs in college football take the field.
FSU Football 2014: 12 Steps To Another National Title
by David Levin on August 21, 2014
Here is a look at each game of the 2014 season with scores and predictions for the 2014 FSU Seminoles football team.
Notre Dame Football and The Academic War
by Michael Borth on August 16, 2014
On Friday, the prospect of a season without turmoil just took on a whole new persona. The saga of Notre Dame and it's heritage of academia is again under the spotlight.
Analysis of the 2014 Preseason Top 25 Coaches' Poll
by Chris Alderson on August 7, 2014
Last week the preseason top 25 version of the coaches' poll was released. We will take a look at how things look in the top 25 as we prepare for 2014.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Schedule Preview
by Michael Borth on August 1, 2014
Notre Dame kicks off it's 2014 season in grand fashion with a new surface and new uniforms. Securing a spot in the new 4 team playoff is the ultimate goal.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Defensive Preview
by Michael Borth on July 19, 2014
With the offensive side of the ball in a position to do big things, the defensive side of things for the Irish will remain a 'roll of the dice' mystery heading into the Rice opener.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Offensive Preview
by Michael Borth on July 14, 2014
With a new offensive game plan, the return of Everett Golson and the emergence of 2 nationally recruited runningbacks - the Irish look to surge in scoring and overall production.
Notre Dame Football: Summer Swing, Recruiting Updates and Notes
by Michael Borth on July 4, 2014
While history buffs long for the days of Rockne, changes are here for Notre Dame Football and in a big way.
Notre Dame Football: 5 Biggest Questions Heading Into 2014
by Matthew Hovekamp on June 14, 2014
Only two years remove from the National Championship game, is Notre Dame ready for a run to the first NCAA playoffs?
Notre Dame Football: 2014 NFL Draft Recap
by Michael Borth on May 12, 2014
At the end of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Fighting Irish saw more players take the next step in their careers. The final day saw Prince Shembo, TJ Jones and others called to the next level.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 NFL Draft-Round 2 and 3 Recap
by Michael Borth on May 10, 2014
No surprise that Zach Martin went in the first round of the 2014 Draft for former Fighting Irish players this year. What was a surprise was 2 projected 1st rounders fell to the 2nd round and one of the most iconic of the group fell further.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Blue-Gold Game Recap
by Michael Borth on April 14, 2014
With the completion of Saturday's game, questions arose, questions were answered and a decision of major proportions to enhance the program was made.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Players To Watch-Greg Bryant
by Michael Borth on April 5, 2014
Greg Bryant is on the rise in the minds of many in South Bend and could very well spark the entire offense into places they've hoped for simply on his abilities.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Players To Watch-Sheldon Day
by Michael Borth on April 3, 2014
2014 must be a transition year for the Irish defense. All hopes for a mirror season like 2012 will start up front on the defensive line and in this weeks player profile- line play will see new faces in 2014 for Notre Dame and one familiar facezx.
Notre Dame Football: 2014 Players To Watch - Drue Tranquill
by Michael Borth on March 28, 2014
For the Fighting Irish, 2014 spawns new coaches and early defections that open the door for future and current prospects. In a series of profiles leading into the Spring Game, here's a look at one of Notre Dame's incoming freshman
Notre Dame Football: Fighting Irish News and Notes
by Michael Borth on February 25, 2014
With the first step of the 2014 season surpassed in recruiting, the Fighting Irish are set to begin the season with a spring game on the horizon and spring practice to open.
Notre Dame Football: National Signing Day
by Michael Borth on February 2, 2014
With recruiting's most iconic day on the horizon, coach Brian Kelly looks to continue his building process for the Irish.
College Football 2014: 5 Programs On The Decline
by David Levin on January 24, 2014
These programs, rich with winning tradition, are in for a huge fall over the next few seasons. The 2014 season could be the start of things to come.
Notre Dame Bowl Recap: 5 Things We Learned
by Michael Borth on December 30, 2013
After a lackluster game in Yankee Stadium for various reasons, the Irish are now embarking on their journey to get back to the BCS Title game which starts with a few surprises early into the process.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 2013 Review and 2014 Outlook
by Michael Borth on December 23, 2013
After a season that began with drama and was filled with injuries to key players, Notre Dame will cap of its 2013 year with a less then fulfilling bowl game with hopes of projecting success for 2014.

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