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Reasons Why The Houston Texans Should Take Jadeveon Clowney
by Joseph Slisz on April 13, 2014
There is much debate to who is going to be the number one pick. However, I'm here to tell you that the pick should be Jadeveon Clowney.
With the First Pick in the NFL Draft the Houston Texans Select...
by Joseph Slisz on March 26, 2014
Joseph Slisz provides his first breakdown of all 32 first round picks providing team needs and scenarios for each pick.
Houston Texans: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by William Rogers on March 14, 2014
The Houston Texans came into the league in 2002. During those years they have had many outstanding first round draft picks and a few busts.
Reasons Not To Acquire Johnny Manziel In This Year's Draft
by John Wozniak on February 20, 2014
He may have lit up college football, and he may have been loved at Texas A&M. But Johnny Manziel may not be to everyone's liking.
Houston Texans: Three New Year's Resolutions for 2014
by Natalie Faulk on January 11, 2014
After a horrific 2-14 season, the Texans need to take action to improve their team. But where should they focus their efforts?
Broncos Blow Out Texans: Five Things We Learned
by Natalie Faulk on December 23, 2013
With the Chiefs' loss, the Broncos clinched the AFC West. Denver's powerful offensive proved too much. But what did we learn?
Faces of the Future: How the Texans Could Be the Chiefs of 2014
by Tony Kastner on December 11, 2013
KC went from 2-14 in 2012 to a 9-0 start in 2013 and a 10-3 record entering Week 14. The Texans could have a similar turnaround in 2014. Here's how.
Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans: Three Bold Predictions
by Ben Luker on November 13, 2013
Will the Texans overcome their injuries and snap a seven-game losing streak? Or will the Raiders come out their own two-game slump?
Case Keenum: The Future Of The Houston Texans
by Gareth Brown on November 12, 2013
Case Keenum has taken advantage of Matt Schuab's poor form and injury to show that he is the quarterback of the future in Houston.
Fantasy Football: Andre Johnson Returns To Dominance in Houston
by Ben Luker on November 11, 2013
After a scoreless start to the season Houston Texans' receiver Andre Johnson has returned to usual productive self, much to the relief of the Texans.
Dream Job: NFL Fantasy Draft General Manager - Defensive Rankings
by Brandon Thorn on November 1, 2013
Before the five-round fantasy draft, the top 160 players have to be ranked. Here are the top 80 defensive players in the NFL today.
Fantasy Saving National Football League From Harsh Realities
by Lance Barnett on October 31, 2013
Between injuries, sloppy play, rule changes and a woefully poor CBA agreement, Fantasy Football has become more popular than the game itself.
NFL Week 8 Early Waiver Wire Picks To Contain All Those Injuries
by Gladys Louise Tyler on October 22, 2013
Week 7 was similar to St. Valentine's Day Massacre without the Valentine's Say, or the guns. But it was bad. Waiver wire will fill those holes.
Bloody Sunday: Which NFL Superstars Are Out For The Year?
by Michael Quinn on October 21, 2013
More than a handful of NFL superstars ended their seasons early on Sunday. From torn achilles to broken legs, this may be the saddest list of all.
NFL #MusicMonday Week 7: Don't Fear The Reaper
by Matthew Pagel on October 21, 2013
The high rate of attrition claims its biggest names yet this NFL season. As a tip of the cap, this week's tuneage has a decidedly darker tone.
Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers: Defense Will Decide Winner
by Tavis Gill on October 5, 2013
Both of these quarterbacks are on two of the most talented teams in the NFL. Whcih quarterback will prove himself? Matt Schaub or Colin Kaepernick?
The Top 100 Players in the National Football League 20-11
by Tony Kastner on September 18, 2013
Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant is among three receivers in our second to last installment of the Top 100 players in the NFL. Here are players 20-11.
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans: Five Things We Learned
by Natalie Faulk on September 16, 2013
The Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans in a nail-biting overtime win. But what, if anything, did we learn?
Against the Spread ....A Look at Week Two in the NFL
by Tony Kastner on September 14, 2013
After a 50% win rate, or a 50% loss rate depending on the way you think, FN's Tony Kastner let's you know who to put your hard earned money on Week 2
NFL Week 1: The Deciding Factor of all 16 Games
by Kyle Lutteroty on September 11, 2013
As fans now eagerly wait for week 2 to begin, let us look back on the game changing plays of week 1.
The Top 100 Players in the National Football League 30-21
by Tony Kastner on September 4, 2013
Running backs Ray Rice and Arian Foster are featured as our countdown of the Top 100 players in the NFL nears the end with players 30-21.
NFL Inside Linebacker Rankings For 2013 Season
by Thom Cunningham on September 4, 2013
These are the NFL inside linebacker rankings entering the '13 season. These rankings will change based on performances at the end of the year.
The Top 100 Players In The National Football League, No. 40-31
by Tony Kastner on August 27, 2013
Both ends of one of the most impressive pass/catch combinations in the NFL are featured as the Top 100 countdown continues with players 40-31.
Saints-Texans Preseason Game: 5 Things We Learned
by Michael Borth on August 26, 2013
Wrap up and notes from the preseason game between the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints at Reliant Stadium.
2013 NFL Season: 8 Teams Most Likely To Land In The Super Bowl
by Tavis Gill on August 20, 2013
Based on the performance in the 2012 season, and the current rosters; these are the eight teams that are most likely to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII.

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