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Eli Manning's Career in Jeopardy as a New York Giant?
by Jevon C. Smith on September 16, 2014
With an 0-2 start, it doesn't look good for the once beloved two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New York Giants. Eli Manning could be out.
32 NFL Teams, 32 Things You May or May Not Know
by David Levin on August 5, 2014
Here is something for all you trivia buffs out there: a little known fact for each of the 32 NFL teams.
Detroit Lions 2014: 5 Pressing Questions Heading Into The Season
by Roger Emeka on July 23, 2014
After a disappointing 2013 season, The Detroit Lions look to bounce back with a new coaching staff and hopefully, a refurbished Matthew Stafford.
FN "Monday Morning Huddle": Remembering Candlestick Park
by David Holcomb on July 14, 2014
Host Dave Holcomb lists the most memorable moments from Candlestick while also debating the NFL in London and the best 100 players going into 2014.
Green Bay Packers 2014: Training Camp Questions Part 1 Backup QB
by Tony Kastner on July 2, 2014
The first in a five part series examining the most pressing questions entering camp for the Packers looks at the battle for the backup QB job.
AFC North 2014 Schedule Prediction: Baltimore Ravens
by Zachery Cook on June 27, 2014
My prediction of the Ravens 2014 NFL Schedule and how well they'll fair against their opponents this season.
Denver Broncos 2014: 5 Most Pressing Questions Heading Into Training Camp
by Austin Brock on June 17, 2014
Fresh off the XLVIII Spanking from the Seahawks, Denver made some great offseason moves to try and climb atop the mountain. But is it enough?
Green Bay Packers: The Good, Bad & Ugly Heading Into 2014
by Anthony Grace on June 9, 2014
The Packers have a dynamic offense, and a defense that should be much improved in 2014, so what are the good, the bad, and the ugly in Green Bay?
Minnesota Vikings: The Good, Bad & Ugly Heading Into 2014
by Anthony Grace on May 27, 2014
We take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly for the 2014 Minnesota Vikings and their rough ride through the NFC North.
Tennessee Titans: 3 Reasons Jake Locker Will Have A Breakout Year
by Roger Emeka on May 19, 2014
There is growing momentum amongst Titans fans that Jake Locker has run out of chances in Tennessee. To that I say, you have to be kidding me.
2014 Fantasy Football Team Preview: Minnesota Vikings
by Harut Hovhannesian on May 16, 2014
The Minnesota Vikings had one fantasy star last season in Adrian Peterson. Will they have any other players step up this year?
Green Bay Packers: Path to the 2014 NFL Draft
by David Guidera on May 5, 2014
A summary of Green Bay’s offseason transactions leading up to expert analysis of who the Pack should take with the No. 21 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.
Jaren Haser's 2014 Last-Chance NFL Mock Draft
by Jaren Haser on May 4, 2014
Football Nation contributor returns to mock the first two rounds of this year's rapidly-approaching NFL Draft.
Ranking The 2014 Sunday Night Football Matchups
by Anthony Grace on April 28, 2014
Ranking every Sunday Night Football game for the upcoming 2014 season, plus two bonus Thursday night match ups.
2014 NFL Draft A Scout's Eye View: Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M
by Tony Kastner on April 13, 2014
An in depth, scout's eye view on perhaps the most talked about and polarizing figure in the 2014 draft, quarterback Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M's 'Greatest QB Of All Time' Bracket Couldn't Be More Wrong!
by Salvatore Gentile on March 28, 2014 is currently asking fans to pick their bracket of the greatest quarterbacks of all time... and the fan vote couldn't be more wrong!
The 5 Biggest NFL Conspiracy Theories of All Time
by Joseph Slisz on March 16, 2014
Whether it's in government, politics, or in sports, people love to come up with wild conspiracy theories to explain why something happened.
The Best NFL Free Agent Signings of All Time
by Matthew Nutter on March 16, 2014
From Peyton Manning all the way abck to Johnny Unitas these players are some of the best free agency steals in NFL history
Green Bay Packers: 5 Biggest Draft Day Regrets in Team History
by David Levin on March 15, 2014
Everyone loves reflecting on the draft busts. Let's take a look back in the history of this franchise and rank the 5 biggest draft day busts.
2014 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks 10-1
by Tony Kastner on March 13, 2014
Part two of our preview and ranking of the quarterback position is sure to raise more then a few eyebrows.
Potential Texans-Patriots Trade: 33rd Overall Pick Is Key
by Matthew Nutter on March 11, 2014
The biggest prize in a potential trade between New England and Houston is not Ryan Mallett, but the player who could be taken with the 33rd pick in the draft
Atlanta Falcons: 5 Biggest Draft Day Regrets in Franchise History
by David Levin on March 10, 2014
The memories of the Atlanta Falcons and their drafting history is enough to see the past regimes of this franchise could not make the right calls.
Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Biggest Draft Regrets in Franchise History
by Bobby Ronaghy on March 7, 2014
Without a Super Bowl, the Eagles are defined by the inferiority complex of their fans. Few topics bring out that negativity like their draft failures.
5 Trades That Could Shake Up the NFL in 2014
by David Levin on March 2, 2014
These may not all be earth shattering, but they could change divisional balance in the league. These all may not happen, but they make sense, no less.
2014 NFL Free Agency: Top 10 Wide Receivers
by Matthew Nutter on February 18, 2014
A look at the top ten available free agent wide receivers in 2014. What have they done lately and where might they end up.

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