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Jacksonville Jaguars: Path to the 2014 NFL Draft
by David Guidera on April 23, 2014
A summary of the offseason transactions leading up to expert analysis of who the Jaguars should take with the No. 3 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.
2014 NFL Draft: Texans Show Signs Of Drafting A QB With First Pick
by Kenneth Jackson Sr on March 28, 2014
No one knows what Houston will do with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft but the Texans' body language sure hints at a QB receiving their "love".
With The Third Pick In The 2014 NFL Draft, Jacksonville Selects...
by Joseph Slisz on March 28, 2014
After the first two picks in the draft were already covered, we take a look at the third pick in the draft focusing on the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Jaguars News and Notes: Notes from NFL Owner's Meeting
by David Levin on March 26, 2014
Now that Maurice Jones-Drew appears to a hot commodity, the Jaguars will see if he signs with another franchise. Team also wants to gain more draft picks.
Blaine Gabbert Traded to San Francisco 49ers
by David Levin on March 11, 2014
Team gets a 6th round pick for the maligned quarterback. Gabbert played three seasons in Jacksonville after being drafted in 2011 out of Missouri.
2014 NFL Draft: 25 Compelling Storylines
by David Levin on March 11, 2014
This is a juicy topic. Which players will make the biggest impact? Which players will surprise us? Which players will stop and make us say, "What?"
Jacksonville Jaguars: Ranking Their No. 1 Draft Picks Since 2000
by David Levin on March 7, 2014
Not every pick is a success. Not every pick is a failure. The bad outweighs the good, but Jaguars hope its most recent picks will help then in 2014.
Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Biggest Draft Day Regrets in Team History
by David Levin on March 7, 2014
Taking a look back, these five moves have hampered this team since the team's inception in the league in 1995.
Jacksonville Jaguars Ink Chad Henne to New Two-Year Deal
by David Levin on March 7, 2014
Veteran should start the season behind center and keep spot warm for incoming rookie draft pick. Henne will provide leadership for this team in 2014.
Jacksonville Jaguars News: Teams That Could Sign Chad Henne
by David Levin on March 6, 2014
His interest continues to grow. What could Henne's price be on the free agent market? A few teams could really use his services.
Jaguars Combine Notes: Could Small School Talent Help The Team?
by David Levin on February 26, 2014
Many small school players used the Combine to make their presence known in Indianapolis. Here are 5 players who can make this team and find success.
Blaine Gabbert: Is He Still Part of the Jaguars Plans in 2014?
by David Levin on February 20, 2014
After three years and no return on their investment, the Jaguars are faced with possibly having to keep Blaine Gabbert if they cannot re-sign Chad Henne.
Who Will Quarterback The Jacksonville Jaguars In 2014?
by David Levin on February 7, 2014
Rookie, veteran free agent, returning player? Who will be behind center when the Jacksonville Jaguars open the 2014 regular season?
Jacksonville Jaguars: Free Agent Quarterbacks on Their Radar
by David Levin on February 4, 2014
Chad Henne may not be the only quarterback who the Jaguars are looking at. If the team cannot sign Henne, these players may be on the radar.
Making Decisions: What Two Quarterbacks Will The Jaguars Choose?
by David Levin on February 2, 2014
Now that he said his team will take one or two passers in the upcoming draft, which names do we expect for the Jaguars to pull out of their magic hat?
Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Biggest Free Agent Targets For The Club
by David Levin on January 29, 2014
Defensive end and quarterback are not the only two positions Jacksonville should be looking to when it comes time for free agency.
Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent Situation
by David Levin on January 10, 2014
Here are the nine free agents the Jacksonville Jaguars will decide to either re-sign or all to walk in free agency.
Jaguars News and Notes: Management Moves on to 'Step 2'
by David Levin on January 4, 2014
The management of the Jaguars will now concentrate on the second year of rebuilding this organization.
NFL White Elephant: The Top 10 Gag Gifts Of 2013
by David Guidera on December 18, 2013
Who or what tricked us into thinking they were one thing that turned out to be another this NFL season?
Top 5 Landing Spots for Jay Cutler In 2014
by David Guidera on December 12, 2013
Cutler is the highest profile player not under contract in 2014. Whose sideline will he appear completely disinterested to be on next season?
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars: Three Bold Predictions
by David Levin on December 3, 2013
The Texans want a win. The Jaguars want a win at home. One team is ascending. One is last in the NFL. See what we predict for Thursday's game.
Quarterbacks on the Move: QBs Who Will Have New Homes in 2014
by Ryan Knee on November 26, 2013
Every year, there is a decent amount of turnover for NFL quarterbacks. This coming offseason, several current QBs will have a new home.
Jaguars Notes: Houston Texans on the Horizon
by David Levin on November 20, 2013
Can the Jaguars not only get a win on the road, but can they escape the bottom spot in the AFC South?
The 10 NFL Teams Most in the Market for a New Quarterback in 2014
by Bobby Ronaghy on November 18, 2013
The window of time for a young QB to develop in today's NFL is shrinking each year. Many teams face a decision to stay the course or cut their losses.
NFL Week 11: Five Must-Win Games You Can't Miss
by David Guidera on November 15, 2013
As the NFL season storms on, every game feels like a must-win, but these five teams need a victory more than the rest this weekend.

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