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New England Patriots: Top 10 Players in Franchise History
by David Levin on January 25, 2015
There are many players who have made the Patriots the dynasty they have become. But there are also players who paved the way for their success.
The 10 Greatest Plays In Super Bowl History
by Bobby Ronaghy on January 24, 2015
The greatest plays in Super Bowl history are not always made by the best players, often it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
Top 5 Players Remaining Who Most Deserve A Super Bowl Victory
by Michael Ward on January 11, 2015
The Superbowl is the biggest prize in professional sports and here are five players who most deserve to bask in championship glory.
Irish Insights: Golson To LSU? Recruiting Rumors
by Michael Borth on January 7, 2015
After a great performance in the Music City Bowl, backup quarterback Malik Zaire sparked the conversation again of who should command the Irish- and started a rumor of sorts of Golson leaving.
Birmingham Bowl East Carolina vs. Florida - 5 Things to Know
by David Levin on December 30, 2014
The start of the Jim McElwain Era in Gainesville has one hurdle to get over. The Gators put an end to a dismal season in the Birmingham Bowl.
The Most Undeserving Heisman Winners of the 2000's
by David Levin on December 26, 2014
These players had great college careers, but the players behind them in the Heisman voting may have been more worthy.
Most Intriguing College Football Bowl Games: Ranking Them 38 to 1
by Tony Fernandes on December 22, 2014
We have entered into the most exciting time of year for any college football fan: College Bowl Season. Time to rank the games.
The Week 16 Email Satchel: A Christmas Carroll
by Sports Racer on December 19, 2014
...If You're Not Cheating then You're Not Trying + other life lessons that sports taught us as children.
The 10 Best College Players You've Never Heard Of
by David Levin on December 18, 2014
These players may play for big time college programs, or they may play for fringe schools. They all play with as much intensity as anyone in football.
Irish Insights: The Best Linebacker In College,Coach Kelly, Recruiting
by Michael Borth on December 17, 2014
The period between the next Irish football game is often a slow one, but there are happenings always with Notre Dame Football-on and off the field!
The Week 15 Email Satchel Volume 1: NFL Scandals are SO Last Fall
by Sports Racer on December 14, 2014
Nick Kent is a man of many words but considers most of those words to be obsolete. He does not have any professional writing credentials...
Irish Insights: Bowling, Stadium Addition And Skylar Diggins
by Michael Borth on December 10, 2014
Notre Dame learned it's bowl placement versus LSU and shortly after the final home game of 2014, upgrades began on the stadium.
Weekly College Football Games Menu - Week Fifteen
by Mike Francis on November 30, 2014
A rundown of this week’s Championship games and their appeal to the Playoff Selection Committee, plus Game of the Week and Pillow Fight of the Week
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Thanksgiving Edition
by Matthew Pagel on November 27, 2014
While thankful for a whole bunch of stuff this year, Matt Pagel is very salty about one particular NFL commercial.
Stanford at Cal: Five Things To Know About The 2014 Big Game
by Tony Fernandes on November 22, 2014
Its that time of the year when Bay Area fans get excited for the annual battle between the Stanford Cardinal and the California Golden Bears.
The 10 Best College Running Backs of All Time
by David Levin on November 21, 2014
With Melvin Gordon in mind, here is a look at who FN's David M. Levin thinks are the greatest runners ever to grace a college campus.
Utah at Stanford: Five Things to Know For Saturday
by Tony Fernandes on November 15, 2014
The 23rd ranked Utah Utes come to The Farm on Saturday to battle the Stanford Cardinal in a battle of contrasting styles.
Irish Insights: Recruiting, Recovery, Returning Home
by Michael Borth on November 12, 2014
Next up for the Irish after the ASU loss is a renewed rival with Northwestern. And the aftermath of that loss saw a mild quarterback issue develop, and get squashed by coach Brian Kelly.
Adrian Peterson: 5 Teams That Could Welcome the Troubled Runningback
by David Levin on November 6, 2014
If Adrian Peterson is reinstated by the NFL and is not suspended, here are a few team that would welcome him to their city.
College Football’s Best Underrated Rivalries
by David Levin on October 31, 2014
There are plenty of college football programs that talk about their rivalry games like there are no other rivalry in the country. These four are the ones that create plenty of drama and are forgotten about from time to time.
Thoughts on the NFL's Increasing Games in London
by Natalie Faulk on October 29, 2014
This season three games will be held across the pond. Next year the NFL has scheduled five amid talk about having a team there. Here are my two cents.
Kansas City at San Diego: Five Things to Know
by Natalie Faulk on October 18, 2014
The Chargers go for their sixth-straight win against the always tenacious Chiefs. Here are some interesting factoids to know prior to the game.
Stanford at Arizona State: 5 Things to Know
by Tony Fernandes on October 17, 2014
The battle between the 17th ranked Arizona State Sun Devils and the 23rd ranked Stanford Cardinal will be an old school, knock down brawl
College Football This Week: The 7 Heisman Trophy Candidates
by David Levin on October 17, 2014
Heading into another huge week of college football, here are the top seven candidates to win the award. There is still a large southern flavor when it comes to naming a winner.
The 5 Best Players Who Played In The State Of Mississippi
by Gary Najman on October 11, 2014
A look at the 5 Best Players who played in the state of Mississippi, with his college and pro accomplishments.

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