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2015 NFL Free Agency: Top 5 Landing Spots For Randall Cobb
by Timothy Graham on January 30, 2015
Randall Cobb will be a highly sought after Free Agent this off-season. The question is will he leave Green Bay and if so, where will he land?
AFC: 8 Teams That Will Compete For the Super Bowl Next Season
by David Levin on January 30, 2015
The Patriots should be back in the mix in the AFC. Which other teams should make a real push at the playoffs in 2015?
The Top 10 Boneheaded Moments Of The 2014 NFL Season
by Tom Pollin on January 30, 2015
Physical and mental mistakes will always be a part of the NFL but it's the brain cramp moments that leave fans scratching their heads.
The Green Bay Packers: 2014 Final Report Card
by Eric Wagner on January 29, 2015
The Packers made a deep playoff run this year, and despite their loss, they still had a great season. How does Green Bay fare in terms of grades?
7 Current Football Players Who Should Go Into Broadcasting
by Ben Luker on January 29, 2015
Of all the on-field personalities in the league right now, who will be best suited for a career in the studio?
Hey Packers’ Fans…You Want to Trade Places With Other Fans?
by Tom Ayer on January 25, 2015
Green Bay Packers' fans are still really angry over last Sunday's collapse, but maybe they should take a step back and consider how lucky they are.
10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Watching The NFL Pro Bowl
by Marcus Burnan on January 22, 2015
Most people seem to hate the Pro Bowl, with good reason. Here are 10 things we'd rather do than watch the game.
Why The Packers Beat The Packers In The NFC Championship Game
by Tony Kastner on January 21, 2015
A look at the mentality of the Packers and Seahawks last Sunday makes it easy to understand why Seattle, not the Pack, will be playing on Super Sunday
Top 5 Reasons The NFC Is The Superior Conference
by David Levin on January 20, 2015
Let the debate begin. So much talent, so much action, and of course the last time we checked, Seattle was still the Super Bowl champions.
Will The Green Bay NFC Championship Loss Ruin The Franchise?
by Nick Louder on January 20, 2015
FN contributor Nick Louder looks at the monumental Green Bay Packers collapse in their NFC Championship Loss to the Seattle Seahawks.
Seahawk Fans Prayer Answered In A Most Unusual Way
by Lance Barnett on January 19, 2015
In the waning minutes of the NFC Championship game millions of Seahawks fans were praying for a miracle. They got it from an unexpected source!
FN "Monday Morning Huddle": Top Seeds Advance on Championship Sunday
by Dave Holcomb on January 19, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb welcomes guest stars Dave Guidera and Tom Pollin to help break down Championship Sunday and predict the winner of Super Bowl XLIX.
Packers Blow Lead, Fall to Seahawks: 5 Things We Learned
by David Levin on January 19, 2015
After being ahead 19-7, the Green Bay Packers let the Seattle Seahawks claw their way back into the game, earn Super Bowl berth again.
The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Championship Sunday
by Matthew Pagel on January 19, 2015
2015 Championship Sunday in the NFL represents the unofficial changing of the guard and contributing writer Matt Pagel is excited to see the future.
Ranking the Best Possible QB Matchups in Super Bowl 49
by Chris Alderson on January 18, 2015
Join me as I rank the best possible quarterback battles we could see in Super Bowl 49. From 4 to 1, we rank the QB pairings we could see. Which is #1?
Mick's Picks: Conference Championship Weekend
by Michael Pennywark on January 18, 2015
Not sure who to root for this weekend? Here are my picks for the Conference Championship games on Sunday.
Is Jerry Hughes Worth What He Wants From The Buffalo Bills?
by Christopher Georgeff on January 16, 2015
As the 2014 NFL season comes to its thrilling conclusion, the Buffalo Bills have a big decision to make with one of its standouts.
Conference Championship Game Picks (Desert Dreams Edition)
by John Garces on January 16, 2015
It's championship week, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to make some picks that are far from championship-level.
2014 Conference Championship Predictions: Green Bay Rebound
by Eric Wagner on January 16, 2015
It is now down to four teams, four that played extremely high-quality football last week. With the Super Bowl on the line, who will move up?
Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games
by Tom Pollin on January 15, 2015
With Conference Championship Sunday rapidly approaching here are 10 of the most memorable AFC Championship games ever played.
Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks: 5 Things to Know
by Brandon Lundie on January 15, 2015
The Packers and the Seahawks look to continue their run to the Super Bowl in an NFC heavyweight battle.
The Packers Need Perfection To Win In Seattle
by Lucas Karr on January 14, 2015
If the Packers hope to reverse their week one beat down they are going to have to play near-perfect football. Check out their six keys to success.
The Play That REALLY Changed The Cowboys/Packers Game
by Christopher Georgeff on January 13, 2015
The Dez Bryant Play is getting all the attention, but the right hand of Julius Peppers was actually the momentum changer.
FN's "MMH": Controversy & Injuries Reappear in Division Weekend
by Dave Holcomb on January 12, 2015
Host Dave Holcomb welcomes guest stars John Garces and Chad Johnson to help sort through the wild play from Division Weekend.
10 Things We Learned From Divisional Round Weekend
by Timothy Graham on January 12, 2015
After a crazy weekend of amazing football. Here are the 10 things we learned from the Divisional Round games.

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