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What's Hot

Tom Brady ... seriously, does Canton need the waiting period for him?

Three words to describe the regular season for every team in the NFL. This edition features the AFC North.

Time to break down the game to see who goes to the Super Bowl.

Kelce may be the best receiver for the Chiefs but a costly penalty and a postgame rant about a call that was good made him look like a jackass.

A look at the 2016 AFC Championship game and the history between the Steelers and Patriots.

We've all seen the meme's mocking OBJ's hair, but this video of how he does it each morning is too funny!

This weekly article will highlight, preview and predict the key player matchups of the week.

Making the playoffs was a good start; getting back next season is not a guarantee if Reese doesn't make the right moves.

The Chargers moved before they had a head coach but they have brought in Anthony Lynn to lead the next generation of Bolts.

Should Brock Osweiler be the Texans' franchise quarterback? Are the New England Patriots still Super Bowl contenders after tonight's win?

Chiefs must reverse the earlier outcome in order to earn the right to play the Patriots for the AFC title.

A young Pats fan put up a video on YouTube that can't help but remind you of Bill Belichick when he was just a wee lad.

Due to public safety concerns the Chiefs and Steelers match up on Sunday has been moved from 1pm to 820pm EST.

The Packers QB moved up the all-time playoff passing yards list against the Cowboys in the divisional round.

Memes are a great way to troll an NFL team or fans of that team and the internet wasted no time trolling the Cowboys after their Playoff loss.

Dion Lewis couldn't be stopped by the Texans; so much so he made NFL history.

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