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FF Week Five Waiver Wire Targets
by Tony Kastner on October 6, 2015
A look at which players you should target, and a few you might want to avoid on your fantasy football waiver wire prior to week five.
FN "MMH": Seattle Seahawks win controversial Monday night affair
by Dave Holcomb on October 6, 2015
On this episode, host Dave Holcomb breaks down the action from Monday Night Football and welcomes back FN Fantasy Expert Anthony Grace.
Will The Real Buffalo Bills Please Stand Up
by Paul Howard on October 6, 2015
It's been a series of wild ups and downs for Buffalo fans the first quarter of the season, but fret not Bills' fans. This train is right on track.
3 Biggest Upsets In Week 4 Of The NFL Season
by Joe Messineo on October 6, 2015
Upsets are brutal, because nothing is worse than losing knowing your team was better. Here are the three teams that fell victim to upsets this week.
Biggest Surprises Of Week 4: October Is The Month Of Upsets
by Eric Wagner on October 6, 2015
The season becomes more predictable as it wears on, but there are still plenty of surprises to be had. Which ones were the biggest of Week 4?
Miami Dolphins Drowning Under Weight Of Ndamukong Suh
by Russell Easterbrooks on October 6, 2015
The Dolphins as a team, are under achieving, as they look towards the 100 million dollar man Ndamukong Suh for inspiration.
DeMarco Murray Not Happy With Number of Touches: Mutiny or Truth?
by Sean Cumming on October 6, 2015
DeMarco Murray has expressed his discontent about not being given enough touches. Is he right or creating more issues for the team?
2015 Fantasy Football Injury Recap: Week 4
by Shane Coughlin on October 5, 2015
Plenty of NFL backfields suffered a huge hit this Sunday: Find out who went down and who to add to replace their production.
2015 Fantasy Football: Week 4 Champs & Chumps
by Anthony Grace on October 5, 2015
A quick recap of the fantasy football week and who helped you achieve victory (Champs) and who let you drop into the fires of fantasy despair (Chumps)
Eagles Fall To Redskins: Top 5 Observations
by Sean Cumming on October 5, 2015
The Eagles are now 1-3 and at the bottom of the division after their loss to the Washington Redskins. What needs to change?
2015 NFL Week 4 Predictions: Winners, Losers and Scores
by Chris Alderson on October 4, 2015
It's week four in the 2015 NFL season and the season is slowly beginning to unfold. Find out who wins every game on Sunday and Monday night.
Eagles-Redskins Playing at Rainy Fed Ex Field: Defense is Crucial
by Sean Cumming on October 4, 2015
The Eagles and Redskins are set up to play in hurricane-like weather. How will the weather affect each team?
Five Teams Who Need to Win the Most in Week 4
by John Czech on October 4, 2015
Every week in the NFL is important, but this week, there are five teams that need to win more this week than others.
Predictions And Analysis For Each Week 4 Matchup
by Frank Sumrall on October 3, 2015
Week 3 featured a lot of blowouts and unbalanced games. Lets hope this week treats us better with stronger match-ups this Sunday
The Three Best Must See NFL Matchups In Week 4
by Josh Blunt on October 3, 2015
This weekly article will highlight, preview, and predict, three key player matchups and must see NFL games.
Which Team Has The Best Fans In The NFL?
by Charlie Teljeur on October 3, 2015
It takes a lot to be named the best fans in the league. It takes a lot more than a packed house. See how you stack up.
Change in the Offensive Powerhouses of the NFL
by Frank Sumrall on October 3, 2015
This season has shown new teams with improved offenses to lead the NFL, leaving the old offensive heroes behind.
Ask The Pittsburgh Steelers The Importance Of A Kicker
by Russell Easterbrooks on October 3, 2015
After losing their kicker to injury the Steelers traded for a replacement, and now I think they will draft a prospect in 2016!
Top 10 Active Non-Fantasy Ageless Wonders
by Gary Najman on October 2, 2015
A look at the top 10 active non-skill/Fantasy NFL players who are at least 35 years old and still going strong.
5 Biggest Choke Artists In The NFL Today
by Joe Messineo on October 2, 2015
In the National Football League, it’s all about getting it done in big moments, but not everyone can deliver when the time comes.
Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 4 of the 2015 NFL Season!
by Tom Pollin on October 1, 2015
Nostrathomas struggled through the early games in Week 3 but nailed the late contests to enjoy a third straight winning week of NFL predictions.
Philadelphia Eagles: Top 5 Issues Heading Into Week 4
by Sean Cumming on October 1, 2015
The (1-2) Eagles have a lot of ground to cover in their race for the NFC East. What are the most pressing issues going forward?
5 Players You Should Trade Away Immediately
by Eric Thomas on October 1, 2015
Taking a look at players who have gotten off to a hot start, whose play is likely to regress, that should look to trade away while their value is high
Week Four PPR Fantasy Football Rankings (QB's RB's WR's and TE's)
by Tony Kastner on October 1, 2015
Ranking the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends for week four of fantasy football based on PPR scoring system.
New Orleans Saints In A Rebuilding Year?
by Russell Easterbrooks on October 1, 2015
The Saints defense is poor to say the least,and they appear to be in the process of rebuilding the franchise.

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