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Addition of Darren Sproles Paying Immediate Dividends to Eagles
by Dylan Hughes on September 16, 2014
Darren Sproles has been a dynamic back everywhere he's played. The Eagles have learned that after only two games.
What If Today's NFL Stars Were Superheroes?
by Rory Anderson on September 16, 2014
An in depth examination of the parallels and similarities of todays stars in the NFL and some of the super heroes out there protecting the universe.
Houston Texans: 2014 Official Team Overview and Prediction
by Seth Carson on September 16, 2014
Official 2014 Houston Texans roster moves, draft picks, returning stat leaders, schedule, predictions and more!
5 Early MVP Candidates That May Surprise You
by Joseph Swinford on September 16, 2014
Even though it's early, MVP talks are always relevant, especially when they include some of the high and not so high profile players.
The Birds' Beat: Eagles Defeat The Indianapolis Colts 30-27
by Joseph Fontanazza on September 16, 2014
The Eagles were able to beat the Colts after a halftime deficit. Footballnation's Joseph Fontanazza examines Philadelphia's Week Two victory.
2014 Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire Targets
by Joel Sciabarrasi on September 16, 2014
This week, there were a lot of injuries in the NFL. Check in here for their replacements and the best players available to pick up.
NFL 2014: 5 Biggest Losers From NFL Week 2
by Timothy Graham on September 16, 2014
Losing hurts, and for the players, coaches and teams listed here... Week 2 hurt a lot more for them.
NFL 2014: 5 Biggest Winners From NFL Week 2
by Timothy Graham on September 16, 2014
16 teams won this Sunday, but here is a look at which players, teams and/or coaches were the NFL's biggest winners from Week 2.
NFL Power Rankings Week 2: A New Number 1
by David Holcomb on September 16, 2014
FN Reporter Dave Holcomb releases his weekly power rankings after Week 2. After the Seahawks loss, there is a new No. 1.
Eli Manning's Career in Jeopardy as a New York Giant?
by Jevon C. Smith on September 16, 2014
With an 0-2 start, it doesn't look good for the once beloved two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New York Giants. Eli Manning could be out.
NFL Awards Week 2 (Everybody Hurts Edition)
by John Garces on September 16, 2014
Recapping week 2 of the NFL season while trying to remain positive in a negative football world. And injuries aren't helping.
NFL 2014: Five Rookie Surprises So Far This Season
by Timothy Graham on September 16, 2014
Here are five rookies who have had a surprisingly positive impact on their teams so far this season.
New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers: 3 Things We Learned
by Gladys Louise Tyler on September 16, 2014
I know there is no such thing as a moral victory, even if you are a New York Jet. So what is the takeaway from the Jets-Packers match-up? Read on.
Adrian Peterson Says 'Sorry' Just Once In 7 Paragraph Statement
by Nick Louder on September 16, 2014
FN contributor Nick Louder explains why Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson needs help over football.
A Tale of Two Halves: Chicago Bears Stifle San Francisco 49ers
by Jarrod Berns on September 16, 2014
After trailing the San Francisco 49ers by as many as 17 points the banged up Chicago Bears found a way to complete an incredible come from behind win.
Pittsburgh Steelers: 2014 Official Team Overview and Prediction
by Seth Carson on September 16, 2014
Official 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers roster moves, draft picks, returning stat leaders, schedule, predictions and more!
Chicago at San Francisco: 3 Things We Learned
by Wanda Wiedman on September 16, 2014
The Chicago Bears were going into Sunday Night's game as the underdog. Going in after their starting loss at Buffalo, they had to reinvent themselves.
NFL Monday Memes: Week 2 in Sarcastic Pictures
by Matthew Pagel on September 15, 2014
What do the Jets, a middle school photo, Roger Goodell, Willy Wonka and Jay Cutler (and others) have in common? Nothing! It's time for Monday Memes!
Week 2 Review: Panthers/Lions - Don't Believe Everything You Read
by Joel Tradian on September 15, 2014
Headlines abound stating the Panthers absolutely dismantled the Lions. Not hardly. Don't let the Lions off that easy.
Adrian Peterson is Not Charles Manson - Stop Acting Like He Is!
by Lance Barnett on September 15, 2014
He's not a murderer, he's not a habitual 'offender', nor is he a sociopath, thief or con-artist ripping people off. He made a Very ignorant "mistake".
Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers: Postgame Grades For Chicago
by James Tillman III on September 15, 2014
The Bears stunned the Niners with a 28-20 victory. Here is a look at their postgame report card from Week 2.
Week 2 Fantasy Football Injury Recap: Sunday Bloody Sunday
by Bill Enright on September 15, 2014
Superstar after superstar went down with an injury in Week 2 including AJ Green, Jamaal Charles, RG3, and Vernon Davis.
FN's MMH: Off the Field Issues Overshadow Great Week 2
by David Holcomb on September 15, 2014
Host Dave Holcomb breaks down the Chicago Bears comeback against the San Francisco 49ers and updates the latest with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.
3 Teams That Had The Most Costly Losses In The NFL On Sunday
by Chris Alderson on September 15, 2014
This past Sunday was it's usual unpredictable self in so many different ways. Find out which 3 teams suffered the worst loss and why they were so bad.
Redskins Now with Kirk Cousins, Become Contenders in the NFC
by Chris Alderson on September 15, 2014
The Redskins defeated the Jaguars 41-10 on Sunday. RG3 went down to injury, which opened the door for Kirk Cousins and makes Washington a real threat.

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