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Draft Efficiency Grades 2008-2012 Drafts
by Ryan Hutson on May 24, 2015
A black and white comparison of how effective each team manages their picks during a recent five year span.
Fantasy Football: Top 30 Running Backs for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 24, 2015
Looking ahead to 2015, here's an early ranking of fantasy football's most volatile and valuable position.
How Will Geno Smith and Chan Gailey Bode For The New York Jets?
by Matthew Carpentieri on May 22, 2015
The NY Jets went on a spending spree this off season, leaving Jets fans with high aspirations. But how high will the Jets climb with Geno and Chan?
2015 NFL Draft: 7 Picks Destined For EPIC Fail
by Gladys Louise Tyler on May 20, 2015
How do we define epic fail? Jamarcus Russell epic fail. Ryan Leaf epic fail. Tim Tebow I dunno he won a playoff game?
Jacksonville Jaguars: The Biggest Questions Heading Into OTAs
by David Levin on May 20, 2015
There is plenty of optimism with these Jacksonville Jaguars. There is still plenty of work to be done. Here are a few questions to answer.
Kraft Speaks: Patriots Won't Appeal Deflategate Penalties
by Football Nation on May 19, 2015
Robert Kraft said the Patriots will "accept reluctantly" their punishment handed down by the NFL and Roger Goodell following the Deflategate investigation.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Game By Game Predictions
by David Levin on May 19, 2015
Here is a look at the Jaguars 16-game schedule with predictions of wins and losses for the 2015 season
Fantasy Football: Top 30 Quarterbacks for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 18, 2015
Aaron Rodgers leads the way while Andrew Luck continues his ascent in this early ranking of 2015's top fantasy signal callers
New York Giants: It's Now or Never for Adrien Robinson
by Michael Stewart on May 18, 2015
The Giants drafted Adrien Robinson in the 2012 NFL draft (4th round). Expectations were high as GM Jerry Reese proclaimed Robinson as the JPP of TE's
Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Players Who Will Make An Impact In 2015
by David Levin on May 18, 2015
These players will prove they are part of the solution in Jacksonville and will help the franchise get over the hump of double-digit losses this year.
FN 'MMH': NFL Nails Patriots With Deflategate Punishment
by Dave Holcomb and Doug Tozier on May 18, 2015
On this episode of "Monday Morning Huddle", host Dave Holcomb invites guest FN Senior Writer Doug Tozier to discuss the deflate gate controversy.
Ace Sanders Returns, Michael Bennett Signs and Other Jacksonville Jaguars Notes
by David Levin on May 16, 2015
It has been a busy week for the Jaguars, signing rookie draft picks and street free agents to the roster. Ace Sanders is ready to fight for his job.
Worst Pick For Every Team In The 2015 NFL Draft
by Brendan Cassidy and Dave Holcomb on May 16, 2015
Every year each team makes that one head scratching pick. Find out which pick was your team's this year.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Best Free Agent Signing of All Time
by David Levin on May 15, 2015
For this story, the Jaguars have not one but two players they can put up for the title of the best free agent signing of all time.
Why the New Orleans Saints Will Win the NFC
by Patrick Barber on May 15, 2015
The Saints haven't won the NFC since 2009, but some new additions and old philosophies have New Orleans primed to win the conference.
Deflategate Fallout: A Balanced View From A Fan
by Doug Tozier on May 14, 2015
Yes, I am a card-carrying Patriots fan and have been for many years. But I am not a sell-out in this situation.
College Football & NFL Trivia Challenge: Are You A Trivia Wiz?
by Chris Alderson on May 14, 2015
The long off season for the NFL and college football is slowly coming to an end. To help ease the boredom, I offer you a fun trivia game.
2015 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Preview & Season Outlook
by Chris Alderson on May 14, 2015
The 2014 season for the Dallas Cowboys was a pleasant surprise. The Cowboys now must replace Murray while dealing with a tough schedule in 2015.
Zane Beadles, AJ Cann And The Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Line
by David Levin on May 14, 2015
Did the Jaguars draft Cann to send a message to the left guard or was it to add depth to a stronger offensive line?
2015 NFL Draft: 10 Picks Teams Will Instantly Regret
by Gladys Louise Tyler on May 13, 2015
We all have regrets. Things we have done. Things we didn't do. And NFL has it's share of regrets. Draft day is no exception. And here it is.
Predicting The AFC South - Who Comes Out On Top?
by Adam Grice on May 13, 2015
In this article, you are going to see a slimline prediction on which team will win tye AFC Soutg and which teams are in position to surprise.
The NFL Still Has A Football Problem On Its Hands
by David Levin on May 13, 2015
After addressing the media and the world prior to the Super Bowl Roger Goodell's league is in no better situation than it was two three months ago.
Fantasy Football: Top 20 Tight Ends for 2015
by Austan Kas on May 13, 2015
Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham lead the way in this early ranking of the tight end position for the 2015 season.
Six Jacksonville Jaguars On The Hot Seat in 2015
by David Levin on May 13, 2015
With the changes to the roster and the optimism for a better year, these players must show they can keep their starting job or compete for one.
Kansas City Chiefs 2015 Schedule: Game-by-Game Predictions
by Patrick Barber on May 13, 2015
The Kansas City Chiefs will have no easy task when it comes to their 2015 schedule. He's how I see it playing out.

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