The SECIt is no question the SEC is the best, most consistent conference in the nation. 

Reason I know that is because all the non-SEC fans I talk to, always claim that their team could beat any SEC team and to me that spits fear.  Yes, it happens from time to time and not every SEC team is great, but they still are the SEC, so it makes them better. 

If any team outside the SEC is having a good year, who does the typical fan want to play?  You guessed it, the S-E-C.  Even when a small state team or a division two team plays an SEC team, the opposing fan base will come just to say that they have been to an SEC game and have experienced a SEC Saturday in the South.  Reasons why non-SEC fans do that is because they know deep down that there is nothing like the SEC and they too want to have at least one amazing SEC experience before they die. 

The fans are what make the SEC so special along with the amazing players, teams, and coaches.  This is my very own list titled “You Might be a SEC Fan if.”  Remember this is only my opinion.

  1. You might be a SEC fan if you realize and take pride knowing that your conference has won the past 6 National Championships.

  2. You might be a SEC fan if you and your loved one will not get married in the fall because football is more important at that point in time.

  3. You might be a SEC fan if you break up with your girlfriend because she decided to sell your tickets without asking because she thought it would be ok (my best friend did this).

  4. You might be a SEC fan if you get in a bar fight just because someone down talked your team.

  5. You might be a SEC fan if you make sure you have all of your best china, monogramed napkins, and Styrofoam ready for a Saturday tailgate.

  6. You might be a SEC fan if you already have a hotel booked for a game that happens next year.

  7. You might be a SEC fan if you take out a certain percentage of your income to give to your SEC alumni or favorite SEC University.

  8. You might be a SEC fan if you cancel an upcoming party you’re throwing because your team lost the previous weekend (my grandma did this).

  9. You might be a SEC fan if you refuse to answer the phone or not talk to anyone about anything until the game is over.

  10. You might be a SEC fan you’re a really handsome man or a beautiful women because we all know the best looking people in America come from the South.

  11. You might be a SEC fan if you offer a beer to anyone and any kind of fan at a tailgate (It don’t cost nothin).

  12. You might be a SEC if you refuse to date or marry someone that is a fan of your rivalry team.

  13. You might be a SEC fan if you have a room in your house dedicated to your favorite team.

  14. You might be a SEC fan if you make it a point to be at church on Sunday even if the game didn’t end until midnight

  15. Finally, you know you’re a SEC fan if you take pride knowing you can be cocky because almost every team wants to play you or be you.