In this article I will predict three seemingly unlikely events that will occur on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fact No. 3: Doug Baldwin will lead all receivers with exactly 116 receiving yards.

Why it’s bold: This season the Denver Broncos had four receivers with at least as many receiving yards as Baldwin. He would have been tied for 6th most receiving yards among the receivers in the game.

Why it will happen: Somebody has got to catch the ball for Seattle! The return of Percy Harvin will open up the offense and free up Baldwin in favorable matchups. Baldwin has big play ability I expect at least one 30+ yard reception against the Broncos.

Fact No. 2: Peyton Manning tosses not one, not two, not three but four passing touchdowns.

Why it’s bold: The Seattle Seahawks have the best secondary in the NFL. #1 in passing yards, #1 in interceptions forced and points allowed. They have allowed 18 passing touchdowns in 18 games. Seattle hasn’t allowed more than two passing touchdowns in any one game.

Why it will happen: The Broncos have assembled the best offense in NFL history. Most offensive points scored, most passing yards in a season, most passing touchdowns in a season and four receivers with at least 10 touchdowns. The Seahawks secondary will make their share of plays but Manning will make more.

Fact No 1: The Super Bowl goes into overtime and Denver wins 30-24

Why it’s bold: Never ever has the Super Bowl gone into overtime. Not only does Manning have the greatest regular season but he caps it off with this Super Bowl finish. Wes Welker scores game winning touchdown on Richard Sherman as the internet explodes. A Twitter war ensues as tweets "#UMadBro" and "#UMadBrady" becomes all the rage on Twitter.

Why it will happen: Because the Broncos have the best all-time offense in NFL history. The Seahawks have a great defense but the Broncos average 37.9 points a game. 24 points in regulation and a game winning touchdown in overtime is within reach for the Broncos.