I am not a New York Jets fan but I can understand their pain. The Jets are becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. Jets Owner Woody Johnson seems to be okay with the circus-like atmosphere that has been created within the team. He retained the services of Rex Ryan at head coach in spite of the obvious decline the team has taken. I am sure this has Jets fans scratching their heads and wanting answers.

Sometimes the best way to get answers is to write a letter to the person who is the source of your concern; in this case it is Woody Johnson. As I said, I am not a Jets fan , but if I was I believe the letter that would be written to Woody Johnson would go a little something like this:


Dear Mr. Johnson,


I am hoping this letter finds you well. Though you are doing well, the team you own is not doing well at all. I sit in the rafters and can see how bad we look from way up here without binoculars. So I can only imagine the sight that fans are seeing two decks below me. Seriously though Mr. Johnson, you have a TV in your owners box.  You have to see how bad our team looks on the field. In fact, you have a high definition television in your suite, and can see the field, so it should look twice as bad to you.

I can't say you are not trying to take action to fix the problem you helped create. You did fire GM Mike Tannenbaum. That was actually something us fans out here freezing in the cold wanted to see. Signing Tim Tebow was a waste of time and giving Mark Sanchez $58.25 million of your dollars was a horrible investment. Then when you throw on top of that the fact that Mr. Tannenbaum did not get any help for Sanchez to even remotely succeed, it was obvious that his services were no longer needed. Plus you got rid of Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano. He should have never been hired anyway. He obviously had no plan for Tebow. But hey, we know you have to save face. We are all aware that the signing of Tebow was a publicity stunt to try to get some shine taken away from the New York Giants. I know a better way to get shine from the Giants. Build a championship team.

Which leads me to this question, why did you retain Rex Ryan after all of this? He was the ringmaster of this circus. I know he is good for the camera and comes up with a good one-liner every now and then. But seriously, he is all talk. Demanding that the next GM has to work hand in hand with Rex is a big mistake. You're going to regret keeping Rex. When you need to blow up a team, you blow the whole thing up, head coach and all.  

Well with that said I hope that we look better this year cause you are losing us out here in the stands. Fireman Ed has already left in disgust and I can guarantee that there are more of us to follow. Do us a favor and give us something to cheer about in 2013. Thank You for reading this letter.



The Jets Fan In The Cheap Seats



Good luck trying to find someone that will want to take Mark Sanchez off our hands. That dude is a bum. I would not trade my wife for that bum and, she is not a looker at all.