Wow, how the mighty stay average.

"America's Team" once again finishes .500 and has their season end with a resounding thud at the hands of rookie sensation Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. It could not get any worse. Not only do you lose out on going to the playoffs, but to add insult to injury, to watch your Dallas Cowboys lose a winner take all divisional championship to some upstarts like the Redskins just really turns the knife.

To watch Tony Romo turn into Tony "OH NO" once again under the pressure has got to sicken the fans that attend to watch the Cowboys, and the masses of Cowboys Nation that watch games on television to see their yearly debacles. The frustration can be felt and understood by many a sports fan. I think the best thing I can do to show support for the Cowboys Nation is try to show that I have empathy for their situation. I think that I can voice their frustration through a letter. Don't trip Cowboys Nation, I feel your pain. Let me know if this letter to  Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, describes the disgust you feel for your beloved Dallas franchise:


Dear Mr. Jones,

I am just going to cut to the chase. We stink!!! We have not made the playoffs in three seasons and, what is worse, we have only won one playoff game since 1996. What has gone on with this team is a joke. The worst part about it is that there is no one else to blame for this but you. You decided to be a meddling owner and make decisions with your ego just to prove a point. All that has come of your decisions is a bigger stadium with a bigger scoreboard and bigger in stadium television on which to watch these colossal meltdowns.

When are we going to win Jerry? When are you going to relieve yourself of some of the input on player decisions Jerry? When are you going to finally face the fact that Tony Romo is nothing more than an over-hyped game manager? When are you going to finally admit to yourself that Jason Garrett is not the coach you thought he was Jerry? When are you going to stop calling plays in the red zone that don't get Jason Witten the ball Jerry? Yup that is right, I am even blaming you for under utilizing Jason Witten in the red zone. We all know that you are responsible for the play calling. How do you have a tight end catch 110 passes and only have 3 TDs. That is something that you need to address in the next coaches meeting that you should not even be involved in.

Basically Jerry it's like this. We feel that as long as you're making all the decisions from the personnel to the play calling that the team is never going to go anywhere. You need to quit being a dictator and just be an owner. You know like The Mara Family, or The Rooney Family, or Bob Kraft in New England; owners that actually win because they stay out of the way. Why don't you try that? Yeah you may not get as much glory if the team finally does win a Super Bowl, but at least the goal of a championship would have been met. Just a little something to think about. Thanks for taking the time.



Cowboys Nation



We all know that firing Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator was just a move to make it look like you are doing something to improve the team. He was not the problem with the defense, the injuries were. You really think Monte Kiffin is going to help? That's a joke! The dude was let go by his own flesh and blood. Quit reaching Jerry!