The term “worst fan” varies for different people. For the older, more relaxed folks, worst fans means the fans that are intoxicated, loud, and obnoxious. Also, they most likely stand the whole game. To the loud, obnoxious fans, the worst fans are those that sit on their behind the whole game and the only thing they do is golf clap at touchdowns and get a drink at halftime.

For this article, we will focus on the 5 schools that are the most raucous and hostile:

5. Wisconsin: The Badgers start up the festivities. Wisconsin had been known as an awful place to play for opposing fans, due to the large number of incidents stemming from extreme consumption of alcohol. To combat this, every fan now has to go through a breathalyzer test. Its known as "Show and Blow".

4. Oregon: The Ducks fans have make Autzen Stadium one of the toughest places to play in the country. Unfortunately, the fans take the hostility not only to the opposing players, but also their fans. If it weren’t for the flamboyant colors the Ducks wear, Oregon would be one of the most intimidating places to play.

3. LSU: The LSU tradition before home games has been to yell “Tiger Bait” to every opposing fan. We aren’t sure how this started, but the tradition is starting to move into neutral and away games, as Alabama players were saying they were being called bait by the Tiger fans. Also, the fans are really loud and rowdy, all the time.

2. Ohio State: The Buckeyes take the crown of worst fans above the Mason Dixon Line. The OSU fans have been know to harass opposing fans, whether it is a man, woman or child. While Wisconsin and Penn State also have hostile crowds, the fans at “The Horseshoe” have taken the top spot among B1G teams.

1. West Virginia: The Mountaineer fan base takes the title, and for good reason. West Virginia has been extremely hostile over the years to opposing teams, especially the Pittsburgh Panthers. What truly makes West Virginia stick out from the pack is it’s unofficial school motto: “Win or lose, we still booze.”