Worst Fans in College Football

By Ian Finnen
January 26, 2012 5:12 pm
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The term “worst fan” varies for different people. For the older, more relaxed folks, worst fans means the fans that are intoxicated, loud, and obnoxious. Also, they most likely stand the whole game. To the loud, obnoxious fans, the worst fans are those that sit on their behind the whole game and the only thing they do is golf clap at touchdowns and get a drink at halftime.

For this article, we will focus on the 5 schools that are the most raucous and hostile:

5. Wisconsin: The Badgers start up the festivities. Wisconsin had been known as an awful place to play for opposing fans, due to the large number of incidents stemming from extreme consumption of alcohol. To combat this, every fan now has to go through a breathalyzer test. Its known as "Show and Blow".

4. Oregon: The Ducks fans have make Autzen Stadium one of the toughest places to play in the country. Unfortunately, the fans take the hostility not only to the opposing players, but also their fans. If it weren’t for the flamboyant colors the Ducks wear, Oregon would be one of the most intimidating places to play.

3. LSU: The LSU tradition before home games has been to yell “Tiger Bait” to every opposing fan. We aren’t sure how this started, but the tradition is starting to move into neutral and away games, as Alabama players were saying they were being called bait by the Tiger fans. Also, the fans are really loud and rowdy, all the time.

2. Ohio State: The Buckeyes take the crown of worst fans above the Mason Dixon Line. The OSU fans have been know to harass opposing fans, whether it is a man, woman or child. While Wisconsin and Penn State also have hostile crowds, the fans at “The Horseshoe” have taken the top spot among B1G teams.

1. West Virginia: The Mountaineer fan base takes the title, and for good reason. West Virginia has been extremely hostile over the years to opposing teams, especially the Pittsburgh Panthers. What truly makes West Virginia stick out from the pack is it’s unofficial school motto: “Win or lose, we still booze.”

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By Ian Finnen
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3 years ago
Just because of a wide Fan Base, the teams fans are bad? Good writing Bad reasoning. West Virginia- Agree OSU-Agree Wisconsin-Agree. Oregon and LSU have a wide fan base, saying "Tiger Bait doesnt make them bad fans. Oregon wearing "Flamboyant Colors" doesnt make them bad fans.
2 years ago

All valid points. This is better suited as "most obnoxious" rather than "worst". Part of what makes Oregon and LSU top programs is, in fact, their hostile home crowd. While there are certainly numerous incidents between fans, it is a tolerable price to pay for such a great home field advantage.

Thanks for the response!
2 years ago
I just love it when "know it all" freshmen seem to know all about the fanbases of these schools, unless you get your firsthand information from what others are saying and THEN post it as their work.

But why should I be surprised to hear it from a student of a school who is butt hurt that his school's last win against WVU in football was in the MID 90s! MID 90's everyone!

Overall series record vs WVU is 33-4-2 with games dating back to Nov 11, 1916. Of those 39 games where WVU and Rutgers played as members of the Big East the record was 19-2.

But of course I guess the fans of other Big 12 schools must be wrong in their opinions based on their visits to Morgantown. Do me a favor Mr. Finnen and stick to getting your business degree. Have a nice day!
2 years ago


To start off my response, I would like to thank you for responding to my article.

I wrote it over a year ago, and my opinions have changed. For you to better understand my point, I would ask you to consider this article as the most "obnoxious fans", rather than the "worst". Some would say fans are bad when the don't show up, as opposed to being too rowdy.

As far as WVU vs. Rutgers, I don't have much to say. Neither team has any National Championships in our lifetimes, and the two programs will most likely never play each other again, so feel free to brag about past accomplishments.

Regarding the "know it all" mentality, I feel you are wrong. I have been to many college football games, and I get reports from friends and family about other schools. I attended the BCS Championship this year, and I would like to include the Alabama fans on this list. To some, they are GREAT fans. To other fans,they are absolutely intolerable with their chants and the "in your face" mentality. I love their passion, but they are obnoxious.

Last, but not least, I'd like to address the "butthurt" comment. Do you feel that legitimizes your argument? I got a nice chuckle out of it, but if anything, your opinion means less now, and is very clearly biased. I understand you don't agree with my article, but there are more direct, efficient ways to go about it.

Once again, thanks for reading. I look forward to your future comments.

2 years ago


So now you are retracting your info as you wrote it over a year ago? Really? Not a word to say you did so until you started to take some heat for it? No changes at all? So why did you not refute that argument and update your blog post? Or, better yet remove it if you changed your mind from that posting last year? That in of itself for not doing so is called being irresponsible. You will find as you get older young man is that this will get you into some hot water. Just some advice...

Have you personally attended a WVU game in Morgantown? Not friends or family, but YOU? Rather than getting your firsthand information (for examples) on sports forums? Especially after a loss, when the fans of the opposing team felt slighted their team got beat? If you want to go that route, let's talk about Rutgers fans behavior during their matchup in which they hosted Navy in a game in 2007. Their disrespectful behavior was noticed enough to be mentioned nationally by some media folks.

A good rule of thumb, is when you want to stereotype a group of people such as the fans of teams you have on that list, is to ensure your own backyard is cleaned up first before doing so.

As far as butthurt, yes! LOL! Rutgers fans have dreamt of the day they can actually "turn the corner" and dominate WVU. They are tired of seeing WVU beat them all the time. Matter of fact, some have just given up hope that they would.
But I guess that won't happen now, will it?

As for putting Buckeye and Badger fans in that grouping, have fun dealing with that when you get into the B1G. Reason I say this, is your blog post made it onto the Rivals.com football forum and has garnered you some attention.

Finally… Ask some of the upper classmen about Guido week just prior to annual matchups with WVU. Many WVU and Rutgers fans got along pretty well, so I really do not know where all this is coming from for WVU to be labeled #1 in this aspect.
2 years ago


No, I am not retracting my info. I am just explaining what I mean by "worst", because there is clearly some confusion from the two posters who have commented on this article. My definition of "worst" is different from yours. Neither one of us is more correct than the other, just different. I stand by my list, and I would expect you to stand by yours, if you were in my (virtual) shoes right now. I was just simply trying to help you see where I was coming from with my list.

Also, I didn't even realize that there were comments on this, nor did I realize that this article made it to Rivals. Your comment sent me an email, so I checked it out. I haven't looked at this article in a looooong time.

There are instances at every school where the fans go over the top, and I understand that. This list is about my belief as to who are the 5 worst fanbases in the country, or the most obnoxious ones. I am not trying to nitpick and expose every schools mishaps. Therefore, I think your "glass house" point is irrelevant (I was at that game in '07 against Navy, it was bad.)

Look, I'm not even a born Rutgers fans. I have no ill will towards WVU, and I am really not in the mood to get in a back-and-forth over former conference foes that have no relevance to each other for the foreseeable future.
2 years ago

sorry about little grammar mishaps, I pressed submit before I edited it by accident

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