McGahee Many teams are either in major need for a running back or in need to add more depth in the backfield.

I feel Willis McGahee could complement any team this season and could make any team a big threat.

So, these are my three teams that I think you can see Willis McGahee signing with this year.

Cleveland Browns - The Browns do have some sort of "depth" in the backfield, but like I said Willis McGahee could make a team better in just a matter of snaps. If the Browns took the chance on him and hope he is healthy, he and Trent Richardson could be a great duel-threat.

Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers drafted Le'Veon Bell in the recent draft, but they were 26th in rushing last year and with the loss of Rashard Mendenhall, Willis McGahee could just add more depth and help to this Steelers football team. This could have a big impact, but could be really slim shot of signing Willis McGahee

St. Louis Rams - The Rams have lost Steven Jackson in free agency and have some great young talent in the running game, but with the addition of Willis McGahee that could be the missing piece to the puzzle in order to get that last push into the playoffs. The Rams have a great team and I see them being a real competitor in a couple years and Willis McGahee to me will be a great fit and a great player in St. Louis. 

In 130 career games, McGahee rushed for 8,097 yards with 63 touchdowns. He also has 202 catches for 1,319 yards and five scores. His 33 career 100-yard rushing games are tied for second-most among active players.

Those were my top three teams that either should or could sign McGahee. If you have any other teams that you think that should be on this list comment below.