What you talking about, Willis?Tom Coughlin’s scouring the waiver wire to fill the void left by the hapless David Wilson and the injured Andre Brown. Here are five reasons McGahee is his guy, and should be yours too.

1. Two out of Three ain’t Bad: New York wants a RB with experience protecting the QB, above average rush and receiving ability and ball security. Poor ball security was part of what landed McGahee in the unemployment line in the first place, but he’s disciplined in the backfield and will not expose Eli Manning to pressure—unlike Wilson, Da’Rel Scott and Michael Cox.

2. Plenty Left in the Tank: Although McGahee is 31, he only started 11 games from ’08 to ’10 in Baltimore. His ’12 season ended prematurely with a broken leg and MCL tear, but at 6-foot, 235-pounds he’s not so much a shifty, elusive runner as he is a smart, downhill steamer. He averaged 4.6 yards-per-carry his two seasons in Denver.

3. He Wasn’t Cut Because of Injuries or Fumbles: While the speculation this offseason in Denver was that McGahee was cut due to injury concerns and/or too many fumbles, the truth is probably far simpler. McGahee was the only player under contract to miss voluntary OTAs unexcused. He was also the highest paid RB on a roster including Knowshon Moreno, Ronnie Hillman and second-rounder Montee Ball. John Fox loves the committee approach to the running game, and it gave the team the opportunity to make an example out of the “rogue” veteran.

4. New York Needs Help Now: The Giants ranked dead last in rushing, and second to last in pass blocking according to Pro Football Focus. Scott and Wilson received negative scores in both categories, allowing Manning to get sacked once and hit twice. McGahee is a smart player who succeeded in three different schemes for three different starting quarterbacks in two seasons in Denver. He won’t need a ton of practice to be game ready.

5. New York’s Next Opponent is McGahee’s Former Team: The Giants staff—like any other in the NFL worth their weight in sleep deprivation—will be looking for any edge to avoid falling to 0-2 after the Manning Bowl. Why wouldn’t you bring in a guy who is fully capable of assisting the team in scouting such a formidable upcoming matchup?

Pick him up now, stash him on your bench, and reap the rewards when he becomes the RB1 in a Top 10 fantasy offense.