Chip Kelly After 14 years, the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia has come to an end and a new era...the Chip Kelly Era, has begun.  

Reid, who was fired the day after the season ended, had won just 12 games in the previous two seasons and had no playoff appearances since 2008.  

Chip Kelly, on the other hand, went 46-7 in four seasons and put Oregon on the map as a major player in college football. 

Though Kelly has no NFL coaching, or playing, experience, his tough-nosed, flashy, run-and-gun attitude and coaching style has been innovative at the NCAA level and will be just as progressive in the NFL.  

Having a very fast-paced offense in Oregon with running quarterbacks and lightning fast running backs, he will fit into a great mold with the likes of Michael Vick under center and LeSean McCoy running the ball.  

Not to mention Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson as two of the fastest wideouts in the league. Having the speed background, Kelly might just have all the pieces he needs to turn Philly into the powerhouse in the NFL that we all thought they were supposed to be the past two years.

However, in his interviews with ESPN, Kelly did mention giving everyone an equal opportunity to compete. By this, maybe Vick doesn't start. Maybe, Nick Foles starts off the season throwing the ball.

Kelly said, "I'm not married to taking a quarterback who can't run and making him run, or taking a quarterback who can't throw and making him throw. It's not about style. It's about substance. And it's 'How are we going to score points?" He went on to mention memories of Foles playing tough against his defense in the Pac-12.

That being said, all the parts of the wheel are in place for Chip Kelly to make the Philadelphia Eagles roll over the competition in the 2013 season and become legitimate contenders once again in the NFL.  

His attitude, his coaching style and his quick, forward style of thinking have made him an excellent choice to take the Eagles to the next level. "We have one goal, and that's to get to the Super Bowl," Kelly said. "It's not an 'I' deal, it's a 'we' deal. Our players will understand that."