Will He or Won’t He: Solving the Peyton Manning puzzle for 2012
It is important for everyone to understand how amazing the mind of Peyton Manning is, there have been many quarterbacks to come through the NFL but none as cerebral as Manning.  It is fact that Manning has not had the best postseasons but he is a Super Bowl winner and he is a Super Bowl MVP. 

Before he reached a Super Bowl, many critics, announcers or writers said in order for him to be validated he must win the championship. Now I am sure that it felt good to win that Super Bowl but did he feel that in order for his career to count he needed that? No, maybe in the eyes of the media he did but that is complete nonsense.  Dan Marino never won the Super Bowl but is still one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. 

Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams won a Super Bowl but that doesn’t mean they are in a class of John Elway, Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw.  Fact is if we look at Manning’s resume he has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for years. Let’s look at the facts:
-          11 NFL seasons with over 4,000 yards passing
-          6 NFL seasons with over 30+ touchdown passes
-          Over his career a 64.9% completion rating
-          In 2004 passed for a record 49 touchdowns
-          His best season was 2004 with over 4500 yards passing, 49 touchdowns and 10 interceptions
-          4-time NFL MVP, 11-time Pro Bowl selection, 5-time first team All-Pro, 6-time AFC player of year
-          Fastest quarterback ever to reach 50,000 yards in a career
-          Fastest quarterback ever to reach 4,000 completions in a career
-          In his career has a 94.9 passer rating
As you can see Manning has made the most of his career with the Indianapolis Colts and the team believes that he has a few more years left in the tank.  Which brings up a crucial question that many have been asking since the beginning of the season: Will Peyton Manning play in the 2012 season or will he retire? 

As we all know many injuries involving the neck, back or knees have ended many careers but with the recent news of the neck fusion looking to be progressing well will we begin to rethink all this retirement talk?  Probably not, it’s something to talk about but for my money Manning is a competitor and he wants to play football and he is looking at 2012 as his return date, and the Colts really could use him. 

Will the Colts get the number one pick of the NFL draft, it looks likely and they will more than likely take Manning’s successor with that pick but don’t count #18 out as of yet.  Understand that unless he is healthy enough to play the doctors will not let him on the field but you can rest assured if he is able he will be out there and it will be a welcome sight in Indianapolis.