After a 480 yard, 6 touchdown outing in 2011, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn was one of the hottest QB's on the market. Trying to compete with San Francisco, Pete Carrol and the Seahawks snatched Flynn up. Flynn was set to be the starter and take Seattle to great places, and this is where Russell Wilson comes in. 

Russell Wilson was a very talented QB at the University of Wisconsin with a very unique skill-set, but was over-looked by NFL scouts due to his size. Although he was very small for his position, Seattle couldn't pass him up as he was still on the board in the mid-3rd round. Even with the pick, the 'Hawks came into training camp and preseason with the intentions to start Flynn.

Flynn didn't do bad at all during his preseason campaign, but Wilson still out-shined him. When September 9th rolled around, Wilson found himself starting his rookie season. Wilson continued to impress everyone, and Flynn continued to suffer through another season on the bench. Wilson ended the season with a 2-point divisional round loss to the Falcons in Atlanta, and Flynn found himself last month packing his bags and heading to Oakland.

Flynn couldn't have been too happy the Raiders decided to trade for him with them being the Raiders, but it gives Flynn a chance to lead a team with the hope of no one taking his job once again.

Then, this year's NFL Draft came along. Arkansas quarterback was strolling through his local Wal-Mart, signing a few autographs for fans, when the Raiders called. He was astounded by the call, and thrilled to call himself an NFL quarterback. Well, you could imagine Flynn wasn't too happy to hear the new draft pick, coincidentally with the last name Wilson.

Where do you see this going? Another rookie quarterback named Wilson, drafted in a mid-round (T. Wilson in 4th round) with Flynn being the supposed set starter for the next season. I think this is a different case then it was in Seattle. Tyler Wilson does not have near the skill-set Russell Wilson does. Although Wilson may succeed better in the Raiders' offense than he did with Arkansas, I don't see him taking over Flynn's job. He would really have to outperform Flynn during training camp and preseason for the Raiders to even consider it, and I don't see that happening.

After Oakland's lack-luster performance the past 10 years, I don't think they want to take a gamble on a rookie quarterback just yet.