Redskins The Redskins have even gotten President Obama's attention when it comes to their name change.

Although most Redskins fans are against the name-change, here are some reasons why it might be a good thing: 

1. Nothing to lose: This team has not been to a Super Bowl in over 20 years. Karma or just plain turning the page on futility might change their luck around.

What was once a good name is now a bad name in sports, quite frankly. Change the name and you have a clean slate in terms of NFL perception.

Don't change the name and you have two things stacked against you right off the bat - No. 1: Bad Reputation; No.2: Racially controversial team name.

If Roger Goodell can manipulate Super Bowls as Terrell Suggs states, then why on earth would he help a team with a racist name play in the Super Bowl? Answer: he won't and that should be the No.1 reason why they should change the name.

This is assuming the NFL is partially staged and certain teams are "helped" more than others. 

2. Going with the Flow: Dan Snyder has done things his way since buying the team. He has also refused to go with the flow and he has failed. Case in point - the Salary Cap penalty hit. Had Snyder not tried to circumvent the NFL's policy on salary caps in 2009, he would not have been punished by the Commissioner.

Snyder's refusal to change the team name puts his team in a public relations nightmare that he has been accustomed to since 1999. From Haynesworth to RG3, this team is a PR Failure. Finally doing what the rest of the NFL wants might actually be a good thing for Snyder. 

3. There is a group of Native Americans who actually feel strongly about this. Who really cares if the name changes? In Europe, soccer teams don't even have names, just brands. So why not make a small group of people happy for the sake of doing the right thing?

Does Washington DC really have a strong connection with their Native American past? They should but the whole argument is not changing for the sake of not changing. How about picking a mascot that is tied to your city? There's a concept.