With the draft less than two weeks out Houston is already on the clock.  We hear all the talk from sports writers and football gurus about Clowney, Johnny Football and the like, but the best building block for the Texans is the pedigree player Jake Matthews. He's the only "can't miss" player on my board worth taking at #1.

His father is the one and only 14 time Pro Bowl selection Bruce Matthews.  Bruce Matthews anchored the line for the Houston Oilers and is still one of the most beloved figures in football history for Houston.  Jake Matthews is as NFL ready as any player in this draft and you know he comes with no baggage.  You're darn near guaranteed having him anchor your line for the next 10 years or more.  Houston struggled giving any of their QB's much time to throw the ball last year.  For me their just isn't much to debate about.  

Let's look at a couple of their options shall we?

They could select Jadeveon Clowney with the number one pick.  He's a physical speciman and they say their hasn't been a prospect like him in 20 years.  I'd say not one like him since 2006 more likely.  That guy was drafted #1 by the Houston Texans.  Have we forgotten so quickly about Mario Williams?  Drafting Clowney is the second coming of Mario Williams in my opinion.  Which isn't bad of course.   Except he was replaced by JJ Watt when it came time for a huge salary increase for Williams.  JJ Watt is due for his new contract soon and I suspect he's going to get it and stay in Houston for a long time.  If Houston takes Clowney they will only be able to keep him through his rookie contract and then be in the same predicament they were in a few years ago.  It's hard having two super star DE's on the same team.  They eat up too much of the salary cap.  Clowney would bolt for another team when it's time to get paid.

Then there is Johnny Manziel.  He would now doubt be a crowd favorite in Texas.  That is until he's runny for his life when the protection breaks down and getting crushed as he struggles for that one extra yard which puts him on the IR.  I'll admit I love his moxy but the question is whether or not he's a can't miss prospect.  He's had off the field issues, he's a bit on the short side and his game makes him prone to injury in the NFL.  I'd have to say there are plenty of risks with taking him at #1.

So the answer to me is simple.

 The Houston Texans have the opportunity to solidify their offensive line for years to come.  This may also give Arian Foster the opportunity to stay healthy and get a few more years out of those legs. With their 2nd and 3rd round picks they can look defense and then grab a solid QB prospect in the 4th round such as an A.J. McCarron or possibly a Garappolo if still available.

Let's get this draft right Texans!