Reggie BushThere were tons of splashes in free agency this offseason but the biggest wave came from running back Reggie Bush signing with the Detroit Lions.

Bush is a versatile player who will obviously be a huge weapon for the Detroit Lions' offense.

How big? Big enough to go from 4-12 in 2012 to the playoffs in 2013.

That's right, Reggie Bush is going to lead this team to the playoffs!

Detroit Lions head coach, Jim Schwartz, believes that Bush can make 60-80 receptions this season playing running back.

That's not too far-fetched seeing how he had more than that his rookie season when he wasn't even the full-time running back. Let's also keep in mind that we're just adding Reggie's effectiveness in the passing game to the No. 2 passing offense in the league.

Even though Lions' wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, was able to break the NFL record for receiving yards, he fell short of expectations in the touchdowns department. Johnson caught for 1,964 yards over 122 receptions and only 5 touchdowns.

Defenses played close attention to Megatron all season because they knew he was a threat and the Lions' rushing offense (ranked 23rd) wasn't. Now Bush can keep defenses honest with his explosive talent in the backfield.

He also has to be watched when he isn't handed the ball. Defenders will have to watch him up-field, down-field, on the sidelines, and coming off of blocks.

If they pay too much attention to Bush, then Matthew Stafford can throw it to Megatron, who will get double-covered less this season. With a team of Stafford, Bush, and Johnson, it's hard to imagine the Detroit Lions not running up the scoreboard this season.

One more overlooked fact is how defenses have to react to Bush. Are teams going to pull safeties in man coverage against Bush, or will they trust their linebackers?

When Detroit goes play-action, will defenses guard against the deep threat of Megatron and open the field for Bush, or bite and give up big yardage down field?

Currently, there are six potential first-round linebackers and they are all projected to start on day one. There also aren't many versatile linebackers that can keep up with rushing/passing attacks from a halfback.

So with an entire league of questionable defenders, and enough offensive talent to take the pressure off of him, Bush will put up numbers expected of a second overall pick.

Speaking of the NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions have earned top picks this year and that will, with no doubt, only make this Detroit clubhouse even stronger.

In December we will see this club go to the playoffs due to Reggie Bush, an excellent pass game, and a defense patched up during free agency and the draft.

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