Tajh BoydLast season, Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd had a spectacular season tossing 3,896 yards, 36 TD, and 13 INT while posting a 81.8 QBR.

Boyd also helped squeak out a 25-24 Chick-fil-A Bowl victory over LSU with 346 yards, 2 touchdowns, along with another rushing touchdown.

Boyd had some high expectations coming into this season, and he definitely delivered in Saturday's impressive victory over No. 5 Georgia.

Clemson has had trouble in the past beating SEC teams, but Saturday night, Boyd led the Tigers to a 38-35 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.

Boyd threw for 270 yards and 3 TD, while also rushing for 42 yards and 2 more touchdowns. Tonight was a perfect example showing how Boyd is a very well-rounded quarterback, but the question is, could he survive in the NFL?

This is Boyd's senior season, making every performance a tryout for NFL teams. Saturday was certainly a great first tryout of the season, especially seeing who they faced.

Boyd was dropping dimes all night. He was putting most of his passes on the mark, but unfortunately his receivers couldn't pull all of them in, contributing to his 18 for 30 night, which still isn't too bad. NFL scouts seeing a quarterback put the ball where Boyd can put it is great whether the receivers catch it or not.

Stats aren't everything because you can only do so much as a quarterback. When Boyd wasn't airing it out, he was making plays on the ground. The good thing about Boyd is that he doesn't choose run over pass very often. Boyd rarely even steps out of the pocket unless his receivers aren't open or he isn't getting the necessary protection.

Boyd's play-style would work in the NFL. With Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson establishing the run option in the NFL last season, Boyd could already fit in, but he could fit in even if the option wasn't around. Like I said, Boyd doesn't need to run, but since the option is there, he would have an easier adjustment.

Watching Boyd, I see an NFL quarterback. I see a strong pocket passer with a very accurate arm who can scramble and make a play with his legs. We will have to await the rest of the 2013 college football season to see the rest of Tajh Boyd's NFL audition, but as of now, Boyd is showing flashes of the next star quarterback in the NFL.